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Matthew Abelson plays an instrument most people haven't even heard of -- a hammered dulcimer. As a result, he has forged his own path and remained an independent musician for all 7 years of his full-time performing career. He has played well over 1,000 shows and has traveled and performed extensively throughout the continental United States and Canada. He has presented workshops on aspects of being a performing musician and brings to the table a comprehensive knowledge of many aspects of the industry that are often overlooked. Matthew has released 3 CDs on his own label: Flying Dulcimer Recordings. His last CD features his unique style with Vassar Clements, Sam Bush and others.

On the Bardic Path: Being an Independent Working Musician
How can I be successful as an independent musician? What's involved in the music business besides playing good music? How do I get my music out there? These are all important questions to ask. We'll explore these questions and a variety of aspects of "the biz" in a roundtable type discussion. Topics to be covered include: making a good recording (and selling it), developing quality promotional materials (and getting gigs), management (and working with others), developing a fan base and more... Bring your questions, ideas and experiences

The Hammered Dulcimer
Dating from a thousand years ago (maybe 5,000 years ago), the hammered dulcimer is a unique instrument with a rich history. It is played in at least 10 different cultures (from China to the Middle East to Hungary to the USA) and in at least that many styles. This Lecture/Demo workshop (basically an informal concert) will cover a brief overview of the instrument's history, how the contemporary western version of the instrument is laid-out and played and touch on a variety of styles of music played on the instrument, today.

Iskandar Alexandar (AKA Juda) works as a social worker with homeless mentally ill clients in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area. He has followed a path of varied spiritual explorations before finding his 'place of center' Reconstructionist Jewish practice.

Exploring Jewish Meditation
Jewish Meditation you ask? You mean that Kabbala stuff? Well... yes and no. Jewish meditation has traditionally existed alongside other aspects of observance, such as prayer and study. Essentially, meditation aims to explore the silence within, and (like many other traditions) Judaism considers meditation to be an important path to personal transformation, in order to bring the initiate closer to (the) God. The workshop will review some history, explore meditative modes through discussion and some introductory exercises, and introduce some sources for further work.

Zen Judaism
Is this a joke? A pun? Juda has stopped finding it surprising how many 'Buddhist Jews' he seems to keep running into. The surprising thing is that the teachings of the Buddha and Talmudic Judaism, which both emerged at about the same time, ARE compatible (but then, apparently, the Buddha never much worried about religion). Zen, a derived form of Buddhist thought, deals with finding and understanding 'the essential' within and without, and placing the inner and outer in balance. Judaism essentially represents a way to live, revealed through interaction with (the) God. This class is a discussion of the interaction of Zen practice and meditation with Jewish belief, with some simple introductory exercises, and references for those who wish to continue study.

Ar nDraiocht Fein (ADF) is the nation's largest Pagan Druidic Fellowship, devoted to public worship and in-depth training. It attempts to revive the best aspects of the Paleopagan faiths of our forebears within a modern, scientific, artistic, ecological and holistic context.

Thursday Midnight Ritual

Upsie daisy!

The Association for Consciousness Exploration was conceived and created by members of the Chameleon Club, an eclectic extended-partying group floundered in 1978 in the northeast Ohio area. "Dedicated to the Expansion of the Frontiers of your Consideration", ACE provides programs that celebrate diversity in the fields of consciousness, spirituality, and discovery such as the Starwood Festival and the WinterStar Symposium. To quote their Flounder, C.C. Rosencomet,"Their motto is Change!, their spirit in undaunted, their energy is phenomenal, and their number is far from legion." There are many other groups like the Chameleon Club, but they all reside in parallel universes.

ACE Members Pool/Jacuzzi Party
We've reserved Starwood's coolest space just for current ACE members! Meet some Chameleon hosts and greet your fellow ACE members while you schmooze, jacooze, splash, and suggest ways we can make your membership better!

So It's Your First Starwood...
Chameleons and ACE organizers Shawn Miller, Liafal, and Jeff Rosenbaum present an informal orientation for first time attenders to Starwood (or festivals in general). Topics to be discussed may include site orientation, etiquette, how to tell the staff from even lower primates, the history of Starwood, and your incessant and unwelcome questions. Just kidding. No, really.

Jim Barleycorn Brewster is a musician, dreamer, kinetic pyromage, computer geek, and long-time Starwood attendee. He plays various instruments and sings with the bands KIVA, Green Crown, and the Bardic Bardos.

Jammin' with Pan: Flutes in Sacred Space
For thousands of years, the sounds of flutes and whistles have been important parts of our communion with the mysteries, often side-by-side with percussion. We'll discuss spirit invocation with flutes, then look at technical aspects such as scales, ornaments, and phrasing, then come full circle to how technique can be applied for greatest effect, how to balance order and chaos, and how to facilitate rather than hamper energy flow. Bring flutes, recorders, or pennywhistles (key of "D" or chromatic preferably).

Pop Percussion: Exploring the Backbeat
As Americans we may be new to traditional drumming, but we have been steeped since childhood in a brew of African, European, and Middle Eastern rhythms through the idioms of jazz, R&B, rock, and pop music. In this workshop, we'll examine the rhythms of American popular music, focusing on different forms of the backbeat, and use this as a basis for creating dynamic and danceable beats on the hand drum. Bring a djembe, ashiko, dumbek, or other hand drum.

