the Starwood Festival | July 20-25, 2004
                America's Favorite Magical Event | Sherman, NY

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the Bardic Bardos

The Bardic Bardos, that myth that became a band that became a myth, have returned to share their special brand of Mirthful Magickal Mayhem. Wielding various strings, winds, vocals, and lots of percussion, they're sure to get your feet moving and your spirits soaring! The Bardos draw inspiration from around the world and across the ages, from Medieval and Celtic to jazz, rock, and rap.

Owain Phyffe

Owain Phyffe is a vocalist with The New World Renaissance Band, and the founder of Nightwatch Recording, specializing in the performance of ancient music in English, Spanish, Italian, Welsh, German, French, Provencal and Latin. His music has aired worldwide and on over 300 radio stations across North America.


RAQ is a band that immerses itself in the power of the musical moment, while fully embracing the spirit of improvisation. Its compositions are grounded in solid song structures, which are malleable enough in the live setting to go in infinite directions. RAQ has amassed a large and loyal following in a short amount of time, strictly on the basis of word of mouth. The band has performed in front of sold-out crowds as far and wide as the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and the famed Knitting Factory in New York City, and performed in front of sold out crowds in Telluride, Denver and Breckenridge. RAQ was chosen as the 'New Groove of the Month' by, and nominated for a 'Jammy' Award in the prestigious category of 'Best New Band'. Relix Magazine declared them one of the top bands to look out for this summer.


Janah's performances are songs about life ... and songs about learning - themes that transcend culture and even language. The songs and vision, inspired from Keith Johnston's travels and studies in the Middle East, have developed into an impressive live performance and recording project - capturing the attention of many listeners from many backgrounds. Incorporating Percussion instruments from around the world along with Sitar, Bamboo flutes, Celtic chanters, and traditional instrumentation, Janah continues to cultivate a unique sound. So the journey continues, as it will for as long as this synergetic interest and heartfelt support allows. Thank you for being a part of it.

Jim Volk

Jim Volk is a rare player, one who transcends merely fast fret-work or gee-whizz histrionics by his ability to use the instrument as a conveyance. He has the rare ability to select discerningly from a wide, multi-hued musical palette and the talent to mate those elements with bold design and solid musicianship. Listening to Volk play is an active undertaking; he gives his all in a high-altitude, high-energy ride that will satisfy and sate the most jaded folk-acoustic ear. He’s the founder of Steel River Productions, organizing and promoting concerts for other "modern acoustic" musicians and composers, and has produced 2 solo releases, "Melodies and Monologues" and "Woods and Metals". Crowned Austin's 1994 KLBJ Guitar Wars Champion, Jim Volk continues to perform at least 200 dates a year, as well as teaching the brave and subtle craft of guitardom and conducting "The Electrified Acoustic Guitarist" clinic.


Mookomor is a 4-peace electronic band, based in Boston. It is a live psychedelic Jungle act with synths, bass, drums, guitar synth, laptop beats, sampler and optical theremin; a fully improvisational multimedia project combining dub, jungle and d'n'b grooves with trancy synth melody lines, psychedelic noises and sounds followed by live video mix. Essentially, Mookomor is the blend of "organic" and digital worlds in a live music setting.


Awen (a welsh word meaning 'poetic inspiration') are Ian Corrigan and Sue Parker, from greater Cleveland, Ohio. Awen's music draws on the traditions of British and Irish folk song and storytelling, as well as the traditions of Neopagan spirituality. Ballads and story-songs mingle with sea shanties and countryside tunes, and the occasional original song that harks back to Pagan times. Rollicking guitar rhythms combine with dynamic vocal harmonies to produce a powerful sound that will captivate and delight any audience.


Revelry is something acoustically different; think Indigo Girls with Magickal 'tude! This all-Chameleon trio features Victoria Ganger's multi-genre originals backed by the sensuous harmonies of Lisa Lefkort and Mary Alice Tummonds. From evocative ballads to humorous tangos and all points in between, Revelry draws it's own unique connection between ancient tradition and today's spirit.

Felonious Bosch

Felonious Bosch brings a sound that’s been described as Mid Evil Troll Jams. They’re a work in progress, a terrific, high-energy six-piece Celtic rock orchestra consisting of veterans of several renown groups, such as: Boiled in Lead, Machinery Hill, Seven Thieves, Nemo, The Blue Up, and Lick. Melodies from medieval times are brought into a modern context with original lyrics and hard-hitting performances. Electric, acoustic, traditional, original - this band combines multiple strands of music into a single powerful sound. Felonious Bosch are: Renée Bracchi – drum kit, percussion, Ric Lee – violin, Drew Miller – bass, dulcimer, Nemo – bouzoukis, things with strings, Hannah Thiem – violin, and Katy Thomasberg – vocals.

Asha Nan

Asha Nan comes to us from Woodstock, NY via California. This World beat band, featuring a mix of African, Brazilian, Salsa, and rhythm and blues, has been plugged in to the environmental movement and festival circuit for many years, but make their Starwood debut this year. Get ready for a new, very danceable sound, with the eclectic energy so unique to the festival movement.

Badal Roy

Amerendra 'Badal' Roy Choudhury arrived in New York in 1968 with a pair of tablas and eight dollars in his pocket, taking busboy jobs and waiting positions in Indian restaurants. Soon, he was entrancing customers with his drumming. Badal's passionate style of playing is free-flowing and always from the heart, and when Miles Davis heard him play, the superstar warmed to him and spread the word. Soon he received his big break: an invitation to record with John McLaughlin and Miles successively. Today Badal Roy is the foremost exponent of tabla in jazz music. He has played with not only Davis and McLaughlin, but also artists as diverse as Herbie Mann, Dave Liebman, Don Cherry, Pharaoh Sanders, Dizzy Gillespie, Lonnie Liston Smith, Andreas Vollenweider, and Yoko Ono. He has been an integral part of Ornette Coleman's Prime Time since 1988 and is presently collaborating with Brazil s Duofel, an instrumental guitar duo, and touring with the Global Village Ceremonial Band.

Cyro Baptista & Beat the Donkey

Cyro Baptista & Beat The Donkey is more than a ten-piece percussion ensemble. It is a multicultural, polyphonic, highly creative and entertaining group that takes rhythms beyond their natural frontiers. There is an undeniable aura of fun and humor whenever Cyro Baptista takes the stage, and this is particularly true with Beat The Donkey. The drummers, and even a DJ, from all over the world, wear wild, elaborate costumes and frequently leave their instruments to break into spontaneous dance, making the group fascinating to watch as well as listen to. Cyro has always rejected rigid classifications in terms of instrumentation and compositional approach. With Beat The Donkey he gives free reign to his imagination, mixing instruments from Brazil, U.S., Indonesia and Africa with his own instruments. It is mysterious, spellbinding, infectious, irresistible dance music. Cyro himself roams the stage, conducting his troupe with fiendish glee, keeping the audience's attention captive for the whole show. The amazing thing about Beat The Donkey is the unending variations; you could listen to them all night and still want to hear more.

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