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LaSara FireFox is an eclectic Witch who was raised in the Craft. She has a taste for new magicks, edge-play, and Divine Love. Second-generation Pagan Clergy, LaSara was ordained by the Church of All Worlds in 1999. LaSara is - by trade and desire - a writer, ritualist, Priest/ess, Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, sex-positive educator and activist, and designer/facilitator of a wide variety of fun, interactive, exploration-based workshops, rituals and other experiences. Many of her productions focus on sexual-, self-, and relational empowerment. LaSara's first book, Sexy Witch [Llewellyn Worldwide], hits the shelves September 2005. LaSara believes that the most revolutionary, and perhaps evolutionary, act we can engage in is becoming healthy, strong and self-defined. LaSara lives with her two daughters and husband in the wilds of northern California. Learn more about her at

Flirting to Get Laid

Tired of all tease and no play? Well, get that hottie into bed! In this workshop, flirt slut LaSara Firefox will help you find ways to make flirting work for you. The subjects canvassed will include building rapport, appropriate use of touch and boundary play as an attraction-meter, the art of boundary testing, the guile-less pick up line, making flirting hot, how to use your friends as props, the art of the zipless fuck, and how to lay the groundwork for a graceful post-coitus exit. (Hint: effective groundwork is laid before you are!)

Organic Paganism: Magick Without the Cloak and Dagger

Are you a Pagan who doesn't want a $300 athame? A Witch who is less interested in the perfect chalice than in the effect of your thoughts upon your actions? A Newbie who is confused by all the trappings of the "old religion"? Have you ever thought "There's got to be a simpler way to practice!"? If so, than this workshop is for you. Leave behind the cloak and dagger, and find your way to a more intuitive relationship with magick. In this workshop on Organic Pagan and family traditions, Witch LaSara Firefox will cover intention and manifestation, visualization, tool-less magick, creation/recognition of sacred space, and alternatives to performance-based ritual.

Raising Our Kids in a Sex Positive Environment

Are you a sex positive parent, parent-to-be, other family member, educator or care provider? Would you like to get together with other sex positive folks and talk about experiences, fears, ideas, and ideals in raising our kids in a sex positive environment? This workshop will be a facilitated discussion group that culminates in exercises that will help us to get the most benefit out of information we gather from each other. Let's get together, create a safe space to talk, and share our stories and visions. By encouraging our children to own their bodies and their sexuality, we are living the revolution!

Sex in Current American Paganism

Paganism is a quickly growing religion with a unique take on sexuality. Most American Pagans are sex positive, and many practice polyamory, which means loving many. Yet, there is a sexual underside to the culture as well. With the breaking of many sexual taboos, there has been some confusion about which taboos are reasonable to adhere to. This presentation will address the female-centered, sex-positive aspects of American Paganism, as well as the more complex aspect of intergenerational culture and sex taboos, and the conflicts between counter- and mainstream cultural beliefs.


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