Doktor Billy Bardo (William J Thorpe) is a master metalsmith, channeler of arcane weirdness, artist, musician, preacher, husband, and father. He is also an accomplished bullshit artist (bovine scatologist) and has been endorsed by countless questionable authorities. His first exposure to the bodhran was through his Uncle Jesse Winch of the acclaimed band Celtic Thunder

Workshop: Billy Bardo's Basic Bodhran for Beginners
An introduction to playing the Irish frame drum, or bodhran. We start with how to hold the tipper and play basic rhythms. Then we cover some traditional and non?traditional styles and learn what the other end ofthe tipper is really for. Bring a bodhran or frame drum, if you've got one (a very limited number of loaners may be available), and your favorite bodhran jokes.

way up there

Isaac Bonewits is one of North America's leading experts on Druidism, Witchcraft and the rapidly growing Earth Religions movement. A practicing Neopagan priest, scholar, teacher, bard and polytheologian for over thirty years, he has coined much of the vocabulary and articulated many of the issues that have shaped the Neopagan community in the United States and Canada. He holds the only accredited degree ever given in Magic (U.C.Berkeley), and is a founder and Archdruid Emeritus of Ar nDraiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). He is the author of the classic Real Magic, of Authentic Thaumaturgy, and of the recently released book Witchcraft: A Concise Guide. Currently, he is the Senior Executive Editor of Earth Religions Press.

The Real History of Witchcraft
Based on his recently released book, Witchcraft: A Concise Guide, and the thirty years of research behind it, Isaac discusses the many forms of real and imaginary Witchcraft, ancient and modern. Concentrating on how the word has changed its meaning over the centuries, from the ancient Anglo-Saxon midwives and cunning men, to the supposed medieval and actual modern worshipers of the Christian Devil, to underground occultists in Europe and America, to the Neopagan priestesses and priests of today, Isaac will show their similarities and distinctions. Linguistic, historical, anthropological, and sociological observations are combined to present a clear overview of this complex topic.

Polytheology: Growing Our Neopagan Doctrines
"Doctrine" does not equal "dogma" -- every healthy religion has a core set of principles that most of its members adhere to and share. The various Neopagan traditions have their own body of beliefs and customs, from which a sophisticated shared polytheology can be developed. Isaac will present and discuss the classic "theological issues" of mainstream religions as they have manifested themselves in Neopaganism: the nature of divinity (and the divinity of Nature), monism and pluralism, dualism vs. polarity, the return of the Goddess, lifestyleissues, political implications, ethics and morality. etc.

Getting Yourself Published
We have many writers and illustrators in the Neopagan community with books deserving to be published. In this workshop, Isaac dons his Editor's cap and explains how modern high tech publishers, such as his own employer Virtual Publishing Group, shepherd a work from concept to publication. This workshop will include information on how to submit a work for publication as an ebook or treebook to his own imprint within VPG, Earth Religions Press. Attendees should bring their own book outlines and sample chapters for discussion and possible submission.

Muruga Booker is a percussionist with an incredible list of credits, from jazz to rock, world beat to techno-rave. He started drumming in Detroit in the mid 50s, playing with such legends as John Lee Hooker and Junior Wells, and with Jim & Jean on their albums Changes and People World in the early 60s. When he played with Tim Harden at Woodstock, he met Swami Satchidananda and began a three-decade quest in Sida/Kundalini Yoga, touring with Swami Muktananda and Ram Das, and eventually attaining the titles of Nada Yogi and Go Swami. He played with Paul Winter Consort on Something Wild in the Wind in '68, at Carnegie Hall with the Brubeck Generation in '71, and replaced Airto with Weather Report to record Sweet Nighter in '73. In the 80s he recorded several albums with George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars, and produced trance-drumming records with Prem Das. In the 90s, he was part of Merl Saunder's Rainforest Band, recording with Jerry Garcia, did a CD with Babatunde Olatunji and Sikiru called Cosmic Rhythm Vibrations, and played with his own band, The Global Village Ceremonial Band, featuring ex-Big Brother guitarist James Gurley.

The Spirit of Drumming and Drum Technique
Muruga will lead people in drumming and teach different polyrhythms, drum textures, and time signatures. He will talk about how to play trance drumming and creating ambiance with the drum by playing the space as well as the note. Will involve hand and stick techniques and how to tap into the spirit of creative invention. This workshop will include some lecture and also live performance and interaction with the people attending. Drums and percussion will be provided BUT people should be encouraged to bring their own drums.

Kundalini Yoga and Nada Yoga Drum Workshop
Muruga will lecture on aspects of Kundulini and Nada yoga(the inner divine sound) and will intergrate hatha yoga streching and breathing to achieve health and maximum relaxation for better drumming and musical expression. Kundulini is the inner conscious uncreated energy of creation and Nada is the sound of the energy. Muruga will lead people through tapping into their Kundulini and Nada energy and take this into trance drumming and breathing and chanting which brings about spontaneous Kundalini experience leading to better health, creativity, and cosmic oneness of being. Drums and percussion will be provided BUT people are encouraged to bring their own drums if they have them.

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Cowgirl Pearl Breitbach, Iowa's first certified professional midwife, has attended over 250 homebirths where babies are born in the bed they were conceived or in a nearby rocking chair or in the bath. All of Pearl's own children were born at home. The youngest, Chiron, age 4 (and conceived at Starwood 1997) was born in a large hot tub inside her tipi (which is out back of the family farmhouse when it's not on tour at summer festivals). Pearl has a passion for sharing her empowering experiences of becoming and being a midwife, and her struggles with the witch-hunt. "Giving childbirth back to the women gives birth, gives breath to the Goddess." Pearl home-schools all of her children and is the thump-thump for a Starwood street fixture, The One Hat Band.

Born in the USA: Midwifery in the Midwest
The continuing saga of an outlaw midwife and her 20 year trail of homebirth holdouts. Cowgirl Pearl, a straight-shooting Midwestern midwife, shares tales of the empowering journey of home/child birth including waterbirth, unassisted birth, and the powerful postpartum ritual known as lotus birth. She will investigate the history of "managed" childbirth and how the ultimate feminine ritual remains culturally forbidden.

Homeschooling: Meet the Entire Family
The One Hat Band, also known as the Breitbach family, has successfully home-schooled 5 creative children, ages 4-21. "Actually we non-school the kids until they are age 10 or older. Kids should play, except for family chores…we've never used textbooks. Institutionalizing young minds and young bodies is a spiritual and social crime."

