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Jeff "Magnus" McBride, both an experienced teacher and student of ritual theatre and a respected force in the Magickal Community, is one of the world's foremost artists of performance magic. Presently headlining at Ceasar's Palace's Magical Empire, Magnus has been Hollywood's Magic Castle "Magician of the Year", and has been seen on numerous television specials worldwide, including ABC's "Champions of Magic", NBC's "World's Greatest Magic", the PBS documentary "The Art of Magic," and The Discovey Channel's "Mysteries of Magic," where he served as consultant on shamanism and ritual magic. He is a founder of The Mystery School of Magic (a yearly conference for the advanced study of magical arts) and the World Magic Festival, and he appeared in the role of Joran on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Known around the world for his extensive magical work with masks, myths, and magic, Jeff has been facilitating FireDances at Festivals throughout the world for the past decade, and has released the ACE tape Songs From the Center of the Sacred Circle with Abbi Spinner (for bio, see under her name). For more information visit .

The Magic of the Fire Circle
Ancient mysteries and modern magic blend together to create the community fire circle; which is, for us, the elixir of life. Throughout time people have gathered in circles of drum & dance around the sacred fire to commune with spirit & nature, to heal body & soul, gather knowledge, and restore harmony between the worlds. In this workshop, Spinner and Magnus will teach the techniques that go into creating a vessel in which you can transform your personal lead into gold. The workshop will focus on practical tools for transformation, and will provide an outline for the magic that will happen in our community. Together, we will journey into the mysteries of drumming, dancing, and singing, as we create safe, sacred space to become our highest visions. Please bring drums, small percussion instruments, clothes you can move in, and a willing spirit. Please note that this workshop is open to all, regardless of level of experience. Drink deeply of these sacred secrets and prepare to be trance-formed.

Kelly "Cheshire" McBride M.L.S. is a Sexuality Educator and Trainer for Planned Parenthood of Greater Indiana. McBride has been teaching safer sexuality, sexual variation and other sexuality topics for more than a decade. Her experiences include work at the Kinsey Institute for Sex, Gender and Reproduction, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Lascivious Exhibitions, and more than 60 academic credit hours and 100+ hours in advanced sexuality training. Her presentations are known for their humor and lively atmosphere!

Safer Sexuality (Adults Only)
Participants will learn tips and tricks to effectively utilize safer sex supplies including condoms, gloves, dental dams, and lubricant to help protect themselves from HIV or STD infection and increase sexual pleasure. This interactive, hands-on workshop offers an anonymous and lively Q&A session and free condoms for all participants.

Raising Sexually Healthy Young People (Adults Only)
This interactive discussion for parents will review tips for communication, mixed messages, imparting goals and values, and using teachable moments. Good for parents of children and teens of all ages. Some messages will be more focused on teen issues.

Kirk McLaren's foundation in the study in the mysteries began with Qabalahist and Jazz musician Dr. Fred Katz of Southern California in 1979. He began teaching Tarot in Spokane, Washington at Yhantra Book store in 1980 and has been teaching seminars for Circles, Gatherings and Conventions from Southern California to New York ever since. He completed his course work in Visual Arts through the "McLaren Studio Academy". Kirk has combined jewelry design and the study of the Tarot to produce a Three Dimensional Tarot System, the only oracle of its kind. This approach is based on the images of the Major Arcana in small sculpture that may be tossed like small stones, then read as they fall.

Making Magical Amulets
An Amulet is a piece of jewelry that holds a special meaning to the one who wears it. Here is a chance to create an amulet with your intent into every element. This workshop provides all that is needed to produce a carving for a lost wax casting: wax tools, a small alcohol lamp and carving wax. If you don't have an idea as to what to make, Kirk will be happy to offer suggestions and assistance in creating your piece. Within six to eight weeks of the workshop the participant will receive a piece of jewelry that they made themselves.
The fee to have the amulet cast and mailed to the student is $35 for silver and $25 for bronze. If the student wishes to make several castings of a piece (e.g. for a coven or group), the price would depend on the weight of the piece. A master mold of your piece can be made for an additional $25 charge.

