Starwood Festival XXIII 22-27 July 2003 - Sherman, NY

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Rev. Bleepo Abernathy

Bill Kates is a certified SubGenius Pagan and Chameleon, raised in the woods of Lower Westchester county, NY by his dog Flapjack and his understanding family. A radio veteran, musician, and actor with more than a quarter century of experience (which he sees in cosmic terms as "no time at all"), he has collaborated with artists ranging from The Firesign Theater to Terry Gilliam. While not producing, editing, or performing, he exacts his revenge on the normals with his surrealistic humor and innovative ideas. He resides in Brooklyn with his partner Alley and their rabbits.

Instant Surrealist Theater

Unhinge your "inner performer"! Participants of this workshop will write and perform a genuine short Surrealist Play, through theatrical and musical improvisation, trance work, portions of the Grotowski method, and sheer, brazen, theatrical trickery. Musicians, poets, actors, and artists, showoffs or wannabees of any nature are encouraged to let this be their opportunity to fully exploit the abnormality of their choice whilst keeping their minds open to every aspect of those around them.


Tattoo is the ancient and deeply symbolic art of personal transformation. When it comes to symbol, image, and energy, Abraham is an artist with a deft hand and a magic touch. Whether working at his Binghamton NY studio The Shaman’s Den or on the road and ‘between the worlds’ as Dancing Bull Tattoo, Abraham brings attention and intention, to the work he refers to as ‘A Healing of Art’. Abraham is a ritual drummer, a Reiki master, an apprentice goldsmith, and a performing artist with the funky tribal fusion band The Bardos.

A Healing of Art: The Tattoo

Seeking to raise awareness of our bodies as temples with a keen desire to decorate, Abraham talks about the magical and healing art of the tattoo. Exploring the history, culture and significance of this transformative art form, he will speak on the Five Questions of getting a tattoo. Come ready to share your experiences or ask questions as the session will end with an open discussion on this Healing of Art we call, the Tattoo.

The Ritual Tattoo
People, especially those on a spiritual path, are looking for a magical, transformative experience that will not only help achieve the goal of the magic they are trying to work, but will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Few things can achieve this like a tattoo done with intent. Together we will explore the boundaries of how tattoo and ritual can be an effective tool for many of us. A discussion of ways and means will be followed by and actual ritual tattoo. Come ready to learn and participate. Drums, percussion, musical instruments, voices and a willingness to hold space are welcome.

Peg Aloi

Peg Aloi has an MFA in English and teaches Film Studies at Emerson College. She has also taught a course on witchcraft in film and literature at Tufts. She has presented or published academic papers on topics related to paganism and the occult in the fields of travel writing, Celtic literature, film, and
cultural studies. She is currently co-editing an anthology on paganism in the US and UK with a British colleague. She has been the Media Coordinator for The Witches Voice since its inception in 1996. She is a film critic for the Boston Phoenix and has published articles in various magazines on topics ranging from aromatherapy to witchcraft, is a published poet and fiction writer, and won an international poetry prize last summer. A practicing witch for fifteen years, and an activist in the community for nearly as long, Peg has never tried to hide her lifestyle in academic environments, but this has not always been an easy path.

Witches in the Ivory Tower: Pagan Belief and Practice in the Academic Community (co-presented with Skip Clark) A great many professional academics are practicing witches, pagans, druids, etc. but many have felt it necessary to be "broom-closeted" where their jobs are concerned. In recent years, paganism and the occult have become increasingly legitimized as academic research topics (witness the success of the writings of Professor Ronald Hutton, for example). But academics still are wary of admitting their personal involvement in the very communities they write about. The line of separation between K-12 educators and the significance of their personal spiritual practices is clearly drawn; but what of higher education, an atmosphere which normally encourages instruction that draws upon the personal experiences of teachers? This workshop will explore the issues facing pagan academics,and encourage discussion and sharing of anecdotes from others. Academics and educators encouraged to attend but all are welcome. This workshop is led by two professors; one the head of the history department at a southern university; the other a lecturer in film studies at a media arts college in the Northeast.


Björnsál is a group of five heathen women from the Northeast who met during an oracular seidh workshop led by Hrafnar Kindred. In setting up a working group of their own, Catheryn Burke, Denise Cruci, Victorria Johnson, Patricia Lafayllve and Lisa Tonner collectively have drawn on their extensive experience from Asatru, Wiccan and Neo-Pagan traditions. Björnsál has facilitated private spae sessions for pagan groups in NYC and upstate NY, and at last year's Starwood participated in the Oracular Seidh Three Norns Ritual led by Diana Paxson. They will also be leading a spae session for East Coast Thing 2003 in September.

