Starwood Festival XXIII 22-27 July 2003 - Sherman, NY

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Allen Villeneuve

Allen Villeneuve is a well-known environmentalist with a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Carleton University, working over the past 35 years in Canada. He has completed an Environmental Study for the Federal Government and successfully helped lobby them to adopt a "Measuring Well-Being Act". A pioneer in communal living in both rural & urban communities for 15 years, he has been an editor of a rural intentional &communities newsletter, a festival organizer, and director of many non-profit corporations. A licensed stone mason, he has restored many heritage buildings, and built masonry heaters, log homes, geodesic domes, theater sets, and has been a site superintendent on large commercial buildings. At present he is acting as a consultant for the Whole Village Project north of Toronto, constructing a 20,000 sq.ft. co-housing building on 200 acres.

Whole Village: A Sustainable Farm Community

Much must be considered when attempting to create a community that will sustain itself. This workshop will discuss topics such as making decisions thru inclusive consensus-building, the use of Mandate Groups to focus on project details, membership policies and processes, Farm/Land Stewardship for Community Supported Agriculture, and the Scope of Co-Housing Building.

Waking Dream

Waking Dream is live interactive performance art. We present works of dance, theater, puppetry, and music at festivals, theaters, and special events. Our work is intended to invoke the imagination and encourage participation in the creative process, in both performance and production. The results are always unexpected, magical, inspiring wonder! Waking Dream is a volunteer based organization and are always seeking people who are interested in supporting our work. More about them at:

Performance Techniques

Learn to operate large and small puppets, walk on stilts, play music, improvise and clown around. Waking Dream Workshops are designed for artists and volunteers who wish to develop their skills and creativity in a team environment, and learn more about puppetry and performance arts.

Harvey Wasserman

Harvey is a safe energy activist and journalist/historian fighting for a renewable green future and restoration of democracy to the United States of America. Author or co-author of 6 books (4 on energy, 2 on US history), his latest effort is a Guide on how to build your own windfarm, co-authored with Dan Juhl (who has done just that). Harvey is senior advisor to Greenpeace USA and the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, and senior editor of The Columbus Free Press and In 1974 Harvey coined the phrase "No Nukes" and helped organize early campaigns against the atomic power industry. He was a media spokesperson for the Clamshell Alliance, which led mass demonstrations against reactors being built at Seabrook, New Hampshire, and for Musicians United for Safe Energy, which staged 5 concerts in Madison Square Garden in 1979 shortly after the disaster at Three Mile Island. In 1994 he spoke to 350,000 semi-conscious rock fans at Woodstock 2. He has been a frequent speaker at both Starwood and Winterstar.

Renewable energy is now a multi-billion-dollar industry. In this workshop Harvey Wasserman will discuss the nuts and bolts of one of America's largest growth industries. Billions of dollars are now spent annually on new wind turbines, which are the cheapest form of new electrical generation. New wind farms are sprouting up throughout the US---especially between the Mississippi & the Rockies---because they are profitable and they work. Solar power in its many and various forms---photovoltaic cells, biomass, passive heating---is also booming. And hydrogen is not far behind, though the issues surrounding it are complex and surprising. This interactive workshop will cover the spectrum of an industry that can save both our ecology and our economy.

The unelected junta in Washington is the most reactionary, authoritarian and cynical administration in U.S. history. It is also the most powerful, with a corporate-fundamentalist agenda aimed at obliterating the Bill of Rights and ending American democracy. From the lies that led to the attack on Iraq to the destruction of the finances of the federal, state and local government structure, American values and traditions have never been under more dangerous and devastating attack. But there is always hope. Bring yours to this workshop.

Daniella Waterhawk

Daniella BlueStar WaterHawk has gained much insight to the mysteries of the world on her walk through this Spiritual and physical journey. Blending her studies in many varied philosophies, disciplines and university degrees, she has created her own eclectic Spiritual Path. She is in partnership with Don WaterHawk who has blessed her in teaching her his artform, weaving her own creativity into the work. She sits in the Ohana Circle of Changlings.

Don Waterhawk

Don "Two Eagles" WaterHawk, Tsalagi-Mesquakie & German by heritage, is a Red Feather Brother of the Wolf-Clan and a Spiritual Walker. An artist, craftsman, photographer, Carver of the Pipe, Council facilitator and Sharer, Don sits on the Ohana Circle of Changelings.

Workshops (with Daniella):
Dance Of Life: This is a variation of an ancient Spiritual Dance done by the Tsalagi people, The Tsalagi Dance of Life. Its movements are much like Tia Chi from the Eastern people. We use the Owl and the Eagle as our balancers in Life, and work the energies of the Four Directions as it revolves around our connection with the All. You will learn how to utilize this tool for the progression of ones understanding of Spirit, the People and yourselves. This particular variation of the Dance will be for Grounding and Centering. It will be taught so that one may use it no matter what ones path is. Of the three aspects of the dance, the choreography and breathing techniques will be learned; the philosophy will be shared but made eclectic.
It is an easy Dance to learn and to remember, and to pass on to others. Thousands of people have learned this Spiritual movement and have given praise to its effects on ones life. Even those with physical limitations have found this dance available to them and rewarding.

