Sacred Space

The RoundHouse is Sacred Space, please treat it with utmost respect. Please enter the RoundHouse through one of the Four Gates. Climbing on the RoundHouse is not allowed.

Fire Monitors

There will be Fire Monitors and Fire Tenders attending each RoundHouse Fire. Periodic introductions of them will be made to the crowd. If you need to know who a Monitor is: ASK a Fire Tender. Fire Tenders can be identified by long pants, boots and gloves.

No Loitering in the fire

Activities such as walking on the logs, jumping over the fire or any similar activity is prohibited.

Dancing Space

There will be a safe distance (approxiatemately 6') between the fire and Drummers to insure adequate space for the dancers. Drummers, please do not impede the flow of the dancers, such as putting your drum near the fire unattended when the flow is active. Dancers, please be conscious of the Drummers so that their heat is not blocked. Stationary dancing that could impede the flow of dancing will be discouraged. Be conscious of the dancing arena. Keep all personal items off of it.

Please be respectful of the flow of the fire

Be conscientious of your behavior and be respectful of others. Respect others personal property. Do not handle other peoples drums or equipment without their permission.


Glass containers are discouraged for the safety of all. Please discard of trash and recyclables in the proper containers.

Parents/Guardian are responsible for children at all times

and must be within arms reach of toddlers and infants sleeping or sitting. Small children (under 36") must be in physical contact with a parent/guardian to dance around the fire.

Assholes Beware

Verbal or physical aggression will not be tolerated. Individuals will be asked to leave.

Only Fire Monitors/Tenders are allowed to tend the fire

Remember that we love you. Thank you for your understanding.


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