presents the 2002 starwood festival - july 23-28, 2002 - brushwood folklore center

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Morley Schloss has been a leader in the Naturist Movement for 25 years. He holds an AB in Social Relations from Harvard University, and an EdM in Education from Tufts University. He serves as the member of the Naturist Action Committee Board (formed to protect the right to be skyclad throughout North America) responsible for the Northeastern States,. He is a past President and government affairs chair of the Eastern Sunbathing Association and Naturist Rochester. A frequent contributor to Nude and Natural Magazine, published by The Naturist Society, Morley has been active gaining top-free equality for women. He is currently co-owner of Sunsport Gardens Nudist Resort in Florida

Skyclad Freedom
Being skyclad in the sun, air, and water can bring an incomparable feeling of freedom and relaxation. This overview of Naturism will explore the relationship between being skyclad and body acceptance, with some discussion of personal growth and rituals in the Naturist movement. Morley Schloss has lots of information on the availability of clothing optional beaches and resorts, and the ongoing battle against attacks on our right to be skyclad by the Radical Right. We will discuss where it is safe to be skyclad and for women to be top-free, and explore the role of the Naturist Action Committee in protecting skyclad rights - and how people can help.

Personal Growth and Relationship Games
Join in two exercises exploring relationships: 1. How do you want to feel in a relationship? Choices, Choices, Choices is a personal growth game to explore values in relationships. This exercise is lots of fun and may well enhance the quality of a current or future relationship. 2. What do women and men value in relationships? Are gender related stereotypes valid? Women And Men Are From Earth is a game which will encourage communication and understanding - and is likely to produce some surprises.

The Great Pudding Toss
There is a child in all of us. Have a wild, uninhibited time tossing chocolate pudding at each other. Be prepared to be coated with gooey pudding. (Skyclad participation suggested.) A gushy group hug is an option at the end. This event is great fun for both children and adults.

Lady Sheherazahde has been in the Craft since 1982 and is the founder of the Braided Wheel Tradition of Wicca. She holds a BA in Religion and Social Change from Empire State University. She was the Local Coordinator for the Goddess 2000 Project and a past Regional Coordinator for the Pagan Pride Project. She regularly lectures on Paganism and Witchcraft for college classes, church, and social groups. You may visit her web site at

Introduction to American Eclectic Wiccan Ritual
The Wiccan Ritual form varies from tradition to tradition but there is a common core that most traditions share. What is the basic form and why? Led by a Wiccan Priestess with a B.A. in Religion and Social Change and 20 years of experience in Wiccan beliefs and practices this workshop will provide a general introduction to the ritual form common in American eclectic Wiccan traditions. With an emphasis on standard variations and core similarities. This workshop is aimed at the absolute beginner but may interest the perennial lurker who just wants to know what is going on.

Wiccan Ritual For Large Groups
The Wiccan Ritual form was originally designed for small groups, but can be adjusted for large groups. Led by a Wiccan Priestess with 13 years of experience in community ritual, this workshop will provide a general introduction to large group Wiccan Ritual with examples of common problems and solutions, including standard variations the participant is likely to encounter in open rituals. This workshop is aimed at the absolute beginner, but may interest both the perennial lurker who just wants to know what is going on, and experienced ritual coordinators who want to share their experiences and their solutions.

Terry Sindar is a writer of Gothic/Pagan related fantasy, the author of the novel Goddess of thee Crucifixion, and a co- founder of the spiritual path "Thee Gothik Faerie Grove". He has written for Gothic, Fantasy, and Pagan magazines such as Specter Magazine, Bi-Luminescence, Through the Trees, NOX, and Shadowdance. Terry is a Reiki Master and holds a Golden Sash in Gung Fu, and practices healing combining Reiki and Shiatsu massage. He works professionally as a music therapist, and is a founding member of several bands. He plays bass, percussion (Eastern, East Indian, and North African Rhythms), and presently plays Celtic/Mediterranean Gypsy fiddle with Dragonfly Reel. Watch for him as the Wandering Minstrel at Starwood this year.