The Tarot: an Intensive Seminar
This is a two part workshop that is a little over two hours for each part. The workshop includes hand out notes for each participant to keep at the end of the class.
Part One covers the Minor Arcana and how it is based on the Qubalistic "Tree of Life". Each card is discussed to help understand the foundation on which the Major Arcana is built.
Part Two covers the Major Arcana: the basic concepts, interpretations for reading, and how they relate to the development of a Magical way of Life. Time permitting, an introduction to the Tarot Casters will be provided.

Introduction to the Tarot Casters
This is an introduction to the Tarot Casters; a system biased on the images of the Major Arcana in small sculpture that may be tossed like small stones, then read as they fall. This new approach to the Tarot frees the reader from the old layouts and enables the intuitive muscles to work in new ways. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, you may find this a great Joy.

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James Morgan is an aspiring MFA student in one of the oldest digital media programs in Silicon Valley. He has practiced various forms of spiritualism for nearly two decades and has published work on Virtual Cultural / Political Activism and Hactivism. He is also a regular staff member at Kid Village.

Postmodern Magick
A brief survey of postmodern philosophy and how it relates to contemporary magic(k)al practices. Emphasis placed on the concepts of deconstruction, simulation, nomadism and the temporary autonomous zone. Consideration will be given to how classical forms have become postmodern and how contemporary forms draw from postmodern thought. Traditions discussed include but are not limited to: Wicca, Druism, Thelema and Chaos Magick. The class will include a brain bending discussion of the intersection of contemporary philosophy and magic(k)al traditions - where do they converge / diverge.

Jody Morningstar is a Chameleon and an ACE organizer who is in recovery. She is a 3rd degree Wiccan Priestess. a teacher, and a mother of two children. She has facilitated programs and safe spaces at past ACE events, and lead classes and discussions on issues related to emotional and spiritual health, drawing on her training and her personal experiences.

Twelve Step / Sober Support
This is an opportunity for those of us who are in recovery to connect with others, make new friends, and plan further meetings during the event. We can establish times and places to take a break from the general festival atmosphere and share safe space, conversation, and good company. We'll gather at the Sanctuary's Campfire (Site L).

Nema has been practicing and writing about Magick for twenty-five years, with articles in The Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick, Aeon Magazine, Starfire, and other publications. From her experiences with Thelemic Magick, she developed Maat Magick and it's aim of transforming the human race, and is the author of Maat Magick: a Guide to Self-Initiation. She is an Elder (former HPS) of the Circle of the Sacred Grove, Church of Pantheist Wicca, an initiate of Adi Nath Tantra, and a former member of the Typhonian OTO.

Wings of Rapture: the Way of Mystery
Nema presents her view and visions of the Mystic side of Magick, the direct experiences of heart and spirit that manifest through Magickal practice. The general topic is the subject of her new book, The Way of Mystery: Magick, Mysticism, and Self-Transcendence, which is scheduled for release in April 2003 by Llewellyn. The presentation will be followed by a discussion period.

Initiated Society
From paired Magickal Partners to covens, groves and international Magickal Orders, working with others of similar interests and abilities is a necessary balance to solitary practice. In this workshop, Nema considers ways to modify primate behaviors for smooth and respectful group functioning. The presentation and discussion will also include formal and actual Initiations, claims and actions, and shared aims.

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Wynne Paris Wynne is truly a multi-dimensional troubador. From Washington, D.C., Wynne is a soulful guitarist and student of the Sarod (an esoteric Indian instrument), and is developing his own unique style of world music called Raga-Rock. A touring musician focused on ecstatic use of music, he reflects the current sound that's on fire in the Berkeley/SF music scene. He's been touring the "consciousness circuit": Yoga centers, hot springs resorts, benefit concerts, and worldbeat festivals.

He has raised funds for Tibetan activism and written music for Radio Free Tibet, and has been producing radio broadcasts to the New Republic of Congo, in an effort to save an endangered primate, the Bonobo. As a composer he has recently been working with Kirtan, a type of ecstatic chanting that is sweeping the yoga/new consciousness scene, and experimenting with the funky use of loops and live musicians with Indian and middle eastern instruments, dance and poetry.

