Starwood Festival XXIII 22-27 July 2003 - Sherman, NY

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius

Joe Deninzon is a versatile violinist based in New York who has been called "The Jimi Hendrix of the Violin". He has worked with Sheryl Crow, Smoky Robinson, The Mahavishnu Project, and the Trans-Syberian Orchestra among others. Joe’s band, Stratospheerius, has been heavily involved in the New York jam band scene, performing regularly at clubs like Wetlands and the Knitting Factory, as well as touring the East Coast and Midwest. The group features Joe on six-string electric violin and vocals, Scott Chasolen on Fender rhodes and moog, Grisha Alexiev on drums, Rufus Philpot on bass, DJ Big Wiz on turntables, and legendary guitarist Alex Skolnick (who has worked with Testament and Stu Hamm). They mix the avant garde jazz/rock sound of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, the pop sensibilities of the Dave Matthews Band, and Chili Peppers-style funk, to create a STRATOSPHEERIC musical experience with plenty of strings attatched. Listen to MP3's from their latest CD. [Tues Night]

Maggi, Pierce & EJ

Maggie, Pierce and EJ, three talented multi-instrumentalists and singers defy description because their music defies classification. One minute they're coffee-house folkies, the next they're headbangers, and then they're covering Yoko Ono tunes. The one constant is their unbelievable three-part harmonies. The band changed instruments as easily as they changed styles, with all three getting a turn at drums, lead guitar and bass throughout the evening

They were winners of Kweevak online magazine's best album of the year, 2001. Adbusters Magazine has featured their song "Linda's Red Button" for two consecutive years as part of their "TV Turn Off Week" campaign. And they've recently come back from the Beyond Nashville Festival in London, England featuring acts such as Gillian Welch, Lyle Lovett and Los Lobos. Give them a listen. [Wed Lunch]


Awen (a welsh word meaning ‘poetic inspiration’) are Ian Corrigan and Sue Parker, from greater Cleveland, Ohio. Awen’s music draws on the traditions of British and Irish folk song and storytelling, as well as the traditions of Neopagan spirituality. Ballads and storysongs mingle with seashanties and countryside tunes, and the occasional original song that harks back to Pagan times. Rollicking guitar rhythms combine with dynamic vocal harmonies to produce a powerful sound that will captivate and delight any audience. MP3's available from [Wed Night]


Revelry is something acoustically different; think Indigo Girls with Magickal ’tude! This all Chameleon (ACE Board of Directors) trio features Victoria Ganger’s multi-genre originals backed by the sensuous harmonies of Lisa Lefkort and Mary Alice Tummonds. From evocative ballads to humorous tangos and all points in between, Revelry draws it’s own unique connection between ancient tradition and today’s spirit. [Wed Night]

Gaelic Storm

Since the release of their self-titled first album, Gaelic Storm has thundered onto stages around the world, astounding audiences with their explosive performance. Featured as the "Steerage Party Band" in the blockbuster hit Titanic, Gaelic Storm has proven they can keep the party rocking long after the credits have rolled. In clubs and theatres or at outdoor festivals, it's a show that never fails to leave audiences on their feet: reeling, dancing and screaming for more!

Gaelic Storm kicked off an international tour supporting their latest album, TREE, which reached #4 on the Billboard World Music charts. Featuring new songs, new attitude and new percussion and fiddle, Gaelic Storm continues to pack `em in to the party... so grab yourself a pint of Irish Stout and hit the pavillion, there's a Storm blowing into Starwood! Music clips available at [Wed Night]

Owain Phyffe

Owain Phyfe is a vocalist with The New World Renaissance Band, and the founder of Nightwatch Recording, specializing in the performance of ancient music in English, Spanish, Italian, Welsh, German, French, Provencal and latin. His music has aired worldwide and on over 300 radio stations across North America. Listen to him now. [Thurs Lunch]

Burning Sage

Burning Sage is an all female, original rock band from Northeastern Ohio. Influenced by 60's and 70's roots, this power trio ascends from acoustic guitars with trippy percussion to electric echoes and hard driving rock.

The members of Burning Sage have over 40 years of diverse performance experience. Lin, (Lead Singer/Guitars) has toured solo and written numerous songs performed by national artists. "Chops Mistress" Sue (Percussion) has been playing professionally since the tender age of twelve and Lucy (on Bass) brings solid anchor and melodic grooves to this trio. Listen to the song Burn from their forthcoming CD, Purification. [Thurs Night]


Janah's performances are songs about life ... and songs about learning - themes that transcend culture and even language. The songs and vision, inspired from Keith Johnston's travels and studies in the Middle East, have developed into an impressive live performance and recording project - capturing the attention of many listeners from many backgrounds.

