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Starwood Festival XXIII 22-27 July 2003 - Sherman, NY

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Not good with maps or directions? Maybe this will help...

Take Interstate 86 to Sherman (exit 6). Once off the exit ramp, head North on 76.Continue until you hit 430 (Main Street in Sherman). Pictured here to the left about a half a block before you get to it.
Go to the west end of Main St. (State Route 430 pictured above) to County Rd. 15 (beside the Ford dealer). Oops, it's not a Ford dealer anymore, it's whatever the building in the lefthand picture below is...

Turn left. Go south 3 miles on County Rd. 15 to Bailey Hill Rd.

Turn right (The Brushwood sign at CR15 and Bailey Hill Road is in the lefthand picture and indicates where to go...). Brushwood is 1 mile down Bailey Hill Rd. on the left.
When you see the view depicted in the lefthand picture above, REJOICE, for you are there. Don't forget to check in with registration when you arrive.

Brushwood Contact

Brushwood Address: 8881 Bailey Hill Rd., Sherman NY 14781

Contact Information: Brushwoods phone: 716-761-6750,

Brushwood should only be contacted for emergencies and "on the road" directions clarifications.


last updated 6/03/03