The Indian call and response chanting form. We will chant to the Goddess in her many aspects as well as covering some contemporary chants.

Diana L. Paxson is a consecrated Priestess of the Fellowship of the Spiral Path and an Elder of the Covenant of the Goddess, and Steerswoman of The Troth (an international Asatru organization whose journal, IDUNNA, she now edits). Diana is the author of numerous mythic short stories and novels featuring the Old Religion, most recently an Arthurian novel series entitled The Hallowed Isle. She has been working with the Earth Goddess and with trance states and related practices for twenty years, including shamanic journeying, interactive journeying, self-induced hypnosis, soul-retrieval, oracular trance, and god-possession.

Hail Holy Earth: Nerthus Procession and Ritual
Traditional cultures all over the world honor the Earth Goddess. All are invited to join in this welcome and procession, based on the traditions of Northern Europe, in which we bring Brushwood's own image of the goddess Nerthus from her island in the pond, carry her triumphantly through the campground to bless us with peace and fellowship, and install her on the shore so that all can honor Her during the festival. Join the parade and bring the Goddess to Starwood with drumming and song. Bring drums, flowers, and colored scarves to wave. (Nerthus statue & cart carved by Bob Stine.) Children are especially welcome.


Bidding the Goddess Goodbye: Farewell to Nerthus Ritual
As in the old days, when the Earth Goddess had blessed the fields, her image was returned to her island shrine. Join us in thanking the Goddess Nerthus for blessing us, and in bidding her goodbye as we prepare to say farewell to the festival and return her to her island until next year.

World Walking
You know how to get into trance, but where do you go when you get there? After a review of methods for releasing and relaxing, we'll explore the inner worlds, focusing on the structure, geography, symbols and imagery used in pathworking to give you the skills to direct your own journeying.

Heathen Sumble
The Sumble, in which a horn of mead is passed around the circle so that participants can honor the god/desses, the heroes, and each other, is the basic Asatru ritual. Come to learn more about the god/desses, share fellowship with other heathens,and find out about organizations and resources for heathen practice.

Three-Norns-Style Oracular Seidh
From Iceland to Israel, there are traditions of seers who sit by a sacred spring or beneath a holy tree.In this rite, a variant on Oracular Seidh (the northern equivalent of the Delphic Oracle), teams of three seers link together to answer questions for the community. Advice on life choices, relationships, etc. takes on new meaning in a traditional ritual setting. Diana L. Paxson will lead this ritual, working with students trained in her workshops. She is a pioneer in the recovery of oracle work and has taught all over the US, and in Europe and Canada. She performs seidh regularly at festivals, including Starwood.

Dana L. Piper has been doing massage professionally for 18 years. He has extensive training in Applied Kinesiology, Sport Massage, Myofascial Release, and Shiatsu. He has been Director of Sport Massage for AMTA-MI for 3 yrs. and is currently on the National Team. He has been teaching this workshop for nearly 10 yrs.(including PSG) and, thus far, has had as many as 80 people in his class at one time. Lots of fun and laughs.

Partnered Therapeutic Massage
Learn effective therapeutic techniques WITH appropriate body mechanics that would allow you to be effective and not hurt/strain yourself while giving a full hour massage. Bring a partner to exchange with and a mat/blanket to lie upon. Clothing optional. Oil provided. (NON-SEXUAL)

Prydwyn Piper is a bard in the purest sense of the word. He achieves in his work a synthesis of ancient and modern; traditional and original; Celtic and eclectic; which is truly magical. Prydwyn established a musical family in 1997, and by doing so introduced Green Crown to the larger Pagan and musical festivals across the U.S. A talented recording artist and performer of Pagan music, he is skilled in a variety of traditional instruments including voice, harp, cittern, guitar, mandolin and flutes, with formal training on the medieval and Renaissance lutes. He's played and recorded with Celtic folk-rockers Baby Mary, the ethno-eclectic duet The Bazuk Brothers, and acoustic bands Kiva and Todd Alan & the Quest. Prydwyn is an accomplished scholar of Classical and Celtic languages, with advance degrees in these fields from the University of Edinburgh and most recently a PhD from Harvard. A knowledgeable amateur astronomer, eco-warrior, and renowned hermit of the North Woods, Prydwyn shares his enthusiasm for life in honoring She-Who-Walks-In-the-Woods, who has been and shall continue to be his guide, inspiration and teacher of life's lessons.