Remember the Goddess
This class focuses on how we, as we design and employ our pagan rituals, drumming,
and discussion sessions, need to remember that the Goddess-female must be kept alive in all of us, both male and female. We must not just recognize the existence of a Goddess, but begin to cultivate the Goddess in all of us, moving away from the past imbalance where hierarchy, competition and aggression has power over compassion, listening, cooperation and intimacy.

Astral Travel Through Lucid Dreaming & Cyberspace
Having being ill for a time with CFIDs and being stuck in bed a lot, Terry has found it necessary to learn to make his dreams lucid, as a tool to help him to confront fears, travel to sanctuaries, work with spirit guides & astral friends and loves. The internet is a type of astral plane, and helps in learning to connect with others not only in cyberspace but in lucid dreams. All of these possibilities and techniques used by shamans of various cultures and in modern psychology will be discussed, as well as techniques for lucid dreaming.

sure you want to turn back now?

R.U. Sirius is best known as the original Editor-in-chief of MONDO 2000, the world's first technozine. He is lead vocalist and theoretician for MONDO VANILLI (the first Virtual Reality Band), and one of the few authentic fake media cyberpunks living today. His write-in candidacy for President of the United State on behalf of The Revolution Party in 2000 was covered by dozens of media outlets. He has authored or co-authored nine books including The Revolution: Quotations from Revolution Party Chairman R.U. Sirius, Design for Dying (with Timothy Leary), and How to Mutate and Take Over the World and Cyberpunk Handbook: The Real Cyberpunk Fake Book with former MONDO 2000 Senior Editor St. Jude. He has written for periodicals ranging from Time and Esquire to Boing bOING and Fringeware and is currently writing for Rolling Stone and working on Countercultures Through the Ages: From Abraham to Acid House for Villard/Random House.

Alternative Politics and Powerlessness
A critical examination of the political assumptions and strategies employed by countercultural types. Has anything changed since 9/11? Can counterculture exert political influence and become a counterweight to the Christian right? We'll talk about anarchist subcultures, conspiracy theory, anti-globalization protests, and the big distinctions between dissent and self-government.

Timothy Leary in the 1970s
The imprisonment. The revolution. The FBI compromise. Neuropolitics. Tim Leary's persecution and misadventures in the 1970s signified "the death of the sixties," but it was also the beginnings of something else. To the best of my ability, I will try to convey the complicated narrative of Leary's underground life and his subsequent interactions with the FBI, and how it all gave birth to his Neuropolitical philosophy

Ron Slabe has been using electronics to make sound since the late 1970's. He has been burning things and blowing things up for considerably longer. He has done extensive work with the performance art community in Cleveland, and performed music solo and in various collaborations in a variety of venues both conventional and unconventional. He has done the Starwood Island Show since 1991, and will hit just about anything to find out what it sound like.

This year, Ron and Pyrosonic present Retrospecter

Mary Jo Smiley (AKA Anomie) is a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist who has been practicing this modality for over two years. A longtime friend of ACE and the Chameleon Club, she was introduced to Myotherapy in 1985 and, after years of informal study and exploration, obtained formal training and certification at The Acadamy for Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy in Pittsburgh, PA.

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy
Myofascial pain and dysfunction is a very common cause of chronic pain. It usually goes undiagnosed by most doctors. The usual treatment is rest and NSAIDs or other pain medications, physical therapy and sometimes even surgery. None of these are the proper treatment for myofascial pain, and all of them may damage the body. We will learn how to recognize myofascial pain and how to treat some of the more common complaints that interfere with the quality of life of so many people.

Stretch Yourself Out of Pain
A stretch workshop utilizing the specific stretches used by Janet Travell MD to reeducate the affected dysfunctional muscles that cause the pain pattern. We will go over some of the more common pain causing muscles, then look at some of the specific problems that the participants have. Wear comfortable loose clothing.

