Starwood Festival XXIII 22-27 July 2003 - Sherman, NY

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Penny Goody

Penny Goody has been an initiated member of the Sacred Dancers' Guild since 1968. She studied with Samel Lewis and the follows the teachings of Ruth St.Denis, learning the Sufi traditions of enlightenment through movement. As a long time presenter at Kids' Village here at Starwood, she encourages children to explore their own magical ways. Penny is an adherent of the Church of Wicca, and received her Doctorate of Divinity degree in 1990. Now going into its fourteenth year, she is Goodwife Goody Goody at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, teaching ribbon dancing and selling her magical crafts.

Crafting Sacred Dance (with Madonna Moonhawk)
Come meet and greet your unique family of dancers that is re-established each year at Starwood!
This is an interactive workshop to share and enhance our magical dance skills. We will discuss bonfire/drum circle ettiquete and energy manipulation ethics. This is an open forum to make known your concerns and insights. We will practice adept movements, reveal liturgical/prayer methods and demonstrate conjuring jestures. Focus is on bellydancing, yoga mudras and the use of tools/props. An invitation to join the Sacred Dancers' Guild will be extended to all attending. Bring water, skirts, toys, veils, zills, rattles and your ideas.

Jesse Wolf Hardin

Jesse Wolf Hardin (once known as Lone Wolf Circles) is a renowned Gaian wizard, presenter, and author of numerous books including Full Circle (Llewellyn 1991) and Kindred Spirits: Sacred Earth Wisdom (Swan•Raven 2001). For over two decades his work has appeared in magazines such as Magical Blend, Circle Nature Spirituality Quartlerly, and the sorely missed Green Egg.... winning praise from the likes of Oberon Zell, Gary Snyder and Ralph Metzner: “Wolf’s word and voice is the ecstatic song of a man intoxicated with the beauty and diversity of life. The high-spirited and soulful voices of the animals, and of the Earth herself, speak and sing through him-- reminding us of our ancient heritage of sacred wildness.” Terry Tempest Williams writes that Wolf “inspires our passion to take us further-- seeing the world whole-- (and) holy.” When not out presenting he can be found at the enchanted riverside sanctuary he shares with his partner Loba, welcoming seekers for Gaian teachings, workshops and quests. More:

Kindred Spirits: Animal Teachers & Plant Guides
Wolf takes us on a journey into the instructive, magical, more-than-human world.... and an exploration of our own intimate place within it. He tells how animals serve inspiriteurs and role models, and plants and fungals as spirit guides— all communicants and agents of the greater whole. Totems, animal teachers and Familiars are described, bringing to light our personal connection to “primal animus energies.” Rather than pulling from a medicine card deck, he calls on us to not only encounter our dream animals, but “get out in nature and see which species resonate with our own animal beings, and then learn from their message and example.” Drawing from his studies in Gaian theosophy, ecopsychology and conservation biology, Wolf paints a picture of a vibrant responsive world we’re each an inseparable part of... a planet that speaks to us, because it embodies us. Wolf tells personal anecdotes grounded in his decades of wilderness protection and wild lands restoration, made more intense by the depth and intensity of his attachment to his enchanted canyon home.

PLANET EROS: Pagan Sexuality & The Erotics of Place
An insightful discussion on the nature of sexuality, and the sexuality of nature. Pan, the Goddess and The Green Man are archetypes evoked to illustrate our great gifts and valid needs, and polyamory and sacred sexuality but two potentially healthy examples. He tells us “We are each extensions of Planet Eros-- evolved not so much as the “brains” or “managers” of the biosphere as its sensory organs: Gaian “feelers,” antennas of flesh communicating honest sensation to the heart of the living whole! It’s our assignment to feel not only the pain but the ecstasy of mortal life. We make love in a conscious and sacred way, whenever we’re conscious of how the Earth experiences both pleasure and communion through us. Thus our honorable explorations of sensation can heighten our awareness, deepen our bonds, empower our magical practices, and contribute to a sacred wholeness.” Ask questions, and share your stories of personal and global healing, soulful and heartful celebration.

Megan Harding

Megan Harding R.Y.T. is a certified yoga instructor who has been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 15 years.She received her training at Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, Mass.,and currently teaches at the Kent Yoga Center.

Inner Senses Yoga

The inner senses come alive in this gentle flowing yoga practice and guided relaxation. The mind becomes still as it rides the breath on an inward journey. Suitable for all levels. Bring a mat or blanket to lie on.

