Starwood Festival XXIII 22-27 July 2003 - Sherman, NY

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Richard Kaczynski, Ph.D.

Richard Kaczynski, Ph.D., is a psychologist specializing in non-mainstream religious beliefs and practices. He's been a student of magic and mysticism for 25 years. He is Master of southeast Michigan's official Ordo Templi Orientis body Blue Equinox Oasis; is an ordained priest of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica; and was the founder of the nonprofit group MAGIC, which operated a pagan/occult BBS for many years. His works have appeared in numerous books and magazines, and he has just completed "Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley." Other recent works include co-editing "The Revival of Magick and Other Essays," providing editorial support for books like "Magick," "The Aleister Crowley Desk Reference" and "Eight Lectures on Yoga," and contributing a chapter to the revised edition of "Rebels and Devils." He also plays keyboards with the progressive rock groups "House of Usher" and "Page."

Aleister Crowley--The Nature of the Beast
The life and career of magician Aleister Crowley are surrounded by controversy and, unsurprisingly, many urban legends. This workshop is based on the new biography "Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley." It explores the facts about the man who called himself "The Great Beast," and knocks down the straw man that the gutter press labeled "The Wickedest Man in the World." Particular attention will be paid to Crowley's magick, and how his career as a magician influenced every aspect of his life.

Shards of Light--The Chaldean Oracles in Ceremonial Magic
The Chaldean Oracles are a fragmentary collection of mystical and theurgic epigrams dating to the 2nd Century C.E. Although obscure, they heavily influenced western esoteric schools. Translations were published by prominent members of both the Golden Dawn (Westcott) and Theosophical Society (Mead). This lecture will examine where the Chaldean Oracles turn up in the practical rituals of the Golden Dawn, Israel Regardie and Aleister Crowley, including "Opening by Watchtower" and "Star Ruby." It will also examine modern research into the magical practices described in this ancient text.

Daveed Korup

Author of Tao Te Drum - Eastern Drumming for Western Drummers and percussionist for the Eurasian folk ensemble, Turku, Daveed sparks our imaginations in creating a rhythmical experience, which reflects a synthesis of many of the world's exotic percussion traditions into an invocative, penetrating voice for this new millennium. Through school assembly programs, artist-in-residency projects, concerts and workshops, Daveed opens the door (for all who choose to enter) to the exhilarating world of percussion and rhythm. As creator of the new Flying Darabuka Rhythm Circus, Daveed is a true rhythm evangelist dedicated to the belief that “the world is a giant drum just waiting to be played.” More:

Tao Te Drum is a holistic approach to ethnic hand drumming, where learning how to drum is just as important as learn what to drum.
Utilizing techniques & rhythms from eastern and western traditions, Tao Te Drum explores drumming from the inside out. Participants develop drumming skills with focus on individual style, emphasis on warm ups, the mind/body connection, practice skills, rhythm development, & much more.
Participants will need to provide their own drum. However, special arrangements can be made with Daveed prior to class time. Also, bring a chair appropriate for drumming.

The Flying Darabuka Rhythm Circus
This is a special place dedicated to drumming and percussion exploration. Instruments from all over the world and several junkyards will be available for all to discover. All are welcome, including children. look for it at the end of the main road near Babylon Heights and the Digidome.

Donald Michael Kraig

Donald Michael Kraig has taught and practiced the Western Magickal Tradition for over twenty years. Author of Modern Magick, Modern Sex Magick, and Tarot and Magic, he is a Tantric initiate, a Kabalah student, a researcher in the field of Ceremonial Magick, and a Tarot Grandmaster. Donald holds a B.A. in Philosophy from UCLA, has studied Music both at UCLA and at UCSD, and is currently studying for a doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy through American Pacific University.

Expanding Personal Boundaries with Tantric Techniques.
Sometimes, after a tough day at work or school, working with other people in ritual is not the first thing on your mind. The boundaries you set up can prevent successful ritual. Holding hands and chanting "om" may not be enough to allow you to expand your boundaries and allow you to work with others. Or perhaps you've been hurt in a relationship in the past and need to expand those walls you've set up to allow others into your life. In this workshop you'll learn and practice traditional Tantric Techniques which will allow you to expand the boundaries in an environment based on permission, safety, respect, and honor.

Tarot and Magic
Even if you have never worked with the Tarot cards, this workshop is for you! It has nothing to do with reading the cards or doing divinations. Rather, it will demonstrate several methods for using the archetypal symbols on the cards as a basis for designing your own magickal spells and rituals, including ones that will help you perform the greatest magic of all, changing yourself.

Traditional Tantra
Is Tantra really, as one person put it, the yoga of sex? Hardly! It is a complete Pagan spiritual system which can legitimately be traced back thousands of years. It has its on religious structure, deities, history, divination systems, healing techniques, and magick. Whether you are interested in the background of Tantra, seeing how some of its techniques can be used on your spiritual walk, or learn how Tantra can become your path, you will find lots to interest you in this class. Oh, and there is that Tantric sex stuff, too!