Chas Smith holds a Master's Degree in Music from Cleveland State University, where his class "Roots of Rock, Soul and American Grassroots Culture" is the largest-attendance class offered (over 200 each quarter). He is the author of From Woodstock to the Moon: The Cultural Evolution of Rock Music. His studies focus on composition, ethnomusic and electro-acoustics, and he has also given a lecture series for the Cleveland Clinic advocating alternative ideas in music therapy. He's been an avid proponent for exploring alternative ideas in music therapy, and a strong advocate of bringing the musical arts and science together in academic environments. He directs and plays keyboards, bass and theremin for Einstein's Secret Orchestra, and has programmed ESO Swamp Radio at WCSB 89.3 FM in Cleveland since 1987. Read a recent newspaper article about the irrepressible Mr. Smith from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Space Trance Three
The third installment of the Space Trance series, led by Professor Chas Smith from Cleveland State University, this workshop explores the connections between science and spirituality. The workshop is half lecture/discussion of science, music, community and spirituality and their connections to each other and us, and half music performance/guided meditation. Why do we have music? Is it a connection to the Awareness of the Universe as well as to each other? WHERE is it written in us that we MUST have music in our lives? In our memories? Our DNA? Or maybe even as deep as our atomic structure. We wouldn't die without it, like water and air and food, but yet there has never been an study of any human culture that did not have music. Why? OK, now shift gears to the hot topics in physics today: like quantum uncertainty and Super String Theory. We are in a very real sense a way for the Universe to know itself; and what's the connection? What's the phone line made of? What's the shimmy shimmy shake of Lifeforce? Well, if SST is true (always differentiate scientifically proven stuph from theory stuph) then the answer has a lot to do with vibration or, if you will, (shhhh) music; our guide to paths of deeper understanding of our connection to e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. From music we came, To music we shall return.

Finding Your Voice
An improvisation master class workshop, with founding member and music director of Einstein's Secret Orchestra Chas Smith. Explores the connections between community and music, as well as improvisation techniques and ideas. How to listen to others while finding your place in the music is the strong focus of this workshop. Bring musical instruments of any sort and become a part of the orchestra that meets only once a year, or just come and listen and dance to the music.

you're approaching the half way mark...

SONA are a new and entertaining pagan and mystical-celtic-folk-rock group influenced by various folk and rock artists. (Janic, Bela Fleck, Vassar Clements…)!!! SONA met as if by magick at Starwood two years ago…and have traveled extensively since. They have played at Heartland, PSG, CMA Beltane, Dragon Dance, PPD Events in Austin, Houston and Dallas and are currently engaged in a country wide tour this summer, starting in Indy. SONA are a trio of diverse sounds…one must hear them to understand.

Playing Through the Sounds of Soul
A joyous jam led by Joe Credit and members of SONA, for adults and kids alike. Bring your drums, guitars, stringed instruments, maracas, pens and parchment and prepare to have a splendid time creating some excellent music!! Bring something to sit on too…tuffets are fine!

Abbi Spinner has been a teacher, healer, and performer of music, hand-drumming, dance and magic for over 15 years. She has studied with master drummers and dancers from West Africa and North America, and facilitated drum circles and workshops across New England and throughout the Southeast. She has performed with Mothertongue, Circle Skin & Bone, and Rhythm Alive, is a member of the dynamic women's percussion ensemble, Sister Adsum, and a recording artist and lead singer for Zingaia, a top selling world fusion group operating out of Las Vegas (their new cd Dancers of Twilight is in stores now!). A Priestess of the Family of Fire, and a highly skilled FireDance facilitator, she enjoys working with her husband, Jeff McBride, as assistant, dancer and live music director, and has released the ACE tape Songs From the Center of the Sacred Circle with him. She practices the art of levitation in her spare time.

