the 2002 starwood festival - july 23-28, 2002 - brushwood folklore center

Besides Brushwood (shhh, it's our best kept secret), the Chautauqua region boasts many things to do. One of the coolest, is Panama Rocks - (don't let their website fool you). An extension of the Chautauqua Gorge left behind by retreating glaciers (Chautaqua is a glacial lake), Panama Rocks is a half mile of towering rocks, cavernous dens and hundreds of passageways, deep crevices and small caves. 10 minutes from Brushwood. Admission.

To learn more about the natural history of the region, you'd certainly want to check out the Jamestown Audubon Nature Center - 600 Acre sanctuary and trails, exhibits and nature store. 25 minutes from Brushwood. Contact 716/569-2345 or

Even with the Ballons, Starwood still not getting you high enough? You'll need to fly on down to Dart Airport (D79), Mayville - No Website. In addition to various flight options, there's a fair sized country flea market every Friday and Staurday.
Glider rides, airplane rides ($40 - 200), & aerial banners (surrender dorothy!) - 716/753-2160
Flying Turtle Flights (no doors, two seats and a wing) - 716/792-9007 or 814/725-9938

The kiddies just can't miss the nations 16th oldest amusement park, established in 1898 - Midway Park, Maple Springs - Route 430, between Mayville & Jamestown.
1 - 5 Weekdays, 1 - 7 Saturday & Sunday. Ride fees.

Bookworms, crawl just as fast as you can to Barbara Berry's Bookshop and Bookbarns, Stow - Yada yada, tons of books, used, new and rare. A few years ago a large selection of Arkham House titles were in stock. Contact or 716/789-5757 to inquire about having MAX the search cat find you old, rare and out of print books.

Before we hear any "whining", we'll let you know about the great wineries the region sports. The Chautauqua Wine Trail includes these local wineries:
- Blueberry Sky Farm Winery, NE Sherman Road, S. Ripley, 14775 - No Website. Contact or 716/252-6535. Specializing in fruit wines and Blueberries, July-August.
- Schloss Doepken Winery, 9177 Old Rte 20, Ripley, 14775 - No Web. Contact 716/326-3636
- Johnson Estate Winery, Westfield - Free Tasting. Oldest Estate Winery in New York.

Like all Lloyd-Wrights, Frank the famous architect's motto was the truth against the world, long attributed to Welsh Druidic origin. The folks in ADF might disagree, but we do know his Graycliff is a must see for fans of FLW's organic design philosophy. Graycliff - is in Derby, NY, about 40 minutes NE of Brushwood.

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