A single merchant/vendor space up to 20'x 20' will cost $75.00. Each merchant/vendor space includes one parking fee (a $15 value). Additional blocks of 20'x 20' space will also cost $75.00 each. Spaces are first come first served and non-reservable.

All merchants (and their employees/helpers) must be paid attendees of the Starwood Festival in addition to having paid for their merchant space and display their Starwood merchant license plainly at all times.

Merchants are required to affix a fire extinguisher to the front of their booth so that it is accessible to anyone in case of an emergency. (This is a requirement for anyone setting up a merchant site at Brushwood.)

Brushwood and ACE require all merchants have a NYS Tax ID number. On-line Permitting and Licensing is available.

  1. Go to: www.nys-permits.org
  2. Click on: Online OPAL Applications (left navigation bar)
  3. Select: Taxation & Finance, Department of
  4. Select: Certificate of Authority to collect sales tax, Show/Entertainment vendors
  5. A dialog box pops up, click "ok" on that.
  6. Fill out the form.

If you apply on-line you can check the status and it should only take about 20 days to get the license (We cannot answer questions about NYS Taxes or Permits). State of New York Tax information is available from the NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance.

Brushwood and ACE REQUIRE all merchants protect themselves by acquiring liability insurance. All vending at Brushwood is based on these pre-requisites. Note: In error we had stated that we strongly recommended merchants acquire liability insurance. Regardless, all merchants are required to show proof of insurance. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

We are told that K and K Insurance will underwrite smaller merchants for as little as $160, however this is unverified.

In some cases, your homeowners policy may be sufficient. Contact Brushwood with any questions about Insurance.

Coming early?

Make arrangements with Brushwood regarding early arrival and or departure (they have their own system and fees). Register with ACE for Starwood. Register with Brushwood for any other events. Early arrival does not "claim your space" at Starwood. All campsites are subject to approval by ACE and or Brushwood. Almost never a problem, but just sayin'...

Check in with Brushwood when you arrive on-site and inform them you will be merchanting through Starwood. You must conform to any Brushwood regulations concerning merchants and site fees.

As always:

We make no guarantees as to the perceived desirability of any site. All merchant sites are first come (arrived), first served. All spaces are out of doors, electricity is very limited and fees apply ($10-15/day, available from Brushwood). Electric is first come, first served, and never guaranteed.

Your Merchant fee allows you one vehicle to store merchandise and/or for you to camp in your vehicle. When you arrive at Brushwood you will receive a Merchant ID which must be visibly displayed at your booth. You must register with ACE for festival entrance.

No food merchants except those already arranged for with Brushwood.

All Starwood merchants will have a listing in our program book for no additional charge.


Questions for ACE concerning Starwood registration, event fees and advertising rates should be directed to:
registration at rosencomet dot com or 216-308-0003

Questions about early arrivals/late departures and vending at other events, should be directed to:
darlene@brushwood.com or 716-761-6750


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