Ingrid Eyen-Breitbach grew up dancing around bonfires since the tender age of six, and she continues to weave the community circle with her dancing today. She has studied a myriad of dancing styles and traditions, including classical jazz, tap, ballet, modern, West African, Middle-Eastern belly dance, folk dance, and, most recently, hip-hop. Dance is her primary form of prayer, and she sees dance and musical improvisation as her favorite forms of spiritual expression. She is also known for her strong, smooth and seductive vocals with the psychedelic rock group, Green Crown, and with the Breitbach tribe in the folk group One Hat Band.

Workshop: Power of Dance

David Jay Brown holds a master's degree in psychobiology from New York University and a massage therapy practitioner's certificate from Twin Lakes College. He is the author of two science-fiction novels, Brainchild and Virus: The Alien Strain, and co-author of two volumes of interviews with some of the most fascinating people on the planet: Mavericks of the Mind, and Voices from the Edge. His work has been translated into Japanese, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, and Czechoslovakian. David was responsible for all of the California-based research in Rupert Sheldrake's book on the unexplained powers of animals, Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home, and is currently working on a book with Annie Sprinkle about combining sex and drugs. To find out more about David's work visit his award-winning Web site:

Better Loving Through Chemistry: The Art and Science of Combining Sex and Drugs
Join us for a lively discussion on how psychoactive substances effect sexual desire, performance and experience. Herbs, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs and psychedelics will be covered.

Meetings with Remarkable Minds
David has interviewed and worked closely with some of the most extraordinary individuals on the planet. In this talk David shares some of what he has learned from his interactions with Jerry Garcia, Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna, Ram Dass, John Lilly, Allen Ginsberg, Rupert Sheldrake, Robert Anton Wilson, Annie Sprinkle and others.

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Carol Callen has a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine. She has worked for many years as an intuitive counselor, and a teacher of Reiki, Hatha Yoga, and Qi Gong. She currently has a private practice of Chinese Herbology and Acupuncture in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Five Elements in Chinese Medicine
Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water are the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine. In this workshop, you will discover how they relate to natural forces; the seasons, directions, five flavors, emotions, and physical disease states. Understanding how these elements interact will enrich your ability to balance your diet, lifestyle, and magical practices.

Tui Na: Chinese Massage
Utilizing acupressure points and meridian energetics, tui na is a very effective technique to treat pain and illness. In this workshop, you will learn simple tui na patterns to strengthen the immune system, relieve pain, and enhance emotional well-being.

Candlelot: Into the woods, beneath the shelter of the trees, among the paths of the deer, following a trail of countless twinkling candles, you'll find Candlelot. Each year more friends join this communal campsite and kitchen: drummers and dancers, singers and DJs, painters and sculptors, teachers and healers. Founded by three members of Noise Laboratories at Starwood XVI, Candlelot has grown to include many friends from the gnomefatty kollektiv and beyond. Starwood veterans may have attended one of Candlelot's (in)famous annual "UnBirthday Parties," or wandered down our candle-lit path on an otherwise Dark And Stormy Night. Since Starwood XVII, folks from Candlelot have been responsible for the Luminaria, lighting the paths all over Brushwood each night of the festival. Expanding on this desire to "light the path," this year the denizens of Candlelot will be presenting the Labyrinth of Light workshop and ritual.

The Labyrinth of Light Workshop
Join the denizens of Candlelot as we plan and construct the Labyrinth of Light, a maze of candle-lanterns. We will discuss Labyrinths ancient and modern, explore the various designs that have traditionally been used to create labyrinths, and we will reflect on and share the spiritual and personal possibilities that labyrinths enable. We will lay out the unicursal path of the labyrinth, and mark the path with candles. Bring your vision and your open heart, and help us to create a path of healing and transformation.

The Labyrinth of Light
Walk the sacred Labyrinth of Light and experience a journey of magical transformation. This ancient method for shifting consciousness and moving between worlds dates back thousands of years to Goddess-worshipping Crete and is found in other indigenous cultures, including
the Hopi. You are invited to join us as we ritually consecrate this maze of luminaria and open the Labyrinth at midnight. Silently walk the labyrinth anytime between midnight and dawn. It will be ritually closed at dawn.

Baba Raul Canizares is truly Santeria's renaissance man; a respected scholar, award-winning poet and essayist, world renowned artist, and an innovative musician with two best selling CDs of Santeria music to his credit and a third on its way. A former adjunct professor of Religious Studies at University of South Florida, Baba also holds degrees in Liberal Arts and Psychology. His articles have appeared in Sizygy: A Journal of Alternative Religions, India's Journal of Dharma, Jamaica's Caribbean Quarterly, Sri Lanka's Ethnic Studies Reports, and other publications. Baba Raul has won the prestigious Enrique Jose Varona literary prize in poetry, short story, and essay. He has addressed national meetings of the American Academy of Religions several times, and has lectured at UCLA in Los Angeles, Colby College in Waterville, Maine, the Open Center, the Afro Caribbean Cultural Center, and the Learning Annex in New York City. At University of South Florida Baba Raul designed and taught the first full credit Santeria course offered by a major American university. He is the founding oba (spiritual leader) of the Orisha Consciousness Movement, with members worldwide. His book Cuban Santeria: Walking with the Night is considered a classic.

Ponerse los Collares: A Santeria Necklace (Ileke) Initiation
As a special, unique treat to those present at Starwood XXII, Baba Raul Canizares, formidable Oba (head) of the Orisha Consciousness Movement and his entourage of priests, will hold an initiation into the mysteries of the Orishas known as Ponerse los Collares (Imposition of Necklaces, or Ilekes) for all to attend. While other Santeria initiations are only open to a select few, the Necklaces can expand anyone's spirituality and reinforce his/her psyche against "energy vampires". Receiving the beautiful, multi-colored, emblematic necklaces opens up a whole new spectrum of potentialities for those inclined to experience the Orishas' salvific rays. The Orishas represented are : Eshu-Eleggua, Lord of the Crossroads (opener of gates, both physical and metaphorical); Obatala, King of the White Cloth (creator of our intellects, and Lord of Justice and Fair Play); Shango, Lord of Virility, Music, and Dance; Yemaya, Mother of us all, Nurturing Queen of the Sea; and finally, Oshun, Goddess of Gold, the Rivers, and Beauty.