Ritual: In the old Icelandic sagas, a spaekona was a woman who 'saw' or 'divined' either good fortune or famine for the survival of the community. In today's heathen ritual setting, using core shamanistic practices, trained seeresses will journey among the nine worlds connected by Yggdrasil looking for the answers to the questions asked by our modern kin.

Isaac Bonewits

Isaac Bonewits is one of North America's leading experts on Druidism, Witchcraft and the rapidly growing Earth Religions movement. A practicing Neopagan priest, scholar, teacher, bard and polytheologian for over thirty years, he has coined much of the vocabulary and articulated many of the issues that have shaped the Neopagan community in the United States and Canada. He holds the only accredited degree ever given in Magic (U.C.Berkeley), and is a founder and Archdruid Emeritus of Ar nDraiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). He is the author of the classic Real Magic, of Authentic Thaumaturgy, and of the recently released book Witchcraft: A Concise Guide. Currently, he is the Senior Executive Editor of Earth Religions Press.

Top-Down Ritual Design

From the arcane art of computer programming comes a whole new approach to the equally arcane art of creating effective ceremonies: “top-down ritual design.” In this fascinating workshop, meant for moderately experienced ritualists, Isaac will discuss the many uses that a computer programming metaphor can have for ritual design. He’ll show how general problem solving techniques can be applied to the complexities of ceremony, and demonstrate how the top-down approach can be used to modify successful rituals from the past into effective future ones.

Bardism 101: Effective Use of Poetry, Chants and Music in Ritual
These three tools can make or break a ritual in terms of generating and focussing the psychological, and therefore the psychic, energies of the participants. Isaac provides an interesting and amusing introduction to the use of these and other performance arts in ritual, including the composition and use of repeating patterns to reinforce cosmological and polytheological concepts, as well as the infamous, “Generic Pagan Chant!”

Muruga Booker

Muruga Booker is a percussionist with an incredible list of credits, from jazz to rock, world beat to techno-rave. He started drumming in Detroit in the mid 50s, playing with such legends as John Lee Hooker and Junior Wells, and with Jim & Jean on their albums Changes and People World in the early 60s. When he played with Tim Harden at Woodstock, he met Swami Satchidananda and began a three-decade quest in Sida/Kundalini Yoga, touring with Swami Muktananda and Ram Das, and eventually attaining the titles of Nada Yogi and Go Swami. He played with Paul Winter Consort on Something Wild in the Wind in '68, at Carnegie Hall with the Brubeck Generation in '71, and replaced Airto with Weather Report to record Sweet Nighter in '73. In the 80s he recorded several albums with George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars, and produced trance-drumming records with Prem Das. In the 90s, he was part of Merl Saunder's Rainforest Band, recording with Jerry Garcia, did a CD with Babatunde Olatunji and Sikiru called Cosmic Rhythm Vibrations, and played with his own band, The Global Village Ceremonial Band, featuring ex-Big Brother guitarist James Gurley.

Kundalini Yoga and Nada Yoga Drum Workshop
Muruga will lecture on aspects of Kundulini and Nada yoga (the inner divine sound) and will intergrate hatha yoga streching and breathing to achieve health and maximum relaxation for better drumming and musical expression. Kundulini is the inner conscious uncreated energy of creation and Nada is the sound of the energy. Muruga will lead people through tapping into their Kundulini and Nada energy and take this into trance drumming and breathing and chanting which brings about spontaneous Kundalini experience leading to better health, creativity, and cosmic oneness of being. Drums and percussion will be provided BUT people are encouraged to bring their own drums if they have them.

Jim Barleycorn Brewster

Jim Barleycorn Brewster is a scientist, multi-instrumental musician, and longtime festival-goer with years of experience playing and dancing on the edge. He's a musical jack-of-all-trades, starting with the trumpet in grade school and moving to guitar and various stringed things, djembe and other percussion, didgeridoo, pennywhistle, recorder, and flute.
A founding member of the Bardic Bardos, Jim has also been part of Green Crown and currently plays and sings with KIVA. He has made guest appearances with Seeds of Time, Vicki Ganger, and Owain Phyfe, just to name a few. He has long been interested in the history and cross-fertilization of musical styles and the relationship of artistic expression to social, cultural, and spiritual conditions.

