Rebecca Crystal

Rebecca Crystal has been teaching, organizaing and writing in the neo-Pagan and Feminist communities since 1979 in two, and soon to be three, different states. She is an Honoriary Elder of Elf Lore Family, and facilitates the CUUPS chapter in Vermont where she now lives. Before she moves to Texas she offers workshops to the beloved Starwood community where she has presented for many years.

Advanced Pagan Faith Healing

A final round of healing for all who have attended a healing/teaching circle with Rebecca in years past. This may be a more intense circle and if you came to Starwood to party this workshop may not be your first choice. Deep work covering loss, anger, rage and stuck psychic devbelopment is welcome. Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring rattles, water, and finger food.

Pagan Faith Healing in the Round

Through humor, direct communication and psychic ability with a little hands on thrown in, come get relief from your stuck places in your spiritual evolution. Come knowing what you need or ask for the the Guides' Wisdom. Rattles, comfortable clothes and a willingness to be directed welcome.

Psychic Skills 101

Come expecting an experience and perhaps get in contact with your psychic ability. This is an experiential workshop - you will be doing not listening to a lecture. See, feel, hear, taste and Know your own and another's arua. Comfortable clothes and silly grins welcome.

Sister/Brother Circle

Festivals can be huge and for the charisma challenged lonely. At this circle we will share with each other in rounds. First round is Meet and Greet. Second is Gloom and Bloom. Third is Maze and Praise. We will listen to our sisters and brothers as they share their lives. Before we end we will take the time to connect so each feels less alone.


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