Starwood Festival XXIII 22-27 July 2003 - Sherman, NY

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Jason Mankey

Jason Mankey has been a practicing Pagan for the last eight years. During that time he has developed a special interest in Wiccan History and Horned God Lore. Jason has been extremely involved in the local Michigan Pagan Community and is the publisher of the local Pagan zine The Wiccan Read, and helped organize the first ever Lansing Pagan Picnic . He also helped start Michigan State University Pagan Group-Green Spiral, he also taught a Wicca 101 course on campus, while still finding time to run an open circle on most sabbats. Last year he finished his first book, Wiccan Journey, available locally while he looks for a publisher. Jason is a licensed minister and has been lucky enough to sign a few wedding licenses.

The History of Modern Wicca
Is Wicca an ancient religion or a relatively recent reinvention of ancient Pagan Practices? Did Gerald Gardner make the whole thing up or was he truly initiated into a secret mystery tradition? The history of Wicca is full of questions like this and there are never any easy answers, but there are clues. Well put the history of modern Wicca together piece by piece like a giant jigsaw puzzle.
Drawing on original source materials and the writings of authors like Phillip Hessleton and Ronald Hutton, The History of Modern Wicca offers an interesting look at the origins of not just Wicca, but the archetypes of Goddess and God we've all come to know so well.

The Horned God
Few archetypes in modern Pagan practice are as revered and as misunderstood as the Horned God. Hes a cultural universal, but his message has changed over the last few centuries. Come explore the history of the Horned God with us, see where he has been and where he is going. We'll explore not only the generalized Horned God archetype, but well look at him in some of his most well known roles.
From the Greek Pan to the Celtic Cernunnos to the Navajo Xochopelli we'll explore what has made the Horned God a favorite in a multitude of Pagan pantheons.

Louis Martine'

Louis Martinie' is a drummer and spiritual doctor of New Orleans Voodoo. He authored the text of the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot and is editor for Black Moon Publishing. He recorded Festival Drumming with Mishlen Linden. He is an honorary member of the Louisiana State Legislature (perhaps the most corrupt political body on earth) and has practiced with the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple forever (sort of). The Mayor has recently named May 3rd as Voodoo Spiritual Temple Day in New Orleans. Mr. Martinie' is currently working on writing New Orleans Voodoo: A Drummers Hands, a Priests Head.

In Praise of Manman Bridgette: Ever wonder how the "Briggette" came into the New Orleans Voodoo pantheon and why she is honored with a pile of stones (quite a rare commodity in New Orleans)? I did, and went to Ireland with an open heart and head. Half talk and half playing (and you don't have to look at the photographs I took unless you want too).

New Orleans Voodoo Drumming on the Irish Boudhran: Bring a hoop drum if possible but djembes will work. Introduction to the bourdron and the tipper. The Mardi Gras Indian tambarine rhythm will be taught on the boudhron along with Big Easy feel syncopated rhythms I learnt from New Orleans own boudhronier Justin Murphy.

Cathleen McGowan

Cathleen McGowan (aka Cat, Firesong) is a professional artist and singer, gardener, and certified art teacher. She has a master's degree in education and has been working with the spirits and leading rituals for 12 years. She is a founder of the D.C. based ritual group "The Root Sisters". She currently lives in IL where she conducts regular chant sessions and shamanic journey groups.

Chants of the Spirits:
In the religions of the African Diaspora (Ifa, Santeria, Voodoo, Candomble...), singing is a major part of ceremonies. In this workshop, everyone will get to sing to them. Word sheets and translations will be provided. We'll learn chants to the Orisha, such as Ellegua, Obatala, Shango, Ogun, Yemaya, Oshun, and Oya. Dances for select Orisha will also be demonstrated. The chants of the Loa are rarely heard in this country. Cathleen learned them from a Haitian hougan. These spirits include Erzulie, Le Baron, Legba, Ogou, Damballa, Marasa, and Loko.

Exploring Creativity:
All forms of art, be it through music, dance, writing, or visual, are linked to the same creative processes in the brain. In this workshop, we will sculpt, write, dance, and draw in new ways. We will be doing activities designed to expand creativity by focusing on process rather than product. These techniques are used successfully to open up creative blocks.

Lisa McSherry

A practicing witch for more than 20 years, Lisa Mc Sherry is the High Priestess of JaguarMoon CyberCoven, Instructor of the Art of Ritual class, and the author of The Virtual Pagan: Exploring Paganism and Wicca on the Internet, and CyberCoven.Org: Creating and Maintaining Magickal Groups Online. A regular contributor to The Beltane Papers: A Journal of Women's Mysteries, she has also written articles and stories for PanGaia. She has spoken on the topic of cyberpaganism at Pagan Festivals for the last three years.
Learn more about Lisa's work and read preperatory material at:

A TechnoPagan Primer: Thinking of using the Internet to enhance your group's communciations? Considering creating a magickal group online? Hearing a lot about how great the Internet is and wondering what the hoopla is about? Join Lisa Mc Sherry, author of The Virtual Pagan, for a fun, practical workshop/discussion about being a techno pagan (including why a cyber pagan is different!) We'll look at what you need to get online, where to find some of the best sites on the Web, various Internet and Web applications that are useful for the magickal practitioner, things you can do magickally online, and (of course) much more.