Come Fly the Friendly Skies: A Pagan Dummies Guide to the Skies
This class is a crash course in basic sky patterns, cycles, and the inherent mysteries abounding therein. It will also include a quick beginners guide to the stars to help recognize major constellations, planets, clusters, and their relationships to each other.

The Celtic World and Its Languages
A general overview of the Celtic world. Cosmology and mythology will be discussed, as well as the history and usage of major Celtic languages of today. Participants can receive help and advice on the proper pronunciation of Celtic words and phrases commonly used in personal and group rituals.

Rafael has been a praticing Buddhist seeker for 30 years... From the mid 70's through the early 90's he was an artist and composer with work in libraries, collections across the U.s. and the Library of Congress.
He is a Priest of Dionysus, initiated First Degree Ceremonial Magi, Ogan of the ILE IFA in Toronto, a ULC Minister and keeper of the Starwood ashes.
He has been attending Starwood since 1989 and is considered to be a Drum Elder Emeritus of Brushwood Folklore Center - as well as an all around facilitator of goodthings here and at other gatherings.

Belly Dancer Alert
If you are a belly dancer (dance oriental) or just like the style, or are a Middle Eastern style drummer (rics, tambourine, tars and frame drums, dumbeks, darboukas, flutes zills and finger cymbals), come to the Middle Eastern Drumming Fire at Workshop Site C on Wednesday and Thursday Nights.
They're hosted by Rafael, and run from 9 PM until 3 AM. Free Coffee.

Raven has been active in the Pagan community for more than twenty years. She is a Priestess of Spirit Weavers Church (a legally recognized Pagan church based in Toledo, Ohio), a practitioner of High Magick, Priestess of Dionysus, Professional Spiritual Advisor, Teacher, Tarot Reader and Priestess of Circle Weavers Coven in Southern California. Her spiritual teaching experiences (classes, workshops and seminars) include Wicca, High Magick, Tarot, Divination, Dream Interpretation, Rituals, Candle Magick and more. She is currently an Instructor at the Psychic Eye and has been a formal instructor for the Chela Institute in Dana Point, California.

She will be presenting workshops with Ronn Walks with Fire and Ritual with CAW.

Christopher Rondina has been a member of the Pagan community for over 20 years, spending much of that time studying the traditions & spiritual beliefs underlying western mystical folklore. Christopher has published two books on New England historical folk-legends, Vampire Legends of Rhode Island and The Vampire Hunter's Guide to New England, and is currently working on a book about werewolf traditions.

Running with the Moon - Part I: The Shamanic Werewolf
Have you ever longed to reclaim your lost wildness and run free under the light of the moon? For centuries the legend of the "lycanthrope" (wolf-man) has been relegated to myths of hairy monsters roaming the forests or low-budget horror films. The truth behind the werewolf myth runs much deeper, however. Like his cousin the legendary witch, the werewolf or "shape-shifter" has its roots in the sacred mystical practices of our earliest ancestors. Join folklorist, storyteller and spiritual shape-shifter Christopher Rondina for an exploration of the role of mystical animal-warriors in Pagan history.

Running with the Moon - Part II: The Art of Spiritual Lycanthropy
Come howl with us! Cast aside your fears of wildness & travel into the deep primeval landscape of your own consciousness to encounter the beast within! In this session we will challenge modern views of feral or animalistic behavior, explore methods of practical shape-shifting and examine traditional shifting catalysts including moonlight, trances, ointments and talismans. Spiritual Lycanthropy invites us to reclaim our sacred connection to the earth by stepping out of our human skins and embracing the wild within! Attendance at Running with the Moon Part I suggested but not required. Loose or comfortable clothes highly recommended.