Incorporating Percussion instruments from around the world along with Sitar, Bamboo flutes, Celtic chanters, and traditional instrumentation, Janah continues to cultivate a unique sound. So the journey continues, as it will for as long as this synergetic interest and heartfelt support allows. Thank you for being a part of it. MP3's available from [Thurs Night]

Randolphe Harris & Sarah Cohen

How do you make the ordinary, extraordinary? You mix "a little of this 'n' that" with a lot of love and patience, and then let simmer intil perfect. That's what Randolphe Harris has done with his music. The result is a satisfying blend of traditional music spiced with African-American elements that melt into a universal rhythm that resonates with the soul. And then there's that extraordinary voice - so powerful yet approachably real - that transcends time and place with it's clarity and richness.

Sarah Cohen's performance is geared to involve the audience, by breaking down conventional barriers of artist and listener. The crowd is the most important element to her, and they should feel that they matter and effect her performance. Her musical influences started with Neil Young and Led Zeppelin-- good song writing, and unforgettable rifts. She sees live music as much as possible, and learns from professional onstage technique (research is fun!). Sarah believes if you want to make music, you should all the time. MP3's available from [Fri Lunch]

Alma Melodiosa

Blending Old World Gypsy passion with futuristic grooves, Alma Melodiosa creates an original flavor of Flamencadelic Music. Become entranced by a hypnotic mix of World Rhythms enriched by beautiful female vocals in Spanish and English.

Originating from Northern California, Spain and Canada, this six piece is inspired from the magic of many cultures and is an exploration of the past, present and future. Ascending from the mysticism of old Gypsy tradions, Alma Melodiosa reflects the passions of modern life into an entirely unique genre of cutting edge flamecadelic music... Sample some music from: [Fri Night]

Einsteins Secret Orchestra

Einsteinís Secret Orchestra is a Cleveland based ensemble capable of everything from sonic soundscaping to tribal world-beat to balls-out rock&roll, and has developed a strong reputation among Pagan gatherings, psychedelic happenings, space-rock festivals and big city rock clubs alike. ESO brings a treasure trove of musical styles to their dynamically theatrical stageshows. LetX=X. [Fri Night]

Baba Olatunji Tribute

We honor the passing of one of the great African drummers of all time, Babatunde Olatunji, the man who more than any other brought African drumming to this continent and into popularity. His work with Micky Hart of the Grateful Dead, and his own Drums of Passion CDs, has been the cornerstone of festival drumming in America. For over fifty years, from movie sound-tracks to classes to performances, his rhythms and spirit have brought the joy of authentic African drumming and dancing to all corners of the world. He has been a tireless supporter of multi-cultural cooperation and world peace.

Three spirited percussionists (Muruga Booker, Badal Roy and Sikiru) from different styles of drumming will combine their talents in a tribute concert debuting at Starwood this year and touring in subsequent months. The set will be introduced by longtime friend and colleague Halim El-Dabh. Listen to Stepping-Isise from Cosmic Rhythm Vibrations featuring Muruga, Sikiru and Baba Olatunji. [Sat Lunch]

Baka Beyond

Baka Beyond appear at Starwood with their unique upbeat acoustic dance music. Top musicians from six countries in West and Central Africa and the Celtic fringes of Europe once again bring their uplifting mix of beautiful harmonies and exciting rhythms on tour. With songs imported from the African rainforest via Brittany, Cornwall and the Outer Hebrides there¹s no other band like them.

Three of the band, Martin Cradick (guitar and mandolin), Nii Tagoe (balafon and percussion) and Seckou Keita (kora and drums) have released an album, "EtE". At Starwood you'll get a taste of these new songs as well as Baka Beyond's unique fusion of African and Celtic rhythms and melodies.

With the top West African percussionists in the country, mesmerising basslines from Cameroonian, Sam Djengue, the wild fiddle of Paddy Le Mercier, dazzling guitar and the stunning vocal interplay of Su Hart and Denise Rowe, Baka Beyond guarantee an uplifting night out followed by our legendary bonfire. Listen to Baka Radio. [Sat Night]



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