Gettin' Down with the Goddess: The Sacred Heart of Secular Music

What is it about music that moves bodies and souls? Why has it always made patriarchs and fundamentalists so uneasy? Who was really moving Elvis's pelvis? We'll explore these questions and more as we discuss the role of secular music and dance in keeping the Goddess alive during repressive times. Other possible topics include altered states through sound and movement, rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic ideas, and the balance between discipline and inspiration in any artistic pursuit. Depending on how the spirit moves us, we could end with a "sacred jam session," so bring drums or other instruments if you like.

Angela Brownfield

Angela Brownfield is a certified hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and works with a leading New York hypnosis center. She is an initiate of the Shadowfolk tradition of witchcraft and a member of the Strangers'Gate Coven in the Temple of the Spiral Path. She is also an avid scrapbooker and craftsperson.

Discover the Power of Hypnosis:
Learn how to use the power of mind for self-improvement and actualization. You will learn self-hypnosis techniques and experience a group trance as Angela leads you through journey of the mind.

Scrapbooking your Book of Shadows: Have a pile of pictures and ritual outlines you haven't done anything with? Come to this course and discover how learning to scrapbook can enhance your magical record keeping. Bring pictures of an event or ritual, or a description of a spell you've done. We will combine mementos, photos, journaling, and creative touches to create a scrapbook page to insert into your Book of Shadows. Please bring $5 for supplies.

Carol Lee Callen

Carol Lee Callen has a M.S. in Oriental Medicine. She has psychic/mediumship certifications from The Church of the Living Spirit and The Trilogy Institute, both in Lily Dale, N.Y., America's largest spiritualist camp, where she lived for five years. Carol has worked for many years as an intuitive counselor, transformational breathwork facilitator and teacher of reiki , hatha yoga and qi-gong. She has authored two instructional tapes; "Awakening the Flow of Qi" and "Self-Hypnosis for Stress Management". She currently has a private practice of chinese herbology and acupuncture in Santa Fe, N.M.

Awakening the Flow of Qi: Using breath, concentration, visualization, and easy movement, you can learn to control and strengthen your life force. In this class, you will be introduced to ancient techniques of pranayama and qi-gong for centering your consciousness, clearing your chakras and starting to awaken your flow of Qi. These exercises are simple to learn yet can lead to profound spiritual insight and enhanced well-being.

The Intuitive Touch: Healers of all kinds naturally use thier intuition as well as thier particular healing knowlege to identify disease patterns and treatment protocols. Reclaim your innate healing ability and learn to fine-tune your intuition. This hands-on workshop will offer you specific exercises that you will apply to give an aura balancing treatment and relaxing massage while balancing your own energy. All levels of experience welcome.

The Craft of Psychic Readings: Just as a musician must learn the craft of his art and practice it, so must a psychic reader. Part qi-gong and part performance art, giving good intuitive readings has more to do with sincere desire to help and dedicated practice than innate talent. In this workshop, you will be introduced to key practices that will allow your natural ability to come forward.

Rev. Ursula Carrie

I come from the ways of the Mother, the Bitch, the Green Witch. These teachings come to me through the Oral Tradition from many teachers whom I Love and Trust. I offer them in the Name of the Mother for all who would receive them, for my health and all of yours. Da Nayho! Blessed Be.

Green Witching: The Sacred Art of Nourishment
Nourish and tonify, build Chi, nourish each cell as it grows. Let go,let die and build anew. Add onto the picture of the whole. Wholly holy. Ah, the compassion of the Wise Woman, the wise healer within. Can you feel Her? Let us come together and chant in the wise abundance of the Earth and all of Her powers to nourish and Heal. Journey into the 6 Steps of Healing, nourishing herbal infusions, medicinal herbal vinegars, tinctures, salves. Remember the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing, find out how it is so very different from what we know as "alternative" modes of healing and healthcare. Nutrient-dense, real foods wait to full-fill you and dispel the myths and fads of the "health" food industry. Find out why butter is better, and how ongoing scientific research is showing that soy "foods" may not be so good for our health. Make wise choices with your organic dollars, and more.