Ronn Walks With Fire - "Pele Ahi" in Hawaiian - has been a student and practitioner of Hawaiian and Micronesian Spirituality for a generation. He lived on the islands of Palau in Micronesia in 1976 and 1977 where he studied native rituals. Prior to that he lived in Nigeria and studied Hausa spirituality. He is a Priest in the Church of All Worlds and Priest of Spirit Weavers Church (a legally recognized Pagan church based in Toledo, Ohio). He has taught a number of workshops and seminars, translated rituals from other parts of the world, created new rituals by melding Micronesian spirituality into Neo-Pagan holiday celebrations and has performed as Priest in many large rituals across the nation. Ronn also hosts Spirit Weavers Beltane Festival, the First Descent (a personal spiritual initiation held each September), and several other overnight Fests at FireHeart in Toledo. Ronn will be working with the Church of all Worlds in presenting the Ritual of the Pomegranite on Friday Midnight.

Gods, Goddesses, Mortals, Sex & Drugs - Part 1
This workshop (Part 1) discusses various methods of aspecting Deity for enhancing sex magic, for allowing Deity to use one's body for sexual interactions with mortals or mortals aspecting another Deity. The personal emotional, spiritual and physical ramifications of aspecting Deity in sexual situations are explored. Other topics covered include ethics, benefits, detriments, repetition and long-term effects. Presented by Raven and Ronn Walks With Fire.

Gods, Goddesses, Mortals, Sex & Drugs - Part 2
This workshop (Part 2) discusses various methods of aspecting Deity while partaking of Entheogens. Details of the possible effects of aspecting Deity while enhanced will be shared. The personal emotional, spiritual and physical ramifications of aspecting Deity while augmented are explored. Other topics covered include ethics, benefits, detriments, repetition and long-term effects. Presented by Raven and Ronn Walks With Fire.

Gryphon Rosemead has been practicing the craft since the early 70's and has given Workshops and done Rituals at Four Quarters Farm, The Broken Gourd Circle, Spirit Quest, Celebrate the Circle and Church of the Earth over the last seven years in NC, WV, PA and GA. She is a High Priestess and an Elder and has earned a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and Masters in Education from the University of Georgia. She is Director of QuestSpecial Events and a member of the Board of Carolina Spirit Quest, Inc, has served on the CTC Steering Committee, contributes frequently to the CTC Newsletter and is the Workshop Coordinator for Pagan Pride Day in the triangle. Gryph currently teaches High School Agriculture in a small rural town and lives in a barn with her dogs, Othello and Iago and her cat, Grandmother. You may visit her website at

Elemental Workshop
We will be connecting with the Elements: Air, Fire, Water , Earth and Spirit and discovering how they have touched and formed us as well as how their special properties can help us in our life journey. Beliefs from several different Traditions will be discussed, followed by a guided meditation to meet a being of the Elements. Meditation bags will be made and empowered by the individuals concentrating on one or more Elemental aspects such as balance, joy, inspiration, love, sexuality, purification, forgiveness, purpose, prosperity. Participants are urged to come on time and bring their own knowledge and experiences about the Elements and particular tools and other items they associate with the Directions.

Mother Gaia and the Golden Web
We all feel isolated and powerless at times. Cut off from family and friends that do not understand us, we are very much alone. At the same time we may feel as if we do not have the ability to change our life; as if we do not matter in the general scheme of things. There is a deep well of power we can tap into, and always we are a valuable part of the sacred web. Touch your power and feel your interconnectedness with the help of Mother Gaia and the Golden Web.

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Joseph Rothenberg, R.N. is a Registered Nurse, an Ohio licensed professional counselor, and a bio-feedback technician. He holds degrees in Psychology and Political Science from Case Western Reserve University. A Co-Director and founder of ACE (and the Chameleon Club), Joseph has studied and presented workshops for over 17 years. (The panel discussion The Self in Transformation, featuring Joseph Rothenberg, is available from ACE.)

Interface: Hands-On Experience With Electronic Meditation Devices
A variety of light/sound and electrical stimulation devices will be available to examine and use. A brief explanation of this technology will be offered, followed by a discussion on artificially induced altered states of consciousness as a tool for art and communication.