The Magic of the Fire Circle (see under Jeff "Magnus" McBride)

Rev. Ivan Stang co-sub-founded The SubGenius Foundation in 1980, and has authored 4 books about The Church of the SubGenius and fringe beliefs, including The Book of the SubGenius, Revelation X, and High Weirdness by Mail. Since 1985 he has produced the syndicated "Hour of Slack" radio show, and has preached the word of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs at hundreds of stage shows. Recent projects include a role playing SubGenius game with Steve Jackson Games, and a new documentary video, "X-Day 1998" (a follow-up to the award winning SubGenius video, "ARISE"). The Church of the SubGenius carved out a niche for itself on the Internet, where Stang now resides You may also read Stangs typically lurid account of last years Starwood.

Code Name: Infinite Slack
The Ten Year War on World Slack grinds on. The High Officers of the Fatherland Homestead Security Company™ have decreed that YOU are at the center of a Conspiracy of Slack. Are you? When the cultural gestalto asks you for your papers, will you resist? When you pull the wool over your own eyes, are you really then more free, or simply deeper in hock to "Bob"? Rev. Ivan Stang from the Church of the SubGenius will address these burning questions. Musician-surgeons from the Einstein's Secret Outlaws Operating Theater will be standing by to deprogram any audience members who might react badly to the innoculation.

See Stang overperform in the Pufferdome on Friday Night accompanied by ESO.

Brahm Stuart de Usoz has spent many years performing Celtic music both in Europe and the U.S. He learned to play the fiddle, tin whistle, and bodhran (Celtic frame drum) in the magical mountains of the Berea peninsula in southwest Ireland. He now heads the musical group Shaman and performs regularly for the Irish and Pagan communities in northeast U.S.

Numbers, Melody, Forms, Consciousness (Mind-bending Methods of Modulating Madness)
Brahm will share his unique view of paridigms by/in which everyone and everything may be said to correlate and exist. Combining number magic and notions of "emptyness" and "how it is'ness" gleaned from music and our collective knowledge, Brahm will strive to engage our creative imagination. Music, song and dance are incorporated with participatory segways and performance demonstrations. Feel free to bring an open mind and/or any musical instrument.
- Two workshops, same theme, different angles. Participants are invited to attend either or both sessions

halfway, you're on your own from here on out

Evan Stuckless has been a multi-instrumentalist composer / performer / teacher for over 20 years. From African to Zydeco, Bluegrass to Funk, Evan has studied and played traditional and urban roots-music in many styles. For nearly 10 years, he has been learning culture-specific traditional rhythms and incorporating them with third-shift improv energy. His numerous Starwood appearances include performances with the African band Djoliba, Blue Eustice, and the World/Groove band BuddhaHood, among others. He is often seen strolling the Brushwood grounds with a loud button-contraption strapped to his chest.

Deconstructing Polyrhythms
What is a polyrhythm? How do you play a polyrhythm? Would you recognize one if it walked up and kissed you on the lips? In this workshop, you will learn about the different types of polyrhythms through discussion and performed examples. We will cover alternate meter, polymeter, and polyrhythms, including the ever-exciting clave. Bring a drum, shaker or bell and play along, or simply listen and watch.

Polyrhythms for Melodic Instruments
Bring your guitars, fiddles, flutes, harps, voices or other instruments for an interactive workshop on polyrhythms including alternate meter, polymeter, polyrhythms, and the elusive clave. With voice and instrument we will play through examples of each. You will learn techniques for incorporating these rhythms into your own composition and improvisations.

West African Drum and Dance
With Wendy Zoom Rover.

Tom Swiss describes his spiritual path as "Zen Pagan Taoist Atheist Discordian", which usually baffles questioners enough to leave him alone. He is a karate student and teacher, holding the rank of sandan (third degree black belt); also a poet, a musician, a Reiki master, a philosopher, and a full-time computer hacker.

Zen Paganism
Since its beginnings 2,500 years ago, Buddhism has existed with, borrowed from, and lent to poly- and pan-theistic paths including Hinduism, Taoism, Shinto, and Bon. We will discuss the basic tenets of Buddhism (mostly from a Zen perspective) and how they might be integrated with Neo-Pagan practice, and do a few mindfulness meditation exercises.

