As usual, Starwood is veritably stuffed with dynamic, diverse World Music, from Brazilian Jazz drumming to Irish Rock to Tribal Goth.
Here are some of the performers you'll find on stage at the 25th Annual Starwood Festival:


Lunchtime Concerts

Wednesday: Changeling
Thursday: Brian Henke
Friday: The One Hat Band
Saturday: Rock Opera with Dufus and Waking Dream

Nightly Concerts

Tuesday: Festival Openers The Bardo Brothers.
Wednesday: Rock the Hump with Incus and The Prodigals.
Thursday: Open Mic Bardic Stage followed by the Midnight OM on the Range...
Friday: Chameleon, Groovananda and Paprika followed by our infamous (and inflammatory) Island Show.
Saturday: Stephen Kent opening for Airto Moreira and of course our legendary bonfire...

Bardic Stage

The Starwood Bardic Stage is a great way to show off your talent. If you play an instrument or can sing a song, we'd love to have you perform. Play, sing, or just come to be part of the audience. Don't forget that Thursday is the Night of a Thousand Masks. After the Bardic Stage be sure to join in the Midnight campwide OM...


Rising from the Earth like Gaia's glowing nipple, the Pufferdome is our unique late night club and performance space. This year we have moved the Pufferdome home to the main field, so everyone will get a chance to experience it without the traditional arduous journey down the muddy road at midnight.

The Pufferdome evening program includes the Wednesday midnight concert by The Gregory Morris Group, and a Thursday Full Moon concert and ritual with Life In Balance. Friday evening will be a special encore showing of the Shard Live Performance Collective's Cry Out! followed at Midnight with the Black Light Mythic Theatre of Archedream.and a performance by Nigel.

We've just added a special performance early Thursday evening of the Shard Live Performance Collective's Cry Out! - a moving portrayal of Poet and Activist Allen Ginsberg's strange and creative journey. Join in the Faerie Woods Community Potluck and the Art Project and enjoy a little theatre afterwards, a perfect full moon evening out Starwood style!

Daytime activities will include a mind spa with biofeedback-controlled video games including the ground breaking biofeedback
game Journey to the Wild Divine. Available equipment includes: the Breathwork Explorer, the only light sound frequency device controlled by your breathing; and the Shaman, a light sound device using EEG (Electrical brain activity) for frequency control. A wide selection of CD controlled Light/Sound meditation programs will also be available for your edification and enjoyment. The Pufferdome will provide a small oxygen bar for your convenience and curiosity as well as space for a variety of workshops. Feed your head and heart at the Pufferdome.

Island Show

Welcome to the Kingdom of the Flame...

Where shadows and lights cavort in the night and flames pierce the sky. Intriguing sounds come from all around and mix with unusual sights. A very special 15th island show to celebrate Starwood's silver anniversary.
Music by Ron Slabe, projections, fire effects, and spinning by the Pyrosonic crew. Set by $tarburner.

The Castle Beyond The Goblin City

An exciting Puppet show Wednesday afternoon way back in the former Pufferdome field for kids of all ages featuring the puppetry of Andy Burke. An 8' high 24' wide set created for The Island Show will be used as a stage for the puppet show and Tuesday and Wednesday Night's Time Machine before being moved out to the island and back lit Thursday Night and featured in Friday Night's Island Pyrosonic Show.


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