Daniel Lupinski

Daniel Lupinski has practiced Shamanic healing for over 23 years. He and his wife, Jenni Lupinski, have taught all over the country. They are presently working on a book on possession and soul loss. Daniel initially studied with Michael Harner, author of "The Way of the Shaman" in 1980. In the early 90's Daniel completed Harner's 3-year advanced program in Shamanic healing. He has studied with shamans/healers from the Navajo Reservation (where he lived for 5 years), Central America, Buryat in Siberia, and the Amazon and Andes of Ecuador, but has learned most of what he knows from a South American shaman spirits he merges with. His wife, Jenni, who joined him over 9 years ago, works with an African woman shaman spirit. She has tremendous vision and ability. Together they demonstrate that it is possible for people in our culture to work in a very traditional/tribal shamanic way. They stress the importance of maintaining a strong constitution when performing shaman work and the advantage of working as a couple to maintain each others well being. They share their very unique experiences to help bring shamanism to a new level here in the United States. Both Daniel & Jenni will be available throughout the festival to do private consultation and healing work.

Self Healing Shaman Training Intensive Part I

This class will focus on the shaman assisting the self healing process of a person to help them realize their spiritual perfection as a human BEING. There will be an introduction to shamanic journeying and connecting with power(totem) animals and spirit teachers/shaman. However, the focus will be on self healing; connecting with one's spirit, familial depossession, and bringing back all soul parts that have been lost, given away, or taken in this life and past lives. The dangers to one energetically in doing shaman work and ways to protect oneself while engaging in the healing process of another person will be discussed. Participants need to bring drums & rattles (if they have them) and a blanket.

Self Healing Shaman Training Intensive Part II

This will be a continuation of Part I but more experiential. It will give participants the opportunity to explore their own self healing process and to uncover the truth about their light and if they are truly living in the light. Participants will have the opportunity to see if their spiritual body(house) is filled by the energy of others and how much of themselves is really present. The process of releasing the control of others in your life and reclaiming parts of yourself that have been given away or taken by other people will be the focus of this workshop and how this work can be accomplished will be demonstrated in a ritual manner by presenters. Also, the importance of intention and providing only what is needed when doing healing work will be a major theme of the workshop. Participants need to bring drums & rattles (if they have them) and a blanket.


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