The One Hat Band

'The best band since the rubber band, and that's no stretch!" - Paul Krassner (Editor, Realist Magazine)

What do ya get when you take a mom, a dad, a sister, four brothers and a crazy guy named Dave and stick them on a stage together? A great game of family feud? Or a rompin' stompin' sweet singin' 21-year-old rowdy, jazz-grass family band? Now that's more like it!

The One Hat Band started in 1983 when 3-year-old Jake Henry got his first fiddle. And they've continued to add a new little fiddler every few years. Being cute is definitely part of what's made this band so loved over the years! Never mind the fact that they're sure to get at least one of your feet stompin'.

Though you're most likely to find Michael Glenn (50) strummin' guitar, Cowgirl Pearl (49) thumpin' bass, Jake Henry (24) sizzlin' fiddle, Maple Flo (22) jiggin' mandolin, Jac Chester (17) sawin' fiddle, River Glen (15) smokin' mandolin, Kid Ki (6) fiddle his fiddle, and David going crazy on drums, you might catch Jake on the saxophone, River on guitar, or Dave on the banjo, or maybe everyone tooting a tune on the jugs. And everybody enjoys taking their turn harmonizing and singing lead. The One Hat Band would like to welcome their third generation! Born to David and Maple on July 15, 2004, Alam Michael Estafen, TOHB's newest little fiddler.

The stylings of TOHB are stemmed from their roots in street performance. Having busked at festivals all over the country, they've developed their shows into something closer to theater then just a plain old concert. TOHB has appeared on stages from the NW Folklife Festival in Seattle WA, to the Starwood Festival in Sherman NY, and has expanded their repertoire to cover tunes to please all kinds of audiences including traditional and Irish fiddle tunes, jazz standards, bluegrass, old country, and contemporary folk; from old timers like Hank Williams, Bill Monroe and the Louvin Brothers to new artists like Mason Jennings, Gillian Welch and Greg Brown.

Outside of playing music, the Breitbach family likes to grow, cook, eat and sell organic food at their homes and business in Rickardsville and Dubuque, IA.


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