Jim Volk

Jim Volk is a rare player, one who transcends merely fast fret-work or gee-whizz histrionics by his ability to use the instrument as a conveyance. He has the rare ability to select discerningly from a wide, multi-hued musical palette and the talent to mate those elements with bold design and solid musicianship. Listening to Volk play is an active undertaking; he gives his all in a high-altitude, high-energy ride that will satisfy and sate the most jaded folk-acoustic ear. He’s the founder of Steel River Productions, organizing and promoting concerts for other “modern acoustic” musicians and composers, and has produced 2 solo releases, “Melodies and Monologues” and “Woods and Metals”. Crowned Austin’s 1994 KLBJ Guitar Wars Champion, Jim Volk continues to perform atleast 200 dates a year, as well as teaching the brave and subtle craft of guitardom and conducting “The Electrified Acoustic Guitarist” clinic. www.jimvolk.com


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