Fred Hatt

Fred Hatt does drawing, photography, body art, and performance about the magical body and the living landscape. Seeking a connection to the shamanic roots of art, he began painting bodies in 1990, and body painting has remained central to his art since then.
Fred Hatt's body painting was included in the American Museum of Natural History's "Body Art" exhibit and his own photos of his body painting have been exhibited widely, at art galleries, clubs and performance venues. He has done hundreds of live body painting performances and has worked in collaboration with many well known dancers and performance artists. His body painting has been featured on HBO's Real Sex, Metro's Gotham TV, and on the Spanish Telemundo Network and German Spiegel Television. Fred has taught body painting workshops at the American Mueum of Natural History in New York, the Burning Man festival, Dance New England Summer Camp, and Tyler School of Art at Temple University. He is currently at work on a book on body painting. More: drawing life: fred hatt on magical art.

Body Painting: Art, Ritual & Play

A hands-on introduction to the ancient art of body painting for transformation, healing, performance, sensuality, and fun. Body painting works directly on the threshold between inner and outer worlds: the human skin. Body painting may be approached as a way of manifesting internal states and energies, as a way to project a character or spirit, or as a ritual experience of journeying. Come prepared to paint and be painted in a group experience of tribal bonding. All materials provided except your body.
The workshop includes a brief illustrated presentation touching on global traditions of body art and on approaches I have developed in my thirteen years of practicing body painting as an art form. The bulk of the time is given to a group body painting experience in which all the participants paint each other. In this simple form of ritual body painting, everyone ends up bearing the marks and colors of everyone else in the group, a direct and clear experience of group bonding. My approach to working with the group fosters an atmosphere of trust and respect combined with playful freedom.

Francesca Hedrick

Francesca Hedrick is from a matriarchy that is highly influenced in natural energy and herbal use. A member of a Wiccan coven for almost 20 years, she has practiced as a solitary and now a Dedicant, following the Druidic path of ADF. She currently holds the position as Chief of ADF Artisans Guild and Grove Organizer for Raven Hawk Protogrove, ADF in Annapolis, MD. Francesca started her own herb business, Chesapeake Herbs & Crafts, in 1987, and as a member of numerous herb associations and an herb activist she has appeared on local tv, radio and newspapers. Having written local herb columns, taught herb classes, and has spoken widely on the herb field, she holds a Competent Toastmaster(CTM) recognition from Toastmasters International.

Introduction to Runes

Runes their place in history and myth, use as a language, used in divination and how to use them in magic. This workshop will cover the basics of Runes and primarily the use of the Elder Futhark.

Living in the World of the Middle Kingdom
We share the middle kingdom with many different beings. There are the nature spirits that are visible to us and there are also the invisible spirits that touch our lives. Forget Walt Disney and Sugar Plum Fairies and find out who the real inhabitants of the Middle Realm are. Do you find things missing and suddenly appear where you already have looked? Come explore ways to contact those that live in the green world and make them apart of your life.

Magic: Be careful what you wish for!
This is about spellbinding. What is a spell, how it works or doesn’t. Will discuss the structure and implications behind creating and executing a spell. This is not about energy work; this is actually creating a particular spell for a particular purpose.

Wil Howitt

Wil Howitt is a doctor of computer science and electrical engineering, physical acoustics and psychoacoustics. He works in biomedical engineering at MIT and Boston University, developing models for the human auditory system. He also spends lots of time drumming, dancing, and playing didjeridu and other rhythmic instruments. He teaches Taoist martial arts, drives a VW bus, and looks around a lot.

Wetware 101

Recent SF, especially cyberpunk, often treats the human brain like a computer, and consciousness like software. What is reasonable about this idea, and what is unreasonable? We will try to separate science fact from fantasy -- with an introduction to the fledgling science of neuroinformatics, which combines biological europhysics with computational information theory. No mathematics, but lots of images.

The Hum Cooler
The HumCooler is a build-it-yourself refrigerator, that runs on solar power or any heat source. It works with sound waves, and has no moving parts. It's simple, rugged, doesn't use dangerous chemicals, can be built from low tech parts in any garage. The HumCooler promises revolutionary benefits for rural living in the Third World and other areas of economic hardship. This presentation covers its basic principles of operation, how to build one, and where to go for more information.

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