Talking Council: Sacred speaking –a way of communicating in a sacred manner, that walks the sacred wheel of honor, respect and gratitude. This workshop is intended for people to learn ancient tribal ways of communication, whether in a large group, small group or couple. We will discuss the parameters of how to set up council, the tools involved and the procedure in which one follows to create a sacred space for speaking ones heart. A council will be held at the end of the formal workshop.

Alex Wedmedyk

Alex Wedmedyk, G.S. is a craftsman, jewelry designer, drummaker, and drummer. He is a member of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge and a co-founder of Earth Rhythm, offering experiential workshops, special events, and annual gatherings that promote the unity of all things. Earth Rhythm empowers others to awaken the healer within and to carry the message of oneness into their personal life walk.

You and Your Drum: Finding and Caring for the RIGHT Drum

This workshop is for anyone who has or is considering obtaining a personal drum. Alex will share helpful hints on how to select the drum that's right for you. They will give instructions on preventative maintenance and "first aid" measures you can take to keep your drum in good shape, and some tips on the care and repair of sick drums. This class will be held as the first part of the Afrikan Drum Making Workshop: please consult Alex about materials costs if you plan to bring a drum to be repaired.

Afrikan Drum Making Workshop
(5 hrs. 1st day, 4 hrs. 2nd. (Large Ashiko $225; Djembes Small $325; Large $350) This two day workshop begins with a ceremony to remind us of our connection to our Source and to honor the gifts from the Earth that will become our drums. Then you will craft your own Ashiko or Djembe drum to completed form. This includes choosing your own natural wood drum shell, selection of fabric and hide, complete assembly, and a lesson in making "diamonds" to keep the drum head tight and tuned. All drums will come with a heavy fabric belt strap to wear when playing. Class limited to ten.

Drum Making and repair Workshops: Contact Alex & Joy Wedmedyk by July 3rd at 330.273.6260 or for workshop & materials fees to make Djembe & Ashiko Drums (large or small) and Hoop drums.

Joy Wedmedyk

Joy Wedmedyk (Apetebii Osa Irosun) is a minister, artist, drum maker and member of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge. Joy is a teacher and healer of others through her work as a visionary and artist in ritual ceremonies of the heart. She has studied with indigenous people from the Americas, Cuba and Africa, and
has been initiated into the the African tradition of Ifa. She is deeply connected to the elements of the Earth, the Ancestors and the Ancient Ones. Joy inspires others to find the center of their being through the discovery of their own personal mythology and their own source of healing. Joy has been presenting workshops and weekend retreats for over 20 years. These artistic and educational multicultural events give the participants an opportunity to experience, create and learn from the cosmology and mythology of the indigenous people of the Earth.

Workshops (multiple slot):
Spirit Dolls (Creating from the Heart)
We will create a simple doll of our beautiful spiritual self. The crafting of this doll allows us to bring into form our strengths and gifts and to encourage growth and healing in areas of ourselves in need of love and care taking. (This doll can be made in the image of the self or of a loved one.) This workshop includes lecture information on the nature of healing based on the cosmology of the indigenous people of America and Africa, storytelling and guided imagery. It concludes with a self- honoring and blessing ritual.
All Materials are included and art or craft experience is not necessary. 3 hour workshop: 10$ per person

Hoop Drum Making
Walk with others on a sacred path and create your own deer rawhide medicine drum. In this workshop you will craft your own drum start to finish, along with a leather covered beater. We will begin with a ceremony to remind us of our connection to our source, and conclude with a blessing ceremony to honor the drums and our own medicine. This is a two-day workshop, all materials included $110 fee.

Edge Beading
Have you always wanted to add that special touch to a medicine pouch, altar cloth or ritual clothing? This class teaches basic edge beading and fringe techniques with variations customized to your skill level.

Drum Making and repair Workshops:
Contact Alex & Joy Wedmedyk by July 5th at 330.273.6260 or for workshop & materials fees to make Djembe & Ashiko Drums (large or small) and Hoop drums.

Matthew Williams

In the latter part of 2000, a Welshman named Matthew Williams was arrested for causing criminal damage in a farmer's field in Wiltshire, England. In reality, what Williams had done was create, under cover of complete darkness, a highly elaborate pictogram-style crop circle of the sort that many researchers of the phenomenon assert cannot be made by human hands. Since then, Williams has been variously accused of being a crop circle "hoaxer," an outright liar and charlatan, and most absurdly of all, a government agent dispensing disinformation. Williams is actually part of a "crop circle making underground" and feels that it is within the manmade aspect of the crop circle phenomenon that the answers to the mystery are to be found.

Williams was hired to make the crop circles for the recent Hollywood movie, "Signs," with Mel Gibson. He has made crop circles and demonstrated the craft for numerous film documentaries and tv programs.

Williams says that there is indeed a paranormal and spiritual aspect to the crop circle phenomenon, familiar to those involved in making them, but unrelated to the various UFO and alien based explanation dear to many researchers.

