the 2002 starwood festival - july 23-28, 2002 - brushwood folklore center

Production Info that may be useful to performers/workshops:

The Stage dimentions are 20"w x 16" deep. The useable Stage area is slightly smaller due to
Speakers and Amps that will be on the Stage for the Duration of the Event.

The PA system is as follows:
Sound System:
24x8 Mix console
24x4 Monitor desk at FOH
2-Three way Trap boxes with 15", 12", and 2" drivers.
4 Subs
3 Monitor mixes
5 Monitor wedges
Amps sufficient to provide clear 110db sound 100 feet from the stage.
There will be sufficient Mics, cables ,and DI boxes to support all performers.
Performers may use their own if they wish.

Lighting is preset and will have a tech as well.
10 Static pars.
4 intelligent moving lights
1 Video projection Screen on the Stage
The following info is for all Performances or workshops:

All performers/presenters need to be Registered at the front gate well in advance .

Everyone Must Provide an accurate location of their campsite to the STAGE MANAGER 24 hours prior to the performance. We may need to reach you for a change or question

All performers are to have their GEAR AT THE STAGE 1 hour PRIOR to the performance. (see Regis for storage location first)

This is a Festival type setup, not all needs will likely be met, However we will try to accomodate many of them.

Due to Schedualing and workload , THERE ARE NO SOUNDCHECKS
We may do a quick line check and Monitors on the Fly
There is a 20 minute setup time for 90% of the Time Slots.

Be Early , Be ready, Be Nice, Have your Gear Prepped and Built in advance for an ontime Start.

If the Performance does not Begin on time for any reason, (Tech Issues, Band Issues, Lost Issues, Goddess Issues...etc...) It will most certainly end ON TIME.

All Main Stage Activity, Performances and Workshops will Be Recorded on CD, DAT, and Video as always , for ACE Archives.

Copies are available ONLY AT THE TIME OF PERFORMANCE. They Need to be requested in advance, on the day of the show. (see Regis about this)
CD, DAT, Cassette, or Video will be $25 each Cash only.
If anyone decides anytime after the performance, that they wish a copy it will be $75.