Jason Mankey

Jason Mankey has been a practicing Pagan for the last ten years. In that time he has developed a very special interest in the history of Paganism and the gods who are a part of it. Jason hails from the Lansing, Michigan area where he is semi-active in the local community. On the mundane side he manages a coffee shop and listens to way too much stuff from the 80's. This will be his third time presenting at Starwood, mostly to rave reviews.

From Gods to God: The Rise of Monotheism

Join Jason as he traces the evolution of monotheism from the ancient Egyptians to the Hebrews to the Christians of the fourth century. The rise of monotheism was not destined, we'll explore the various cultural currents that contributed to its' rise and look at some of the individuals who contributed to its development. Special attention will be paid to the Ancient Hebrews and the evolution of Yahweh into a crusty old bachelor god. You'll leave this workshop wth all kinds of information to impress your friends and confound your enemies.

Pan: The God of All

In Greek, the word "Pan" translates to "everything" or "all". Find out just how important Pan was to the ancient Greeks in this exciting new workshop. We'll trace the history of Pan from his humble beginnings in the mountains of Arcadia to his rise into the pantheon of the ancient Greeks to his re-emergence in the 19th century. We'll explore how Pan was worshipped and perceived in the ancient world and why he might be even more important today.

The Dionysus Ritual

For one night, allow yourself to be swept up in the mystery, might and magick that is Dionysus! Celebrate life through music, dance, love, and drink as we gather to worship the god of bards and bars. This is an interactive ritual, all set to the music of the Doors, full of poetry and motion. We'll also celebrate the bride of Dionysus, beautiful Ariadne-truly a Goddess and worthy of praise. Join us as we update the ancient rites for use in the 21st century.


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