Weed Wisdom: A Plant Walk
Weeds have gotten a bad rap. These common plants have so much to give, are so abundant, and their preservation is so important to our ecosystem, lo! our very existence, with the medicine and nourishment
that they offer. How many of these Green Allies have you walked past on your journey into Starwood? The Brushwood grounds are alive with these plant cousins. We will walk, sniff, nibble and talk about various historical, medicinal, edible, and spiritual qualities of several wild herbs. We will discuss ecological harvesting etiquette and preparation of plants into tinctures, oils, salves, and medicinal vinegars. (we will not do actual harvesting as to preserve the fragile beauty of the Brushwood landscape)

Rosa Castro

Rosa Castro has been a certified Reiki Master since 1993 and is an Intuitive therapist and teacher, training students since 1989 in both Metaphysics and healing since 1994. She holds a degree in Psychology, with certification in Addiction and Psychotherapy. She has been working in the mental health field since 1985, and in alternative healing since 1989. She has held workshops at the New Life and Whole Life Expos, taught classes in Reiki, Chakra exploration, Tarot, Psychic Development and Past Life Regression.

Reiki Healing Circle: Join us for a light meditation and healing work using Reiki, which is an ancient form of "laying on of hands" technique originating from Tibet. Gather with us and experience the powerful and healing energy of Reiki for yourself. Learn some basic information on the benefits of using Reiki, how it works and how it can be applied for everyday balance and self-healing.

Past Life work through the Chakras: The chakras are energy centers that are located throughout our body. These centers can retain emotional memories that can be traced back to our childhood or previous lives. This memories contain information that can unblock hidden talents or release blocks. Discover simple techniques for retrieving information locked in our subtle energy centers.

Exploring Trance Healing: The inner world of our mind holds useful tools for healing and unblocking our potentials. Through trance work you will tap into your inner inner world and discover the power within. Through guided imagery work you will discover a new realm of creative thinking and problem solving, which will enable you to release blockages and provide you with new methods for healing and creating a new reality. Learn simple techniques for making changes and manifesting dreams.

Priestess Miriam Chamani

Priestess Miriam Chamani is president of the Voodoo Spiritual Temple of New Orleans, which she co-founded in 1990. She has served in the Ministry for over 30 years and was ordained as a Bishop in a Spiritual Church in 1982. She holds an Associates' Degree in medical science and worked for 20 years in the traditional medical field. An accomplished herbalist, spiritual healer & reader, metaphysical teacher and lecturer, Priestess Miriam is known worldwide through her appearances on television, film, radio, and in print. She has been featured on the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and with news syndicates such as Associated Press, New York Times and the BBC. She has aired on TV in Germany, Japan, France, Belgium, England, etc., has been sponsored to Russia 4 times by a spiritual group to teach about Voodoo, and has been to Belize and Haiti in the same capacity. Japan is sponsoring her next year to lecture and do spiritual healing and reading.

Voodoo Synthesis and its Collective Values
In this lecture, Priestess Miriam will focus on the different energies that help create the collective values of Voodoo, such as the "osmotic" impulses that create universal substance (both visible and invisible) and "dynamic dacapo": the collection of matter in its duality that creates cycles from beginnings to endings, returning to its duality as Yin/Yang, Man/Woman, etc., and the Unification that brings about our completion and new beginning.

Russia: Initiation and Path Searching
Priestess Miriam has travelled to Russia 4 times in the past 3 years, and is working with a group of Russian people thru correspondence. In an amazing coloboration, certain Tibetan Buddhist monks and Russian spiritual leaders are incorporating Voodoo into their spiritual practices. They are combining energies with Priestess Miriam to establish a Voodoo Spiritual Temple in the city of Astrakhan along the Volga River and Caspian Sea. Priestess Miriam will speak of her Russian experience, and the lessons she learned there about the origin of 'Initiation' and where 'path searching' begins.

Skip Clark

Skip Clark has a Ph.D. in History and has been publishing in the area of the history of witchcraft for a number of years. He also regularly teaches a course in the History of Western Witchcraft, a course he has taught for fifteen years. Recently, he has been talking to academics about how their spiritual activities fit into their teaching. Perhaps an article will develop out of this! He currently is Chair of the History Department at the State University of West Georgia.

(see "Witches in the Ivory Tower" under Peg Aloi)

Ian Corrigan

Ian Corrigan is a Chameleon, an ACE organizer, and has been a teacher, writer, singer and ritualist in the Pagan movement for 25 years. For the past 15 years his work has focused on the lore and work of Celtic Paganism, first in the Celtic Traditional Craft, and then in Pagan Druidism. Ian is an Archdruid Emeritus of ADF, and an ADF Priest. An Elder of Stone Creed Grove, ADF’s oldest congregation, he is author of four books on Celtic Paganism: Sacred Fire, Holy Well; The Portal Book, The Book of the Dragon, and Grammary. One of the finest bards of the modern Pagan movement, Ian has been writing and performing songs of the British Isles and Neo-Paganism for over 20 years, and his music and poetry have delighted audiences at A.C.E. events and Pagan festivals across the U.S.A. and Canada. (CDs, lecture tapes and books by Ian are available from ACE.)