Self-Defense as a Spiritual Practice
You are a manifestation of the divine, a child of the God and Goddess. That makes you a being worth defending; yet our culture's confused attitudes about violence, plus the self-esteem issues faced by many people in the pagan community, often obscure the fact that self-defense is also defense of the divine principle within all of us. In this workshop we will try to cut through the fog and discuss attitudes and skills to preserve not just your body, but your divine nature. Mostly discussion, but if time permits we may practice a few simple techniques.

The Sword That Gives Life
A discussion of the concepts of the "peaceful warrior" and "the sword that gives life", and of the martial arts as a path to spiritual development. Intended both for the novice and the master practitioner of both Eastern and Western arts, or even for the curious without experience.

Ray Tomlin Ray Tomlin has been studying Psionics since 1989 with an emphasis in Energy Manipulation, Empathy, and Clairvoyance, and has practiced professional psychic counseling since 1996. He has given numerous workshops on Psychic Self-Defense and on Basic Psychic Development. He is currently working on becoming a Jewelry Artist. Ray is a member of the Faerie Woods, and working on becoming a member of the Sacred Dancers Guild.

Basic Psychic Skills
Learn how to ground, center, and tune into your intuition. Get a basic understanding of terms, and what psychic skills are and how to develop them. Other topics to be covered are empathy, psychometry, clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Psychic Self-Defense
This is the MUST TAKE workshop! If you practice any form of psychic skills or anything dealing with the occult, you open yourself up to influences on those levels, and become vulnerable. You need to know how to protect your self. We will demonstrate as many techniques as time allows, from mundane physical techniques to the construction of different kinds of Psychic Shields.

Advanced Psionics
This is a forum for students of psionics to share theory, questions, and maybe some answers. We will discuss advanced techniques involved with psychic skills. Examples are: TK (telekinesis), Telepathy, Teleportation, Astral Travel, Bi-Location, Levitation, Remote Viewing, etc. Bring your questions, and be willing to participate in an open discussion!

David Turner has been drumming and teaching for the past decade. He teaches a very eclectic range of students from troubled teenagers and mentally challenged adults, to a Mormon youth group. He has performed with people such as Alpha Yaya Diallo and Troutfishing in America. With an emphasis on basic rhythm and respect to the other players, he's trying to get people to play less notes and create a good groove.

Drumming For Beginners
In this workshop we will go over basic hand techniques, learn some basic drum rhythms for a drum circle and go over some basic drum circle etiquette. This is a workshop for any level drummer.

Ritual Drumming For Beginners
We will learn some basic drum parts that can be played together by any beginner in a ritual situation. We will see how just two or three drummers working together can create the right atmospere for a ritual no matter what their drumming level.

Daniella BlueStar WaterHawk has gained much insight to the mysteries of the world on her walk through this Spiritual and physical journey. Blending her studies in many varied philosophies, disciplines and university degrees, she has created her own eclectic Spiritual Path. She is in partnership with Don WaterHawk who has blessed her in teaching her his artform, weaving her own creativity into the work. She sits in the Ohana
Circle of Changlings.

Don "Two Eagles" WaterHawk, Tsalagi-Mesquakie & German by heritage, is a Red Feather Brother of the Wolf-Clan and a Spiritual Walker. An artist, craftsman, photographer, Carver of the Pipe, Council facilitator and Sharer, Don sits on the Ohana Circle of Changlings.

The Tsalagi Dance of Life
This is a workshop centered around the Seven Directional Ancient Medicine Dance from the Tsalagi (Cherokee) People. The movement is much like Tai Chi, and uses the seven directions and the lessons of the Eagle and the Owl. Don will be aided by Daniella Bluestar in teaching this workshop. This dance shows how to share energies with the seven directions for the healing of all things in the universe. Not strenuous at all. Wear loose clothing or come skyclad, and bring water to drink if it is hot. The Dance of Love will be taught to couples during the same workshop. (Please do not come to this class under the influence.)