This beautiful, powerful, and moving ceremony has never been offered outside the inner sanctum of a Santeria temple. A usually expensive ritual, the Orisha Consciousness Movement is offering those who wish to be initiated themselves a one-time opportunity to receive this important preliminary initiation and making the Collares available to Starwood attendees for only $101.00 (details onsite). Each necklace is uniquely hand-made by Baba Raul Canizares and his principal priests, bathed in each Orisha's herbs, kept in the Orishas's containers while priests chant over them until they are imbued with power to be offered to neophytes. Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. In these dangerous times we need the goddesses' and gods' presence more than ever.

Cuban Santeria Pt. I: Orisha! Deities For a New Aeon
Baba Raul Canizares, teaches about the principal orisha, deities of the Yoruba pantheon, who are now more relevant than ever as their power is felt from Patagonia to the North Pole and from New York to Beijing.

Cuban Santeria Pt. II: OBI Divination For Everyone
OBI divination is an extremely accurate Yoruba system of telling the future and assessing situations, prescribing solutions also. Based on throws of four pieces of coconut or kola nut, the system has served the Yoruba people for thousands of years. Baba Raul, a master diviner, teaches the preliminaries of this wonderful system in this seminar, allowing you to have this great asset at your disposal. ANYONE CAN LEARN TO CAST OBI! Which has been tested to be up to 90% accurate!

Cuban Trance Music
Baba Raul Canizares teaches about the Yoruba/Santeria chants to the different deities. Each chant has a particular vibratory frequency that helps heal, balance, and awaken your own centers of awareness. These chants include prayers to Eshu, Lord of Choices; Shango, Lord of Music, Virility, and Thunder; Obatala, Lord of Intelligence; and Yemaya, Goddess of the Sea and of Motherhood. Baba will also introduce new fusions of ancient chants and modern musical modes.

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Rev. Ursula Carrie is an initiated GreenWitch in the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing. Her commitment is to share what she loves and learns about the Healing Green. Ursula has been on the Shamanic Path since as far back as she can remember.

Plant Walk: Wake Up With the Wild and Weedy
Weeds have gotten a bad rap. These common plants have so much to give, are so abundant and important to our ecosystem - our very existence - with the medicine and nourishment they offer. How many times have you walked past on YOUR journey into Starwood? The Brushwood grounds are alive with these plant cousins. We will walk, sniff, nibble and talk about various historical, medicinal, edible and spiritual qualities of several wild herbs. Tidbits will include discussion of ecological harvesting etiquette and preparation of plants into tinctures, oils, salves, and medicinal vinegars. No actual harvesting for herbal preparations will occur on this journey as to preserve the fragile beauty of the Brushwood landscape.

Rosa Castro has been a certified Reiki Master since 1993, and is an Intuitive therapist and Teacher, training students since 1989 in both metaphysics and healing since 1994. She holds a degree in Psychology, with certification in Addiction and Psychotherapy. She has been working in the mental health field since 1985, and in alternative healing since 1989. She has held workshops at the New Life and Whole Life Expos, and taught classes in Reiki, Chakra exploration, Tarot, Psychic Development and Past Life Regression.

Chakra Explorations
The word Chakra is sanskrit for an energy vortex that exists within our physical system. Learn more about your energy centers and how to tap into them. Discover the subtle energies of the Chakras, how they work and how to scan them for information. You will explore simple and practical techniques for reading the Chakras centers through hands-on methods.

Reiki Healing Circle
Join us for a light meditation and healing work using Reiki, which is an ancient form of "laying on of hands" technique originating from Tibet. Gather with us and experience the powerful and healing energy of Reiki for yourself. Learn some basic information on the benefits of using Reiki, how it works and how it can be applied for everyday balance and self-healing.

Dennis K. Chernin, M.D., M.P.H. has actively practiced and taught meditation and breathing techniques for thirty years. His teachers were trained in the Himalayan Mountains in India, Nepal, and Tibet. Currently, he practices holistic and family medicine in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Besides offering medical care, he also offers patients and students individualized instruction on meditation using chakras, mantras, and the breath. Dr. Chernin also serves as the medical director of two county health departments and is a lecturer at the University of Michigan Medical School in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine program. Dr. Chernin graduated from Northwestern University with a major in cultural anthropology and was elected a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. He received both his M.D. and M.P.H. from the University of Michigan. He did residencies in psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin and in preventive medicine at the University of Michigan, and is board certified in public health and preventive medicine. He is author of How to Meditate Using Chakras, Mantras, and Breath, Health: A Holistic Approach and Homeopathic Remedies. He has also written an interactive CD ROM called Homeopathic Resource. More at:

Drumming Through the Chakras
A transcendental seminar of positive spiritual energy and vibrant physical health. Dennis joins premier percussionist & composer Muruga Booker in this astounding seminar of Chakra meditation and World Beat music. Muruga combines his deep knowledge of Sida/Kundalini Yoga with his extensive experience in spiritual music with such luminaries as Weather Report, Merl Saunders & the Rainforest Band, Paul Winter Consort, Jerry Garcia, and Babatunde Olatunji to perform his own compositions designed to open and charge each Chakra, the energy centers of the human body. Drawing on thirty years of Yogic training and medical practice, Dr. Dennis Chernin leads guided meditations for each Chakra, energizing them in sequence for maximum health benefits and spiritual enlightenment. The program will begin with stretching exercises, drumming instruction, and an explanation of the purpose and design of the Chakra Meditation, which will include chanting and drumming through the Chakras. Bring your drums and other instruments, wear loose clothing, and a light spirit.

The Church of All Worlds was founded in 1962. Their membership has included many of the movers and shakers in the worldwide Pagan community. Inspired by Robert Heinlein's novel Stranger in a Strange Land, it celebrates diversity, freedom of expression and life-style, and a spiritual unity with the Earth. CAW's publication, Green Egg, has won many awards and has published over 100 issues. Leaders present at Starwood this year include Oberon Zell, Ronn Walks with Fire, and Starwhite. (Tapes on CAW's history and other subjects by CAW members available from ACE).

