Within the music of DUFUS resides a severe tension in constant jeopardy of hurtling out of control; aggressive and nurturing, chaotic yet structured, solitary and social, apolitical and revolutionary. It is complex genius, yet there is something innocent and pure, something so subconscious that one gets the feeling they are in a strange and new land but unsure of what changed. Dufus wears experimental song structures and their own handmade clothing improvising often during live performance blending different forms in often unexpected and pleasantly surprising ways while all the time maintaining an uplifting experience deliberately for the listener's benefit. Dufus has toured extensively in Europe, Japan and the US with plans for an East Coast tour in the Fall and a full European tour in the Winter of 2005.

"Listening to Dufus is like being thrust into a child's drawing. It's capable of changing the world." --City Hub

Check out: www.dufus.tv


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