Sheri Winston

Sheri Winston CNM, BSN, RN, LMT is a Certified Nurse-Midwife, Womancare Practitioner, Womancraft & Wholistic Sexuality Teacher, Nurse, Health and Sexuality Educator, Women’s Health Issues Counselor, Massage Therapist, Writer and Artist. Sheri teaches empowering classes and workshops on women's bodies, wholistic health and sexuality. She provides wholistic gynecological health consultations, and works as a Clinician for Planned Parenthood. For more info:

Wholistic Sexuality is a new paradigm that creates a model of sexuality that really works for both men and women, helping to cultivate a healthy, vital, satisfying and ever expanding sexuality. Easy exercises, movement, imagery and sound. Enhance awareness, amplify sensation, work with sexual energy. “Clothes on, hands off”.

Sacred Boundaries is a class that teaches you how to use a 4-step process for identifying, marking, gate-keeping and defending one’s personal boundaries. Exercises are set within a conceptual framework of manifesting the archetypes and energies of the Divine Goddess/God, the Teacher, the Guardian/Gatekeeper and the Warrior. Learn to experience infinite freedom within your sacred boundaries.

A group ritual that creates a safe and free space for people to explore appropriate giving, and active reception, learn to expand their ability to become absorbed and explore working with and moving energy. Please bring for your self and extra to share: pillow or blanket; finger foods; things that feel delightful; things that make beautiful sounds; beautiful things and sources of wonderful aromas.

Billy Woods

Billy Woods is a Taoist and a teacher of Qi Gung (an internal meditational exercise form). He is a Drum Instructor with over 35 years' experience, and has been an ethnic percussionist performing and recording New Music for Dance for the past 17 years. He is part of the percussion performance ensemble Seeds of Time. (His band can be heard on the tapes Street Drumming Live at Starwood and Seeds of Time Live at Starwood, and the CD Halim El-Dabh Live at Starwood, available from ACE).

Chi Kung

The practice of Chi Kung, developed in China over a period of centuries, increases the level of internal vitality through the use of the breath, slow movement forms which are often based on movements in nature or of animals, and visualization patterns related to the oriental system of energy meridians in the body. This particular form, Taoist Elixir Style, is based in the teachings of Grand Master Share K Lew of San Diego, Ca., who spent 14 yrs. as a resident monk at the (Yellow Dragon) Temple in Canton, China. He has been teaching since coming to America in 1949. Neither class is a prerequisite for the other.

Chi Kung: The Short Power Set
This class offers the beginning set of Nui Gung, a short power set of five relatively easy movements along with quiet seated meditation, to maintain good health and increase vitality.

Chi Kung: The Shen Set
This class will utilize the Shen exercises which help develop Chi energy, improve visual focus, and promote self-healing.


Zimra (Anne Delekta) has been performing and teaching dances of the Middle East for more than 10 years. Her studies include ethnic dance styles from North and West Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Spain, India, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf. As an anthropologist, her dancing is deeply grounded in an awareness and sensitivity to the native cultures of each form and style. She resides in Columbus, Ohio, where she teaches at her private studio. She is a member of El Ritmo flamenco troupe, and occasionally performs as a guest of Firelight: Middle Eastern Images.

World Dance: Dance is a cultural phenomenon, and dance is like language: learning the dance of a particular culture brings you an understanding of that culture. This class will cover some of the basics of solo-improvised dance from the Middle East, North Africa, Spain, and Central Asia. No dance experience is necessary, and all ages and genders are welcome.

Guedra: Tuareg Trance Dance of Blessing: The Guedra is a ritual dance of the Tuareg (“Blue People”) of North Africa. The term refers to the dancer, the dance, and also the drum, which is a skin-covered cooking pot. The ritual is a combination of chanting, rhythmic clapping, and dancing, where the dancer, using gestures of the hands and arms, sends collected “good energy” out to the gathered people, the group, and the world.
This will be a modified version of a traditional Guedra. All ages and genders are welcome. Bring something to sit on, and come prepared to clap and chant.

Debbie Zurilla

Deborah Zurilla has been a Chameleon and A.C.E. organizer since the mid 1980's. She has studied Yoga, Meditation, Magic, and Natural Health. In1994 she began attending seminars and classes on Natural Health and Healing. Recently, Deborah left her position as assistant store manager/buyer for a world renowned museum in Cleveland, Ohio, to pursue an educational and business venture in Natural Health Products.

Understanding the Immune System
The Immune system is a complex network of specialized blood cells and organs that defend the body against attacks by foreign invaders. When functioning properly, it fights infectious agents such as bacteria, fungi, and parasites. When it malfunctions, we become vulnerable to a torrent of diseases. We will discuss this complex system, it's operation, and the overall role it plays, so that you can learn to take responsibility for it and support it through health practices and proper nutrition.

Aromatherapy with Essential Oils
Our sense of smell is out most primitive sense, and the one most closely associated with our emotions. Sensory imput can stimulate both emotional and physiological responses. We will go through a brief history of the use of oils, some of the ways we can use them for their many benefits, and we will try some recipes using simple techniques tailored to our individual preferences. (Debbie will recommend some reference materials, and some products will be available for purchase after the workshop.)

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