Paul Krassner

Paul Krassner, Author, Social Humorist, Yippie, and an original Prankster remains as contemporary as today's headlines. When People magazine called Krassner "the father of the underground press", he immediately demanded a blood test. He published The Realist from 1958 to1974, and began publishing it again in 1985. "The taboos may have changed," he wrote, "but irreverence is still our only sacred cow." His articles have appeared in Rolling Stone, Spin, The Nation (for whom he will soon be writing a column of media criticism), Playboy, Penthouse, The Village Voice, the San Francisco Examiner, the Los Angeles Times, the Whole Earth Review, and High Times.

Krassner's style of personal journalism constantly blurred the line between observer and participant. In the Sixties (before the Roe vs. Wade decision) Krassner interviewed an abortionist, then became an illegal abortion referral service. He covered the anti-war movement, then founded the Yippies with Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. He published material on the psychedelic revolution, then took LSD with Timothy Leary and Ram Dass. He later accompanied a curious Groucho Marx on his first acid trip.

Magic Mushrooms and Other Highs: From Toad Slime to Ecstasy
In this session, Paul recounts true tales of psychedelia from his latest anthology by the same name. He has been collecting dope stories for the past five years; this book includes strange and remarkable tales by and about Terence McKenna, Ken Kesey, Stephen Gaskin, John Lilly, John Lennon, Robert Anton Wilson, Ivan Stang, Ram Dass, Ralph Metzner, Lisa Law, Stanley Krippner, John Shirley, David Jay Brown, and R. U. Sirius.

The Funny Side of World War III From the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 to the invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003, Krassner has been working diligently as a sort of satirical alchemist, trying to transform horror into humor without losing his humanity in the process. Among his targets: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, the mainstream media, the use of torture, and concepts of God.

Deborah Lipp

Deborah Lipp was initiated into a traditional Gardnerian coven of Witches in 1981, became a High Priestess in 1986, and has been teaching Wicca and running Pagan circles ever since. Deborah is the author of The Elements of Ritual: The Air, Fire, Water and Earth of the Wiccan Circle, the first in-depth, "Wicca 202" analysis of Wiccan ritual. Elements of Ritual approaches the circle from theological, personal, mythic, visionary, and pragmatic perspectives. Her second book, The Way of Four, is planned for release in 2004.

Deborah has also appeared in numerous Pagan magazines, most recently in Sagewoman, and has lectured at many Pagan festivals on a variety of topics. As an active "out of the closet" member of the Pagan community, Deborah has appeared in various media discussing Wicca, most notably on the A&E documentary Ancient Mysteries: Witchcraft in America. She has also appeared on MSNBC, in The New York Times, and in many smaller TV and print sources.

The Elements of Ritual: How are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water present in the Wiccan circle?
What meaning do they have in the ceremony? How does our understanding of the four elements improve our understanding of ritual? This talk is based on material in my book Elements of Ritual.

The Way of Four
What are the four elements? Where do they come from and why are they so important to occultists? What part do they play in our personalities and day to day lives? This talk is lively, with lots of questions and answers as we each discover the parts of ourselves that are earthy, fiery, watery and airy.

Preparing for Ritual
Before ritual can begin there are all manner of factors to consider, and all manner of preparations to be made. After considering the location, size, experience, and purpose of the rite, you must prepare everything from fire safety to spiritual readiness. This talk discusses virtually every pre-ritual step in depth, and is adapted from my book Elements of Ritual.


Loba is a Gaian Priestess with over ten years experience living and teaching in the Gila wilderness of New Mexico, on a riverside sanctuary and true place of power. She hosts wild foods workshops, facilitates women’s quests and the annual Wild Women’s Gathering there, at The Sweet Medicine Women’s Center. Loba writes regularly for numerous magazines including SageWoman, PagaNet News, Circle, Goddessing, Loving More and The Beltane Papers. Through stories about presence, nature, the communion of food, sacred sexuality and the Goddess, we’re awakened to each enchanted moment, propelled to fulfill our special missions. Through her example of rootedness, enthusiasm, openness and vulnerability we deeper embrace our own yearnings.... and accelerate the process of living more magical, intense, responsive, sense-filled lives.