Drum Council
We invite drummers, dancers and fire keepers to sit in a council to discuss ethics, integrity and responsibility of the fire as it shines towards the community. We will explore the Spitiuality of the four-quarter circle as they sit within our fire circle. Fire keepers bring your matches, dancers bring your veils, drummers bring your drums, and community bring your voice and ears. We will awaken or birth any new or young drums as we share the heartbeat within the universe. This is not a workshop on rhythms or beats, but a council of the heart in regards to our sacred fire circle. Please bring something to sit on and plenty to drink.

Alex Wedmedyk, G.S. is a craftsman, jewelry designer, drummaker, and drummer. He is a member of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge and a co-founder of Earth Rhythm, offering experiential workshops, special events, and annual gatherings that promote the unity of all things. Earth Rhythm empowers others to awaken the healer within and to carry the message of oneness into their personal life walk.

You and Your Drum: Finding and Caring for the RIGHT Drum
This workshop is for anyone who has or is considering obtaining a personal drum. Alex will share helpful hints on how to select the drum that's right for you. They will give instructions on preventative maintenance and "first aid" measures you can take to keep your drum in good shape, and some tips on the care and repair of sick drums. This class will be held as the first part of the Afrikan Drum Making Workshop: please consult Alex about materials costs if you plan to bring a drum to be repaired.

Afrikan Drum Making Workshop
(5 hrs. 1st day, 4 hrs. 2nd. (Large Ashiko $225; Djembes Small $325; Large $350) This two day workshop begins with a ceremony to remind us of our connection to our Source and to honor the gifts from the Earth that will become our drums. Then you will craft your own Ashiko or Djembe drum to completed form. This includes choosing your own natural wood drum shell, selection of fabric and hide, complete assembly, and a lesson in making "diamonds" to keep the drum head tight and tuned. All drums will come with a heavy fabric belt strap to wear when playing. Class limited to ten.

Drum Making and repair Workshops: Contact Alex & Joy Wedmedyk by July 1st at 330.273.6260 or for workshop & materials fees to make Djembe & Ashiko Drums (large or small) and Hoop drums.

Joy Wedmedyk is a cofounder of Earth Rhythm Drums and Workshops, and a member of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge. She is a drummaker, dancer, a minister, and a visionary and artist in ritual ceremonies of the Heart. On a spiritual quest for over 30 years, she has studied with indigenous people of the Americas and Africa and is deeply connected to the elements of the Earth and to the Ancestors. She sees the Creator in everyone she meets and in all things. Joy inspires others to make the journey home and find the center of their being, enabling them to touch the fire and passion of their loving heart.

Hoop Drum Making
Walk with others on a sacred path and create your own deer rawhide medicine drum. In this workshop you will craft your own drum start to finish, along with a leather covered beater. We will begin with a ceremony to remind us of our connection to our source, and conclude with a blessing ceremony to honor the drums and our own medicine. This is a two-day workshop, all materials included $110 fee.

Edge Beading
Have you always wanted to add that special touch to a medicine pouch, altar cloth or ritual clothing? This class teaches basic edge beading and fringe techniques with variations customized to your skill level.

Drum Making and repair Workshops: Contact Alex & Joy Wedmedyk by July 1st at 330.273.6260 or for workshop & materials fees to make Djembe & Ashiko Drums (large or small) and Hoop drums.


Sheri Winston CNM, BSN, RN, RN is a Certified Nurse-Midwife, Womancare Practitioner, Womancraft Teacher, Nurse, Health and Sexuality Educator, Woman's Health Issues Counselor, Massage Therapist, writer and artist. She provides wholistic gynecological health consultations, works as a Clinician for Planned Parenthood, and teaches classes and workshops on women's bodies, their health and sexuality.

Honoring the Moontime: a Celebration of Red Power, Menstrual Traditions, Ceremony & Wisdom
This program begins with an overview of female anatomy, the physiology of menstruation and the Medicine Wheel of the female fertility cycle. From an honoring and celebratory perspective, healthy options for dealing with menstruation and any attendant problems are discussed. A positive outlook on the wondrous abilities and functions of the female body is stressed throughout. A cross-cultural perspective presents women with the idea that their bodies are sacred and that their blood and cycles are magical and potent.