Celebration of the Pomegranate (Friday Midnight Ritual) The sun is bright, but not at night! Summer is here; the Underworld is near! It is the time of the long days and the lengthy nights seem a far away. I, Hades, invite you to a visit to the underworld while the Sun is absent this night. Join me, a few others of my colleagues and their ilk, for the Celebration of the Pomegranate. Don't forget, sooner or later you'll be here. Doesn't it make sense to honor the Underworld prior to your moving here? (Performed by Spirit Weavers Church & Church of All Worlds)

Drinking Deeply/ Sharing Water
A Church of All Worlds water-sharing ceremony (held in the pool) adapted from Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land, this moving communion ceremony affirms our kinship in the Great Circle of Life. "Water shared is life shared" with "all that Groks" which, of course, is God/dess. Experience this unity through the ritualized sharing of water as the essence of life. You must be able to swim and to tread water.

C.A.W. Clergy Confab
How has the Church of All Worlds managed to stay together all these years to become the oldest continuous Neo-Pagan organization? What does CAW have to offer YOU? How do you progress through its Nine Circles? Open discussion with members of the Priesthood on the "hot seat" for questions and answers. Literature available.

Linda Clemons has taught and performed Middle Eastern dance since 1985. She is currently a trance dancer, using the dance form to explore western ceremonial and VooDoo spirituality, Choreographing and performing ritual dance and teaching trance through movement.

Dancing With Energy
This workshop will teach basic Middle Eastern form and how to apply it in trance movement. Basic Middle Eastern rhythms will include Chifti Teli and Beladi. Please wear loose clothing, preferably something flowing around the waist like a skirt or scarf to emphasize the flow of energy.

Cleveland Aikikai is a school of Aikido affiliated with Shihan Mitsugi Saotome's Aikido Schools of Ueshiba. Founded 18 years ago and currently based in Cleveland Hts., Ohio, its members and students are dedicated to preserving and advancing the art, and they train actively 7 days a week.

We are pleased to welcome Chameleon and ACE organizer Jim Klar as a representative of Cleveland Aikikai. A second degree Black Belt, Jim has studied the Japanese martial art of Aikido for ten years, including two years in Japan, and taught for six. He currently teaches at Cleveland Aikikai and Oberlin College. See "Jim Klar" for his full bio (and his Sword & Staff in Aikido workshop).

Aikido Workshop
Aikido is a late 20th century Japanese martial art created by Morihei Ueshiba (who died in 1969). Aikido emphasizes self defense through harmony with the attacker's movement, using their aggressive intentions against them to bring any conflict to a non-violent conclusion. It is an ideal martial art for men, women and children of all ages and physical abilities. This workshop is designed to serve as an introduction to Aikido, including a demonstration of advanced practice along with participatory exercises to demonstrate the art's principles.

Larry Cornett, known since 1982 for his Pagan events calendars
- and
-, is an environmental engineer, an initiated Witch, an initiate of the Reformed Druids of North America, and a Scion with the Church of All Worlds. A Pagan adherent since 1967, he is a founding member of A.C.E., the Chameleon Club, Visionweavers Coven, the C.A.W. Triskeleon Nest, Gaia Rising, the Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network (ERLAN and the Sacred Earth Alliance ( He has been an activist since his days at Perdue University in the 60's, and worked for the Vietnam Moratorium Committee. He has a BS in Physics, an MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and he blew the lid off a cover-up of the impacts of U.S. D.O.E. nuclear sites ( and founded the Collinwood Environmental Taskforce: an alliance of businesses and community organizations that forced the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to shut down and order the clean-up of a dangerous Cleveland nuclear site in 1999.

Working With Nature Spirits
Each plant, animal, rock, and other entity has a spirit (consciousness resonance matrix). These spirits can join together, in a hive-mind, as a spirit of an area. Nature spirits include real biological intelligences, are psychically powerful, and are much less abstract and controllable than the Elementals that many magical people who perform all of their rituals indoors are familiar with. They can be extremely powerful allies. This is a hands-on workshop in which practical techniques for contacting nature spirits, finding power spots, and working with Nature Spirits in magical workings will be taught.

True Tales of the Occult
A sharing by participants of funny stories of strange occurrences in ritual, magic with bazaar outcomes, encounters between Pagans and fundies, funny chants, and other weirdness. Please try to bring at least one funny but true story, but avoid naming those directly involved, except for your role in it.

Earth Religion Rights Networking
This participatory workshop will cover dealing with the main-stream system in legal matters involving religious discrimination, along with organizations, resources, and tactics that can help. It will begin with a brief summary of the pertinent issues, resources and tactics. Participants will be given a limited amount of time to cover who they are, what they have actually done to help people with legal problems associated with their religion, the results of such efforts, and lessons learned. Which topics interest participants the most and who has experience and expertise in such areas will be determined. The remaining part of the workshop will focus on one or more areas where there is experience, expertise and interest. Participants are encouraged to circulate brochures and pertinent information.

Ian Corrigan is a Chameleon, an ACE organizer, and has been a teacher, writer, singer and ritualist in the Pagan movement for 25 years. Ian is an Archdruid Emeritus of ADF, an ADF Priest, and is presently Chief of it's Magician's Guild. An Elder of Stone Creed Grove, ADF's oldest congregation, he is author of four books on Celtic Paganism: The Portal Book, The Book of the Dragon, Grammary, and Druidheachd: Rites and Symbols of Druidry. One of the finest bards of the modern Pagan movement, Ian has been writing and performing songs of the British Isles and Neo-Paganism for over 20 years, and his music and poetry have delighted audiences at A.C.E. events and Pagan festivals across the U.S.A. and Canada. (Music tapes, lecture tapes and books by Ian are available from ACE.)

