Raven has been active in the Pagan community for more than twenty years. She has been a Priestess of Spirit Weavers Church a legally recognized Pagan church based in Toledo, Ohio Practitioner of High Magic, Priestess of Dionysus and Venus, Professional Spiritual Advisor, Teacher, Tarot Reader and Priestess of Circle Weavers Coven in Southern California. Her spiritual teaching experience (classes, workshops and seminars) includes Wicca, High Magic, Tarot, Divination, Dream Interpretation, Rituals, Candle Magic and more. Her current position is teaching a sixteen-week session of classes on Celestial Magic, which is part of an ongoing series on learning the various types of Magic. She has also been an Instructor at the Psychic Eye and a formal Instructor for The Chela Institute in Dana Point, California. Raven@SpiritWeavers.org.

Luck Magic: Spellcraft for Harnessing "Good Fortune"

Invite Dame Fortuna to smile upon you with these suggestions on how to increase your luck using conscious magic. Whether you are a bare-faced bohemian, a polished professional, or something in between, we can all use a little boost on the tree of life. So bring something to write on, something to sit on, and an open mind as we explore the possibilities for tapping the infinite for an increased influx of luck.


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