Introduction to Wholistic Sexuality (Adults only)
Wholistic Sexuality is a new paradigm that creates a model of sexuality that really works for both men and women, helping to cultivate a healthy, vital and satisfying sexuality. The class includes easy exercises, movement, imagery and sound. Learn how to enhance awareness, amplify sensation, and work with sexual energy. A "clothes on, hands off" workshop.

sade wolfkitten holds a degree in Production and Performance through CSU's First College, and is a past member of the theatre troupe The Subliminals. A fifteen-year member of the neo-Pagan community, she has hosted a Pagan radio show for over 4 years, produced a short film on neo-Paganism, developed kids' programming for a major festival, and is self-publishing a book of Earth-friendly children's activities. See her classes under thee Terri Sindar.

Billy Woods is a Drum Instructor from Boulder, Colorado, and has been drumming for over 35 years. He is a Taoist and a teacher of Qi Gung (an internal meditational exercise form) and has been an ethnic percussionist performing and recording New Music for Dance for the past 16 years. He is part of the percussion performance ensemble Seeds of Time. (His band can be heard on the tapes Street Drumming Live at Starwood and Seeds of Time Live at Starwood, available from ACE.

Chi Kung Exercises Pt. I & II
The practice of Chi Kung, developed in China over a period of centuries, increases the level of internal vitality through the use of the breath, slow movement forms which are often based on movements in nature or of animals, and visualization patterns related to the oriental system of energy meridians in the body. This particular form, the Tao Tan Pai or Taoist Elixir Style, is based in the teachings of Grand Master Share K Lew of San Diego, Ca., who studied for 14 yrs. as a resident monk at the Wong Lung Guan (Yellow Dragon) Temple in Canton, China. He has been teaching since coming to America in 1949.
Part I will involve the beginning set of Nui Gung, a short power set of five relatively easy movements along with quiet seated meditation, to maintain good health and increase vitality. Part II will utilize the Shen exercises which help develop Chi energy, improve visual focus, and promote self-healing. Part I is a pre-requisite for Part II.

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart co-founded the Church of All Worlds in 1962. Incorporated in 1968, CAW became the first Neo-Pagan church to obtain full Federal recognition in the US. First to apply the terms "Pagan" and "Neo-Pagan" to the newly emerging Nature Religions of the 1960s, and through his publication of the Green Egg (1968-1975; 1988-96), Oberon was instrumental in the coalescence of the Neo-Pagan movement. In 1970, Oberon formulated and published the thealogy of deep ecology which has become popularly known as The Gaia Thesis. Now in a 6-person group marriage, the Ravenhearts, Oberon is creating devotional statues for the Mythic Images Collection and working on a book to be titled TheaGenesis: The Birth of the Goddess.

A Bouquet of Lovers: Polyamory for Pagans
Oberon and Morning Glory have had a successful open marriage for over 28 years, and have been in group marriages for over half of that time (currently in a group of six-The Ravenhearts). Morning Glory coined the term "polyamory" to describe such relationships. This is a special salon-style workshop for individuals and multiples seeking to explore the possibilities of polyamory. Those who have read Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land (1961 version) or Donald Kingsbury's Courtship Rite (1982) will have excellent background. Handouts will be available for $1.

40 Years in the Pagan Movement
Oberon first shared water in 1962, beginning the 40-year odyssey of the Church of All Worlds. First to apply the terms "Pagan" and "Neo-Pagan" to the newly emerging Nature Religions of the 1960s, and through his publication of the Green Egg (1968-1975; 1988-'96), Oberon was instrumental in the coalescence of the Neo-Pagan movement. There are few people now living who have been so actively involved in the Pagan community for so long, or had so great an influence. Here Oberon presents his personal perspective on the history of modern Paganism over these past four decades, discusses some current issues, and projects visions for our Pagan future. Much of this presentation will be responding to questions from the audience, so if there's anything you'd like to ask him, here's your chance!

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