Seannacht: Working the Old Ways of Celtia The three workshops offered here present basic patterns of Celtic Paganism, the religion of the Druids. The sessions will combine story and teaching with trance, vision work, and ceremony to bring us into the new and modern presence of the ancient powers. Each can be attended separately.

  • Pt. I: Celtic Culture and the Druid Way A look at the history and patterns of Celtic Pagan cultures, especially their religion, magic and spirituality. Includes handouts and summaries on the Celtic Gods, the Structure of Celtic Society, outlines of the tales, etc. Humbly offered: a structured model for modern Pagans based on ancient Celtic ways.
  • Pt. II: Visions of the Worlds We will experience three works of entrancement, designed to attune our spirits to the Celtic magical and mythic Cosmos. Bring a chair or pad to sit or lie comfortably on the gravel of the pavilion, and plan to spend up to 20 minutes at a time in meditation.
  • Pt. III: At the Center of the Worlds When we come into the Celtic holy places, we come in fellowship with all the beings of the worlds. Using core principles of Celtic ritual custom, we will create a simple rite of attunement and blessing. We will open a road to the Gods, the Ancestors, and the Spirits of the Land, to meet them and introduce ourselves.

Rebecca Crystal, M.S.W., has been working in the New Age, Feminist and Magical movements since 1978. She has been involved in the Bloomington Metaphysical Fellowship, the Elf Lore Family, and the Covenant of the Universalist Pagans. As an ELF Elder, she coordinated the highly successful 1989 Psychic Fairs, and was one of the editors of The Elvin Chronicle. She has led workshops and public rituals for several years, and is a long-time Starwood contributor. This 20 year veteran of psychic healing combines humor, psychic therapy and hands on healing to cure soul wounds or teach the skills she uses.

Psychic Healing in the Round
In a supportive circle of festival-goers, watch or participate in deep level healing of emotional/psychic soul wounds of volunteers. Watch a demonstration of where your own psychic skills may take you. Volunteers will choose between issues they know need healing or "Rebecca's Choice". (warning: humor used by non-traditional presenter).

Sister Circle (Women only)
Sit with your fellow women and share your soul truths in ever increasingly intimate circles led by a facilitator with deep respect and light humor. A round-robin of Respect and Honor through cycles of Meet and Greet, Share and Despair, and the Maze and Praise.

Sister/Brother Circle
Sit with men and women and share your soul truths in ever increasingly intimate circles led by a facilitator with deep respect and light humor. A round-robin of Respect and Honor through cycles of Meet and Greet, Share and Despair, and the Maze and Praise.

Kenneth Deigh has over 20 years of experience as a practicing magician and is the creator of Sheya, an ever-evolving path of self-transformation, utilizing shamanic, magickal and mystical techniques.Over the last ten years, he has taught diverse topics from Shamanic States of Consciousness and Magickal Movement to Martial arts and Healing. He has worked as a publisher/editor (Mezlim Magazine), bartender, actor, art director, telephone solicitor and many more. He now enjoys right livelihood as a healer, teacher and counselor in - of all places - Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Warrior Shaman: An Esoteric Perspective on the Martial Arts
An approach to the martial arts based on the concept that our bodies really DO know what's best.The workshop will involve exercises in movement, light sparring, and the summoning of warrior spirits; so come dressed comfortably and ready to play!

Lifting the Veils - An Exploration of the Creation and Use of Sacred Space
An introductory discussion of Magick & Sacred Space, explaining both the theoretical basis & practical application. The class will include: exploring Magickal relationships, processes and techniques, and exercises directed at breaking down barriers and setting conscious, effective boundaries. We will take a look at some of the many tools and techniques used to create and perform Dramatic Ritual, especially those that arise from your own mind and body(e.g. Gesture, Movement, Breath, Active & Passive Astral Vision, Voice and Stillness).

Introduction to Sheya Magick
Sheya is a new system of Shamanic-based, self-transformational Magick, founded in the archetypes of human experience. This workshop will include an explanation of the history of the practice: the Sheya philosophy, its initiatory cycle, its basic symbolic models and language, and a practical demonstration of its essential ritual form.

Denizens of the Didge Dome (a.k.a. D3) is an informal collaborative of Didgeridoo-playing Starwood regulars. They include:

Jay Atwood: A professional keyboardist, conductor, and all-around musical kind of guy. Jay has been obsessed with the didgeridoo since he heard one at a Starwood bonfire several years back. With great respect for its traditional Aboriginal owners, Jay plays in a contemporary, non-traditional style - incorporating diverse influences from Middle-Eastern rhythms to Trance/World Fusion.

Dave Crowder: Joining us from Boulder, Colorado, Dave is well known in the didgeridoo community for his intensely percussive didgeridoo playing style. A popular performer, he plays with Denver based band, Bushtic, as well as with his own ensemble, Yigi Yigi. He is the organizer of the annual Didjeridu Gathering in Boulder, and can be heard on many recordings, including: Voluminous Cacophony, Didjeridu Planet (1 & 2); Didj USA; and World Meditations.

Jason Gazda: Jason is founder of Rhythm Army, and creator of the Starwood Didge Dome. His unique, handmade didgeridoos are much sought after. Known for his deep trance style of playing, Jason continues to forge bravely into uncharted realms of consciousness with didgeridoo in hand. At the Didge Dome, he emphasizes a playful and noncompetitive atmosphere for didge players and makers in the Starwood festival community.

John Madill: A talented multi-instrumentalist, John is also the founder of, a didgeridoo resource for players worldwide. As a teacher, he emphasizes both technical proficiency and spiritual connection. He has studied the art of didgeridoo making in Australia with master craftsman Djalu' Gurruwiwi, and is the creator of the "Balan'daki" - a line of American hardwood didgeridoos, which are gaining international attention.

Didgeridoo Basics - Jay Atwood
Experience the beauty and mystery of the Aboriginal didgeridoo. A simple tube, it is at once the most basic, and yet profound of musical instruments. We will introduce the basic playing techniques - the drone, mouth shapes, and basic rhythms - and then go on to explore techniques of circular breathing. No musical knowledge is necessary. We will have a few instruments to share. All didgeridoo players, from aspiring to professional, are welcome.