Issues In Pagan Theology
Neopaganism is a path of practice, more than of belief. We are not ‘credal’ - we do not ask one another what we ‘believe’ before we join in circle. Paganism has no need for formal declarations of faith, and theology is always, thus, been secondary in our modern movement. Nevertheless, it is valuable to exmine the intellectual assumptions that arise from and inform our work. This (PANEL DISCUSSION) (TALK AND DISCUSSION) will look at patterns in traditional Pagan religions, and compare them with our own neopagan ways, (OUR PANEL) (IAN) will discuss key ideas, then open the floor for questions and discussion. Including: Polytheism and Monism; Nature, Matter and Spirit; the place of idolatry; the Human and the Divine.

Piseog, Briocht, Draiocht - the Practice of Celtic Sorcery
Every system of Pagan spirituality includes forms of practical magic, divination and communication with spirits. Within the lore of the Druids is the world of the Sidhe, the work of binding of fate, of speaking with the spirits, of working one’s will in this world and the Otherworld. Ian is interested in building a modern system of Celtic occultism that is true to the images and ideas of Celtic Paganism. This workshop begins by examining Celtic folklore sources for traces of spellbinding and spirit-art, then discusses applications for modern practice. Including a Celtic system of sigils; gathering power; magical stones and trees, the Cauldron & the Wand, the Magical Head.

Martin Cradick

Baka Beyond's Martin Cradick is an intrepid traveller and brilliant guitarist. His search for common links between Northern European and West African traditions took him and Su Hart deep into the Cameroon rainforest where they lived with the Baka Pygmies. Inspired by his experiences there Martin formed Baka Beyond and produced four world-wide selling albums for the Hannibal Records label (royalties collected for the Baka by the "One Heart" charity). In 2001 Martin recorded an album with Nii Tagoe and Seckou Keita called EtE.

World Music: Afro-Celtic and (Baka) Beyond
One of the most creative, fascinating and popular new musical genres is world music, or world beat music. Combining styles of music from different parts of the world, often with a sacred component, this art form is a musical expression of multi-culturalism. A synergistic collaboration between the musicians of different cultures, with combinations of instrumentation never before heard, world music can achieve an almost unearthly or timeless quality, and often points out our similarities as much as our differences. Baka Beyond has been known to combine Celtic, African, Australian, American Jazz, and other elements into their magical sound, and they will share some of that musical odyssey in this class.

Rebecca Crystal

For over two decades Rebecca has been presenting workshops (Starwood, Womyn's festivals, Goddess Gathering), teaching (13+ private students), organizing (Elf Lore Family, Covenant of the Unitarian Universalist Pagans), writing (articles and currently looking for a publisher for her memoirs), and in other ways making herself useful to the Neo-Pagan community. Coining the phrase "quilting the magick" implies her bottom line - mutual respect for all who she meets. She currently lives in Vermont, makes her living through her MSW, and is joyfully raising her 15 year old son with her magnificent partner.

PSYCHIC HEALING IN THE ROUND Using humor and pragmatism Rebecca will gather those present into a healing community to support individual work with volunteers. Come with blocks to spiritual growth or wounds unknown or unhealed by others and give this unorthodox, uncertified but experienced psychic healer an opportunity to help you. Sacred observers are welcome to lend their energy to the work at hand.

SOUL RETREIVAL FOR A SHORTER DEATH Soul retrieval brings back those bits and pieces of us that were knocked/shocked out and didn't find their way back. What if part of the process of dying includes gathering those memories still ungathered? After a short discussion of this concept, Rebecca will demonstrate on a volunteer how soul retrieval is accomplished and then how we can each do our own retrieval. Please bring something that rattles.

SISTER/BROTHER CIRCLE Among the throng that attend Starwood find this supportive circle that will encourage intimate sharing and continued support through out the festival by making real contact with a few willing brothers and sisters. Meet and Greet; Gloom and Bloom; Duck and Stuck; Belief and Relief; and Honor and Donar will be the cycles of intimacy. Bring a small item for Give Away.

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