Starwood Alumni artist Wynne Paris returns to perform as Groovananda: a world beat, Jazz and kirtan (chanting) fusion act that also includes songs and stories about yoga, Jazz, and musical meditations. Paris bases the concert on a sound and musical form emerging from the yoga world. Groovananda has a participatory flavor; the musicians encourage the audience to sing along, clap, dance and meditate. Paris, a leading proponent of kirtan, has recorded, produced and performed with Krishna Das, the pioneer and most popular artist of the genre.

Paris has split his time between Northern California and Washington DC, learning the music of yoga, producing new age music and developing a musical style that he describes as "Raga Rock". As a Bhakti, or devotional singer, he draws upon influences from Indian and Tibetan folk music, blues and Jazz, and chiefly from Kirtan; a devotional form of singing that he performs at yoga centers, raves, and festivals and gatherings. By mixing ecstatic and holistic expressions of music, Wynne uses tabla loops, Indian instruments, chanting, an innovative guitar style, and a generous helping of Sarod (an esoteric Indian instrument) to serve up a spiritually funky and uplifting sound.

Originally a rocker, Wynne's evolution from night club musician to kirtan chanting troubadour began in 1996, when he started a production company with acupuncturist , artist, and venture capitalist Dr. Wu. The Taoist master, who twenty years earlier had influenced the rock band Steely Dan, encouraged Wynne to deeply explore a mystical and holistic approach to music. The result was a series of sessions and tours that took Wynne across the country performing at healing circles, Pagan festivals and Kirtans in SF, LA, DC and NY.


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