Didgeridoo Breathwork - John Madill
In this workshop we will focus on use of breath as the principal element in didgeridoo playing. From mouth sounds to bounced breaths and harmonic sweeps, John creates complex layers of sound by focusing on the column of air that is the life of the instrument. You can too! Listeners welcome.

Didgeridoo Rhythm Intensive - Dave Crowder
Dave shares the techniques of his very rhythmic and percussive playing style. We will play with odd meters and complex rhythmic groupings. A workshop for those who are already successful with basic didgeridoo techniques, and want to delve deeper into the mysteries of meter. All are welcome to come and listen.

Didgeridoo Orchestra - John Madill and Jay Atwood
Beginners to experienced players - come be a part of a truly unique sound experience! Groups will divide up to learn complimentary patterns and songs. We will then come back together to form a massive didgeridoo orchestra! All are welcome. Non didgeridoo players are encouraged to bring small shakers or bells.

Whalesong: A Didgeridoo Trance Circle - Jason Gazda
Less a workshop than an experience. Feel conventional space-time dissolve as the droning, wailing, healing sounds of a dozen didgeridoos alter the fabric of consensus reality. Didge Dome creator, Jason Gazda, will be there to facilitate and focus the event. Come to play. Come to listen. Dancers and Dreamers welcome.

Hey Didgers!
Check the Announcement Board at the Didge Dome for daily event updates and additions!

Djenaba (D.J.Reese) has been an advocate of healthy living and spiritual experience for over 20 years, practicing the techniques and skills she promotes. She is a an Advanced Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Consultant, Fitness Counselor, Advanced Aerobics Instructor, and Yoga Instructor, certified by the American Aerobic Association International/International Association of Sports Medicine, and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. She is a practitioner of Applied Kinesiology, certified by the International College in Zurich, Switzerland and the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association.

Muscle Release and Energy Healing
Do you or someone you know experience muscle pain, spasms, or inflexibility? Long term muscle tightness can interfere with your ability to enjoy everyday activities and may result in permanent loss of function, depression, or imbalance. Participants will learn to identify some of the common causes of muscular discomfort and the release points associated with them. Innovative body/mind-work/play techniques offer the ability to free your natural movement and restore functioning. Release yourself from limitation and increase comfortable range of motion while you reprogram your nervous system for lifelong health.

Conscious Stretching
Stretch, breathe, and go beyond perceptual limits as you learn basic techniques of body alignment, bio-mechanics, and muscular balance. Release tension and maximize your physical potential for joy while increasing health. Stretch your body, lengthen your muscles, and extend your life.

Rob Kuadaky Dorsey is a lifelong musician and student of the metaphysical uses of sound, especially the extraordinary uses of the human voice for all aspects of energetic and consciousness development. As a poet, storyteller, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, recording artist, and scholar, he has studied, performed and taught at arts venues, Dharma centers, festivals, monasteries, wellness centers, Tai Chi/Qi Gong and Yoga schools around the country. In compliment to his studies of sacred sound, he practices Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and meditation and chanting from both the Zen and Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

Discovering Vocal Harmonics
An experiential introduction to and explanation of the natural overtone qualities of the voice to enliven, generate awareness of, and balance energy within and without the physical body. Following a brief historical overview of the use of vocal harmonics in shamanism, Tantra, mystical and religious rites and ceremonies in the Eastern and Western traditions, we will examine the roles of stillness, breath, hearing, speech, chanting and toning as awareness practices and as preparations for meditation, journeying or other spiritual workings. Along with this, a specific exercise for enlivening and balancing the chakras will be taught, as well as whatever group toning time and circumstances allow.

Exploring Vocal Harmonics
An exploration of the further uses of the overtone qualities of the voice to define sacred space, connect participants within healing and ritual settings, and as a powerful group rite unto itself. Materials, activities, and discussion will explore the use of the voice, and harmonics specifically, in promoting energetic and spiritual harmony within and between individuals in a variety of contexts. Much of the work will be determined by the interests and proclivities of the workshop's participants, but will include interaction with instruments designed for sacred sound.

Elie (pronounced Ay Lee, also known as Eliesheva) holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and has studied extensively at the Departments of Middle Eastern studies at Tel Aviv University. She is a Kibbutz member from Israel, where strong and active interest in Earth connected spirituality has long been and still is at the root of Kibbutz land reclamation. She is a member of the Machane Am Ha Aretz (People of the Land) Primitive Hebrew Assembly, a Peaceful Warrior Path in a Hebrew Earth Spirituality tradition that reconnects to the Shekina, the feminine aspect of the Hebrew Divinity. In the past 20 years she has travelled extensively in Mid Eastern and other countries, where she has experienced pre technological societies first hand and lectured and written numerous articles.

Terrorism: Causes and Effects Part I: Inside the Terrorist Mind
This part of the workshop discusses how extremist thinking, be it religious, political or ecological, is found everywhere. It is a slippery slope that can lead to terrorist acts. We will discuss how an extremist thinker relates to themselves, to their organization(s); and to the rest of the world.

Part II: Beginning the Healing
Yes, it's a shock; but how do events like 9-11 really affect us? What was wounded? What needs healing? And, in practice, how does one do that? This workshop draws on my expertise on traumatic stress and war zones, and is both a workshop and discussion. Antidotes to begin to heal the traumatic stress, including magickal practice, will be discussed.

Divination in the Hebrew Bible Part I: Lot Casting 101
The Ancient Hebrews cast lots to get guidance from the God/dess for the home and hearth, and even Abraham consulted Seers. We will dispel some Christian and Rabbinical myths around this topic, and discuss the actual technology, but only for the most basic variety of Hebrew lot casting. Bring 32 pebbles or stones and a marker pen to make your own lots if you like.