Wild Women: Sacred Self, Sister-Tribe (women only)
Like Aretha sings, “Sometimes I feel like a na-tu-ral wom-an!” Join in a discussion and sharing of women’s “true instinctual, powerful, empathic natures.” Loba’s guileless enthusiasm and enchanted presence encourages us to fully feel our magic and our worth.... to pay any price to live our dreams, and answer a sacred calling. “We’re made more alive by coming into our bodily senses, trusting and following our intuition, rediscovering our little-girl desires and medicine woman purpose. Not only at home in nature, but naturally wild.... connected through our vision to a growing Sister Tribe!” She describes how Gaia, the mother of all Gods and Goddesses, informs every Pagan tradition-- and can deepen and empower every magic practice. “In the society at large if they call you a ‘wild woman’ they usually mean lewd, vicious, undisciplined-- somebody they want to get under control! But in truth wild means someone or something embodying its authentic, original nature-- being self-disciplined, and moving to the rhythms of a wild, wild world! Being wild is being in touch with our hungers and hurts, needs and desires, moon cycles and life cycles! It’s passionately engaging the living Earth we’re a part of, incorporating Her wishes and insight into our essential missions.... and protecting, nourishing, resacramenting and celebrating Her with all our hearts.” Add your energy, story and voice to the circle of rising women-- to this song of Sister Tribe!

Sacred Indulgence: Pampering The Goddess Within (women only)
Loba leads discussion and practice that helps us celebrate our magical beings, experiencing Earth and Sprit through intense reinhabitation of our sensate bodies. She inspires us not only to be comfortable with our real selves, but to celebrate our whole beings-- as bodily extensions of Gaia, the sacred Mother Earth. Bring favorite power objects to place temporarily on the Pampered Goddess altar, plus hair brushes, essential oils and natural lotions, scents and cashets, henna, cloths to lay on, any special treats to eat, adornments and clothes that make you feel beautiful. Enjoy being brushed and massaged, feted and fed. Adorn and praise your sisters, for being the special spirits they are.... then bliss out at the much talked about Great Chocolate Rite! We are women yearning to ‘re-become’ all we can be... women insistent on wholly, intensely living!” Join us delighting in the ancient art of sacred indulgence-- honoring our worthy selves, by ritually pampering the Goddess within!

Daniel & Jenni Lupinski

Daniel Lupinski has practiced shamanic healing for over 22 years. He has taught all over the country and is presently working on a book about possession. Daniel initially studied with Michael Harner, author of "The Way of the Shaman" in 1980. In the early 90's Daniel completed Harner's 3-year advanced program in shamanic healing. He has studied with shamans/healers from the Navajo Reservation (where he lived for 5 years), Central America, Buryat in Siberia, and the Amazon and Andes of Ecuador, but learned most of what he knows from doing ritual/ceremony for many years and by staying connected with his power animals and a South American shaman spirit he merges with.

His wife Jenni, who joined up with him over 8 years, works with an African woman shaman spirit and has tremendous vision and ability. Together the demonstrate the importance of working as a couple maintaining each others protection, light, and clarity. They will share their very unique experiences to help bring shamanism to a new level in the United States.

Both Daniel & Jenni will be available through the festival to do private consultation & healing work, in the screen tent next to the green 20' motor home!

Exploring Shamanic Healing and Ritual (An Introduction)
This introduction workshop will connect you into the shamanic dreamtime, and teach you how to journey into the middle and lower worlds to discover your power (totem) animals, to learn how to do divination, and to SEE how ritual can be created for healing. Healing ritual aspects such as soul retrieval, illness extraction, and the magical effects of depossession (when done in a sacred way) will be discussed. Learn how to be in the moment, understand ego development, listen to one's own spirit, connect with one's soul and universal spirit, and protect one self; all prerequisites in undertaking one's spiritual journey or quest. and in understanding the importance of signs and symbols along the way. By journeying into the dreamtime you will be able to uncover your truth, understand why your life is as it is, and discover how to begin your own unique spirit journey. Please bring drums & rattles (if you have them), a cushion/ blanket, and other personal spiritual symbols/objects.

Advanced Shamanic Healing and Ritual (double)
In this workshop you will journey into the lower, middle, and upper worlds to connect and merge with your power (totem) animals and spirit (shaman) teachers for divination and creating healing rituals. Presenters will teach different traditional shamanic techniques by merging with spirit shamans that come to those who are ready. Then one may perform a shamanic healing ritual in a very traditional way without traveling to a shaman in a remote culture. Working in this way, being completely in the moment during ritual, one may create magic and major transformation in a healing ceremony. Presenters will share their techniques of depossession and soul retrieval which can guide the patient to the origin of the possessing influences (such as parents, grandparents, and past or present partners), allowing one to sense and extract them and reclaim that which has been taken. Spirit possession and why it occurs will be addressed.
Please bring drums & rattles(if you have them), a cushion/ blanket, and other personal spiritual symbols/objects you may have collected.

Shamanic Healing Ritual
This group healing ritual will focus on self healing and releasing of possessing influences and recovery of soul parts that have been taken or lost due to trauma. To assist in ritual preparation, please see presenters the day prior or the day of the ritual. Please use no drugs or alcohol the day of the ritual. Bring hoop drums, rattles, blanket, and sacred objects.

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