The Starwood Festival features over 15 performances of music, drumming, dance and theatre. Its a multiversity featuring over 150 classes, workshops and ceremonies offered by teachers from many fields, disciplines, traditions and cultures. Its a clothing-optional family camping event with tenting and hiking, a pool and a hot-tub, a food court, co-op child care, a Kid Village and multimedia shows. Starwood is also a social event with costume parades, jam sessions, merchants, parties, all-night drumming and much more, including our huge and infamous Bonfire!

We’ve outdone ourselves this year folks! In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, the Starwood Stage is honored to welcome a true national treasure, premiere Brazilian & World percussionist Airto Moreira (of Return to Forever, Weather Report, Planet Drum and more)! We also welcome the hot Celtic rock group The Prodigals, and the amazing didgeridoo artist Stephen Kent (of Trance Mission). Newcomers like the all-woman World Beat group Paprika and New Age artists Life in Balance combine with old favorites, like the groups Incus, The Bardic Bardos, and the One Hat Band to name a few. And our speaker line-up is just as amazing for our great celebration.

25th Anniversary

They say OM is the sound the universe makes as it creates itself; and as creation unfolds, and one note becomes many, this music of the spheres becomes a chord, a sonic tapestry of myriad vibrations in glorious harmony. Starwood is a wonderful symbol of this process, as many paths, quests and dreams combine like voices in a choir to create something new, unique for both its unity and its diversity. We have traveled this path through the Woods of Mystery for 25 years, and now we welcome both our oldest traveling companions and every new pioneer to join us in the great clearing, round the soaring fire, to dance beneath the diamond sky, where every man and woman is a star! Welcome OM to Starwood.


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