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Starwood Festival XXIII 22-27 July 2003 - Sherman, NY


...a vacation in another realm, where many realities meet. A place where Scientists sit with Shamans and Druids dance with Deadheads. Where African drums jam with bluegrass fiddles, and Celtic harps combine with psychedelic synthesizers. Where political activism meets Earth spirituality, where theatre and life meld, where days are spent in exploration of inner and outer space, and nights blaze with laser lights and bonfire flames.

23 Skidoo is your password... the 23rd annual Starwood Festival, a six day celebration offering over 15 performances of music and drumming, dance and theatre. It's a multiversity featuring over 150 classes, workshops, and ceremonies offered by teachers from many fields, disciplines, traditions and diverse cultures. It a clothing optional family camping event with tenting and hiking, a pool and hot tub, child care co-op and kid village and fireworks.


Pre-registration is way over. We welcome walk-ins but the fee is $200 cash only. Our ability to answer questions is severely limited at this point. You can try calling ACE at 216.932.5421 or e-mailing, but first, please review the website... 23 Skidoo!

- No Bardic Circle has been scheduled this year.
- Paypal registration is now active.
- Starwood E-mail List at 504 Members.
- Most speakers and workshops listed.
- Midnight Rituals up.
- Starwood E-group at 522 Members.
- Starwood Ride Board resurrected.
- More speakers and workshops listed.
- Childcare and Kids info added.
- Starwood Village Map up.
- Still more speakers and workshops added...
- Added links to music files in Entertainment.
- Pre-registration deadline extended to July 7th.
- Starwood E-group at 559 members.
- Beta Schedule available (PDF Only)
- Revised Starwood Village Map (b&w pre-release) available.
- Starwood E-group at 580 members.
- Beta Program Book available (759Kb PDF or as 3.8Mb Postscript)
- (available on-site)
- More speakers, more classes, more, more, more... (details on-site)
- E-group tops out at 596, unsub before you leave for Starwood...
- E-group (oddly) at 604 members...
- WebChameleon going wireless, 23 Skidoo!

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