Welcome to registration for The 25th Anniversary Starwood Festival.

Pre-registration before July 2, 2005 is $165.00, and includes all workshops, concerts, rituals, and activities (except where an additional workshop materials fee is indicated). ACE members, as always, receive a discount.

On-site registration cost is $200.00, cash only.

There is an extra $15 fee for parking your vehicle in a camping area (payable and at the discretion of the site owners) and there are additional fees (and additional requirements) for merchants.

There are no individual workshop, weekend, or one day rates. It's all or nothing baby!

Refunds will be granted at our discretion but we reserve the right to retain a modest handling fee.

Print out and mail in your registration form (or call and register by phone), or register online (see below).

Online Registration

On-line registration is through PayPal, a safe and easy to use online payment service. If you do not already have a Pay-Pal account, it's easy to set up and only takes a few minutes of your time. See for yourself...

Clicking on an 'Add to cart' button adds an instance of that item to your paypal shopping cart. Your cart will appear in a new browser window. It may be necessary to disable some browser security features temporarily to allow the shopping cart to display.

Please note! At the very end of the checkout procedure, there is an opportunity to add a note. This is your chance to make revisions to the name(s) of the registrant(s), add the name of the merchant space, or let us know something about your registration. Please look for it and use it. If you forget to or don't find it please send an e-mail to registration at rosencomet dot com with the name the paypal account is under, the e-mail address of the account holder and the names of everyone (and everything) registered. Thanks...

  $165 - General Starwood Pre-Registration

  $125 - ACE Members Starwood Pre-Registration

  $65 - New ACE Membership (thanks!)

  $65 - Renew an existing ACE Membership (thanks again!)

  $60 - Minor from 5 to 15 years old.

  $75 - Starwood Vending Permit for 20'x20', non reservable space. *

Please include your merchanting name and product(s)/service for license using the "add a note" feature at the end of checkout (Include your URL to be listed on our web site). Address questions to registration at rosencomet dot com

You may purchase advertising space or coupon space in the Starwood Tour Guide (approx. 50-page catalog with print run of 2000). Artwork submission requirements are available on the For Merchants page. Anyone may place an ad. Hail your mates in style!

 $70 - 2.25"w x 3.75"h (quarter page) display ad. *

 $100 - 4.5"w x 3.75"h (half page) display ad. *

 $150 - 4.5"w x 7.5"h (full page) display ad. *


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