Starwood Faerie Community Meeting
An open house for the gay community at Starwood; this is as much a social event as a goal-oriented one, with an opportunity for new people to meet one another and old friends to get together. The topic for discussion will be networking, and generating new programming of interest to the Starwood Faerie Community. If we can come out of this discussion with a method for communicating interests in speakers, workshops, and programs we will have met our goal.

The Annual Fabulous High Faerie Tea Party & Potluck
A Fabulous romp through wonderland in the Faerie woods. Join us for a spot of tea and strumpets... err, crumpets. Hosted by Darth Faerie and the Lake Circle Coven. Put on your best Faerie garb, (costumes are encouraged) polish your ruby slippers, grab a bag of chips and hightail it over to the Faerie community fire. Chat, meet, divine the future, or just be divine. All are welcome.

Wendy Rover (aka Zoom) is an herbalist, witch and woodbuster who has been saved by the dance! As one who has first hand been brought back from the underworld by drums and movement, she is committed to sharing the joy and healing potential of the traditional songs, dances and rhythms that have been passed on to her. Wendy has been involved in the Drum and Dance Community in Rochester, NY for the last 7 years and has danced and performed with Bush Mango Drum and Dance, studying with Colleen Hendrick, Michael Markus, M’baye Diagne and Anisha Hassan

West African Drum and Dance
Join Us and explore the songs, rhythms and traditional dances of Guinea, West Africa. Drums, movement and song are a means of communing with The Ancestors and with the Hidden in Ourselves. Evan Stuckless will teach the drum parts during the first half of this double workshop. Wendy will teach the songs and dances in the second half. We will be working on Jahleh-don, KuKu and more. All levels of dance experience welcome, or just come to watch and sing. Wear comfortable clothing and bring water to drink. Get ready for your Solo!

Rob Roy is Director of Earthwood Building School, specializing in cordwood masonry instruction since 1980. He is the author of ten books, including Complete Book of Cordwood Masonry Housebuilding: The Earthwood Method and Stone Circles: A Modern Builder s Guide to the Megalithic Revival. Rob and his wife Jaki have built four innovative cordwood homes since 1975, including Earthwood: a 2400 SF two-story round load-bearing cordwood home, earth-sheltered and earth-roofed, where they have lived for 20 years. They first visited Stonehenge in the 60s, built their first circle in 1977, and completed a major stone circle at Earthwood in 1987. The couple helped build the Stone Mountain Circle at the Center for Symbolic Studies near New Paltz in 1997, and raised two large stones at the 18-acre Columcille Megalithic Park near Bangor, PA; the first of the large megaliths at that site to be raised by hand. The Roys conducted a 4-day megalithic workshop in August of 2000, and another 5-day event at Earthwood in July of 2002, during which the major scheduled project was the erection of a 20-ton stone by hand, and Rob helped install the first two stones at the Dragonstones Circle in Surrey, U.K. They have taught cordwood masonry across North America, Chile, and New Zealand, and have helped dozens of owner-builders with their cordwood projects, including homes, saunas and outbuildings.

Cordwood Masonry Workshop
Cordwood Masonry is an easy, esthetic, low-cost, energy-efficient, and environmentally sound method of building walls for homes, saunas, or other buildings. During this workshop, students will learn basic cordwood theory, including estimating materials, what kinds of wood are best, and how long to dry them. Rob and Jaki will demonstrate the wall-building technique by laying up a dozen or so log-ends in a sample panel. Students will learn how to lay up the wood, insulate the walls, and point the mortar surface for strength and beauty.

Stone Circles: A Megalithic Workshop
The building of stone circles has been enjoying a revival during the past 20 years. More and more people are creating stone circles as meeting places and for ceremony, particularly in connection with earth-based spiritual tradition. In an illustrated lecture, instructor Rob Roy will discuss both ancient and modern circles, including siting, measure, geometry, astronomical alignments, and Earth energies. Slides, a short video, and models help illustrate this workshop, which focuses on how to raise large stones using only equipment which would have been available to the great stone circle builders five thousand years ago.

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