C. Larry Cornett

Larry Cornett, known for his Calendar of Events, is a founding member of the Chameleon Club, the Church of All Worlds Triskelion Nest, the Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network, the Sacred Earth Alliance, and VisionWeavers Coven.
He works as an environmental consultant on air pollution control, toxic and radioactive waste management, risk assessment, monitoring, and clean-up.

Earth Religion Rights Networking

This participatory workshop will cover how to deal with religious discrimination, along with organizations, resources, and tactics that can help. It will begin with a summary of the pertinent issues, resources and tactics. Participants will be given a limited amount of time to cover who they are, what they have actually done to help people with legal problems associated with their religion, the results of such efforts, and lessons learned. Which topics interest participants the most and who has experience and expertise in such areas will be determined. The remaining part of the workshop will focus on one or more areas where there is experience, expertise and interest. Sign-up sheets will be circulated for forwarding to a variety of Earth Religion Rights organizations. Participants are encouraged to distribute and/or circulate brochures and pertinent information.

Science, Consciousness and Magic

Quantum mechanics and associated theories of consciousness, as well as many spiritual philosophies, indicate that matter, energy, and life itself are manifestations of non-localized, unified, underlying strata. The underlying strata are described as waves of probability in quantum mechanics. By unifying one's consciousness with such underlying strata, one can achieve states of consciousness in which one can obtain and send information and also influence events. In this workshop, quantum mechanical theories concerning the nature of consciousness and magick will be discussed, along with associated laws of magick. A quantitative theory developed by Evan Harris Walker, at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Army Ballistic Research Center, will be given special attention.


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