Doing Magick in CyberSpace: Pagans have been using new technologies for magick throughout our long history and now we're doing it online. Come join a lively discussion about doing magick in cyberspace and we'll look at what is possible, and what isn't, as well as transforming a basic physical ritual into its cyber equivalent.

Pat Monaghan

Patricia Monaghan, PhD is one of the pioneers of the contemporary women's spirituality movement. She is the author of more than 15 books of poetry and nonfiction, including the classic encyclopedia, The New Book of Goddesses and Heroines, now in print for over 20 years, winner of the Best Visionary Non-Fiction Award at the International New Age Trade Show. She is currently writing a sacred geography of Ireland as well as an encyclopedia of Celtic myth and folklore. She is a member of the interdisciplinary faculty of Chicago's DePaul University. (Many of her books and the tape The Way of the Goddess are available from ACE.)

Plato was a Pagan: Reclaiming Our Intellectual Heritage
Paganism is more than rites and rituals. Pagan philosophers articulated complex ideas about the relationship of mind and body, the real and the imagined, world and self. The pagan intellectual heritage runs deep and wide. This workshop will offer some ideas on reclaiming that heritage as well as an historical perspective on some important pagan philosophers.

Poet, King, Goddess: The Celtic Path
This workshop examines the balance of powers between the Celtic land-goddess, her consort the king, and the poet who assured the health of land and people. Celtic poets were druids specializing in the magic of words employed when a king betrayed his people through greed or selfishness. If this reminds you of current events, you'll especially want to explore how the arts once served as a magical corrective to bad governance. A series of writing prompts will end the workshop, with the aim of recreating the magical bardic power to influence our rulers.

Madonna Moonhawk & Maumin

Madonna Moonhawl, LMT has travelled the spiritual paths of the Goddess, Lakota, and Sufi traditions for over 25 years. Since 1983 she has established a private massotherapy practice applying the healing techniques of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Deep Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy and Sound Vibrational Healing. A Reiki Master, Madonna has led workshops on Sound Vibrational Healing, Women's Mysteries, Sufi Dances of Universal Peace, Yoga for Round Bodies, Sacred Dances of the Lord and Lady and Light Meditations both locally and nationally.

David "Maumin" Estafen has been raised Sufi, Native American and Nature Religion Traditions. A natural intuitive and healer, David finds he expresses himself best through music. David guides others as they reach their deepest meditative states through the rhythmic beat of his drum, soulful strains of his guitar, or the trance inducing moan of the Didgeridoo. A second degree Reiki initiate, he often assists his mother, Madonna Moonhawk in healing sessions using both Reiki and sound.

Vibrational Meditation
Ancient forms of healing included drums and chant. These tools are still used to reach altered states for purposes of enlightenment, healing and balancing energy. Our bodies relate to a scale of light (rainbow). They also relate to a scale tones which when healthy resonate together harmoniously. The application of sound helps us attain this harmonious resonance. Madonna and Maumin guide us in meditation for healing with sound utilizing didgeridoo, crystal singing bowl, drums, rattles, chimes and voice. Wear comfortable clothing and bring something to lie on.

Madonna will be assisting Penny Goody with her workshop: Crafting Sacred Dance.

Denise Navetta

Denise Navetta has an special education degree from Eastern Michigan University. For over 15 years, she used her degree on the road, as a "traveling science teacher". She had many companions while traveling, ranging from 12 foot pythons and Macaw parrots, to fruit bats and praire dogs! She is now back in the special ed. classroom, at the middle school level, and her "critters" have accompanied her. Her main objective is to teach children and adults why it's important to remember that all of life is connected, and, as the "intelligent" species, we humans need to respect the Earth and all its creatures, maintain a balanced lifestyle, and fight against those who would harm the planet. She has also worked with children and adults who have emotional or physical disabilities, using "animal therepy" to help them grow.

Animal Magik
We will explore the history of animal lore and worship from various cultures. We will discuss the importence of animals on the physical plane, as well as the spiritual. We will meet and interact with 6-8 domestically raised, exotic animals, which may include an amphibian, a few reptiles, a bird, and a mammal. We will engage in a Shamanic journey to search for our animal totems.

Reptiles Are Cool
Unfortunately, reptiles are one of the most maligned groups of animals on the planet. We will explore some fun facts about these creatures, and work to get everyone past any phobias or myths associated with them. For example, much of the fear of snakes was actually indoctrinated by the Church in order to distance people from this creature of the the Earth, who was often associated with the Goddess. We will have the opportunity for a hands-on encounter with some of these fascinating animals.

Felicity Oceansong

A native of British Columbia, Canada, this singer/songwriter has been writing angelic music since the age of fifteen. Mixing political messages and heartfelt songs, Felicity Oceansong's music has inspired peace through her music. Since joining Alma Melodiosa in late 1999, Felicity has added beautiful lead vocals, harmonies, keyboard, percussion as well as years of experience in modern dance and belly dancing. Felicity's message is of strength and compassion for women, animals, and the environment, as well as the benefit of living a life of conscientiousness. She is a innovative new artist with a powerful message.

Healing Through Music

Felicity (along with Katalina Razones and accompanied by three musicians) will be leading a step by step meditation using yoga and tai chi moves, exploring the depths of music, how it effects the soul, and how it can be used for healing and relaxation. The music and movement will go hand in hand to create an inspirational journey.

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