the Starwood Festival | July 20-25, 2004
America's Favorite Magical Event | Sherman, NY


...a vacation in another realm. A place where Scientists sit with Shamans and Druids dance with Deadheads. Where African drums jam with bluegrass fiddles, and political activism meets Earth spirituality - where theatre and life meld - where days are spent in exploration of inner and outer space, and nights blaze with laser lights and bonfire flames.

Now in its third decade, this six-day camping festival is the high point of Summer for nearly 2000 people. Over 160 workshops, rituals & performances, nightly concerts, films, merchants, and the biggest bonfire you've ever seen! The unbelievable price, fine camping facilities, and private site (with a pool and hot tub), complete the formula for an unforgettable outdoor experience that will inspire and activate you for months afterward.

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