Stephen Kent

In a musical journey that began in England in the late 1970's, composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist and radio DJ Stephen Kent has blazed a trail across five continents, living at various times in the UK, Spain, Australia and the USA. His musical scores, composed for theatre, circus and dance companies, have received international acclaim and his work as a performer and recording artist has established him as a unique talent in the global music scene. He is one of the foremost exponents of the Australian Aboriginal Didjeridu in contemporary music. Both as a solo artist and in group collaborations with Trance Mission, Beasts of Paradise and Lights in a Fat City, his ground-breaking work has helped to redefine the sound of one of the world's most ancient instruments.

The Art of the Didjeridu

For over 20 years Stephen Kent has pioneered the use of the Didjeridu in the contemporary global music scene. In this workshop aimed at players at an intermediate level and beyond he will cover advanced rhythm techniques, diaphragmic breathing and some of the fundamental building blocks towards composing with this ancient instrument.

The Didjeridu - From Then to Now

A discussion of the various distinctions between traditional uses of the Australian Aboriginal Didjeridu in it's original setting and it's development and growing popularity all over the contemporary world, using both live and recorded examples.


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