Part II: Seeing For the Tribes
Elisheva will cast lots for people requesting it (using more advanced lot casting techniques that will not be taught in the earlier workshop). Depending on the situation, she will also use other ancient Hebrew methods. Come with your questions. Please remember: Lot casting, even in the basic form, is done in Spirit and with the blessings of Spirit. It is, therefore, a sacred act. Elie suggests that you give your God or Goddess a small gift (like a flower, a paper rose, or an incense stick or drop of scent) that you will leave with the Trees, the Earth, or the Pond if that is your Tradition. If not, just come ready to be in Spirit.

Skip Ellison has been a member of Ar nDraiocht Fein since 1990 and has served on its Mother Grove since 1992. He has held several positions and is currently ADF's Archdruid and Chief of the Magician's Guild. He was the grove Organizer for Muin Mound Grove, AFD in Syracuse, NY and became its second Senior Druid, a position he has held since 1992. A retired Industrial Electrician, he now works tending his land and gardens, learning more about history and traveling around the US and Europe visiting ADF groves and talking about ADF at festivals.

Who were the Celts?
This workshop traces the history of the Celts from the first known reference, about1200 B.C.E., to about 500 C.E. It describes who the Celts were, and still are, and includes sections on where our knowledge comes from, their society, their religion and their daily life.

Re-connecting with the Earth Mother
This workshop will discuss some of the deities in various myth systems that have been considered ‘Earth Mothers’. It also talks about what you can do as individuals today to help the Earth. We conclude with a guided meditation to re-connect you to the Earth. Please come prepared to lay on the ground for the meditation.

Getting in Touch with Your Land
Explore the ways of finding out who the Gods, Goddesses and Land Sprits of your area are. The ancient Celts and Norse adopted the deities of the areas they moved into as their own. Should we do any less today? Work is being done in ADF Groves to get in touch with the local Spirits of Place. A discussion will be held on the methods being used and how effective they’ve been.

Bill Elston is a thirty-year student of Druidism and a nine-year member of Ar nDraiocht Fein. He has taught Tarot, Oghams, Pyromancy and Irish Mythology for fifteen years, and is a third-degree Reiki practitioner, a student of Aroma, Gemstone, and light/color therapy, and a founder of Shamanic Lightwave Transformation (an alternative wellness resource center). His personal system of Ogham based healing and divination has developed over the past 17 years from the study and application of ancient Irish myth and legend. He is the food and beverage coordinator for Carolina Spirit Quest and Triangle Pagan Pride Day in Raleigh/Durham North Carolina.

Healing Power of the Celtic Oghams
The Oghams are a system of symbolism and memory used by the ancient Celtic poets and seers, commonly called "the tree alphabet". Through the study of the trees, shrubs, herbs, gemstones, and the spiritual messages of the animals and birds of Irish myth associated with the Oghams, a viable system of healing emerges. Integrating the role model aspects of the Irish Dieties can provide spiritual guidance and (to the qualified and licensed individual) an aid to psychological therapy. Each attendee (up to 50) people will receive a set of reference notes

Fire-Gazing or Pyromancy may be one of the oldest forms of divination practiced by mankind. This workshop will examine the theories and techniques of using sacred fire in an oracular method. From the images perceived in the flames, smoke, ash and embers spiritual guidance and insight may be discovered. SAFETY and common sense will be discussed. Types of woods and other fuels for specific questions, traditional methods of ignition and the advantages and disadvantages of individual and group ritual divinations will be discussed. Common chemicals for causing quarter fires to burn their appropriate color and additives for "special effects" will be explores. Each attendee (16 years old or above) will receive a set of notes and 2 special effect devices.

The Oghams Within Your Name
A reference in Auraicept na n-Eces (a primary source of Ogham Lore) describes a diviation of an unborn childs' sex by using the Oghams within the mothers' name. This concept can be taken a step further and be used as a technique to discover the Ogham energy in ones' own name. Whether positive or negative, these energies and awareness of them may assist in creating or enhancing one's Spiritual Path, life style, or use of those energies toward goal achievement. Each attendee will receive a set of reference notes

Shawn Eyer is an author, scholar, artist, translator, and the founder of Thiasos Orphikos, a society for the creative exploration of Greek spiritual traditions. He holds Bachelor's Degrees in Psychology and Religion, and is currently a faculty member at John F. Kennedy University in California. Shawn was the editor of The Lyre: Greek Spiritual Traditions, and has been a contributor to Green Egg Magazine, The Quest, Alexandria: The Journal for the Western Cosmological Traditions, Diipetes Quarterly and The Beacon. Best known for his contributions to the neo-Hellenic spiritual community, Shawn is also an initiate of traditional esoteric orders, including Freemasonry.

Your Grandfather's Magic: The Esoteric Legacy of Freemasonry
From the fantastic science fiction of Robert Anton Wilson to the quaint stereotype of classic Americana, Freemasonry retains its mystery and fascination even today. Although not explicitly magical in and of itself, Freemasonry served as the basis for the theories of many occultists such as Eliphas Levi, Theodore Reuss, Aleister Crowley, and Gerald Gardner. Can the Craft (yes, Masons refer to their rituals as "the Craft") be considered a link between the contemporary ritualists and the ritual efforts of previous generations? Why were Masonic rituals and ideas important to the magicians of the past? What is Freemasonry really like today? Are non-Christians welcome? Can women be Masons? The speaker, a 32nd degree Mason as well as a member of the Eastern Star, will attempt to answer these questions and more.

Greek Mysticism and the Mind/Body Split
How did the concept of psyche make the transition from meaning simply "physically alive" to the notion of a discorporate consciousness or "soul", separate from the body? While Descartes (1596-1650) takes the rap for the split, this dualism is actually found in more of the world's religions, including the Orphic mysteries of the ancient Greeks. Mind/body dualism played a major role in the birth of Christianity and Gnosticism, and is now so embedded in Western thinking that many cannot conceive of religion without it. This workshop will explore how this dissociation from the body may be affecting human attitudes toward the environment, sexuality and somatic experience, and will raise the question of a Neo-Pagan response to transcendental mysticism.

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