Being such a multi-sensory experience, mere words and even pictures cannot begin to impart the full impact that attendance at the Starwood Festival provides.

So, throw on something comfortable (or get naked), light some incense, build a fire next to your computer, (open a window) grab your favorite beverage and watch those volume controls as we paint an aural and cinematic tapestry for your amusement...


Video is provided via Macromedia Flash. There is no audio control on-screen, be sure your speakers or audio output are turned down...

Friday Night Fire Spinners set to Music.
Videography by Tantor
Flash 6.0, 370Kb, 30S

The bonfire begins with the slow procession from the main stage.
Videography by Jada.
Flash 6.0, 701Kb, 30S

Flame to wood, slowly the fiery beast springs to life!
Videography by Tantor
Flash 6.0, 370Kb, 30S

Every Man and every Woman is a Star!
Videography by Jada
Flash 6.0, 490Kb, 20S

Videography by Sari
Flash 6.0, 667Kb, 70S


If the video isn't working for you, you may need to install the free Flash viewer.


Did you find it difficult to fall asleep at home after Starwood? Missed the drums, didn't you? We had to wait a short while to provide these, consider it tough love...

Second Shift, Friday Night - mp3, 471Kb, 60S

Third Shift, Friday Night - mp3, 471Kb, 60S

Starwood Funga (Senegalese Welcome), mp3, 1.14Mb, 150S (2:30)

Didgeridoo, wouldn't you? mp3, 824Kb, 105S (1:45)


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