Ravenoir has studied dance over twenty years. He has participated in dance competitions from salasa to hip hop, and choreographed fashion shows. Music has always been an important inspiration in his life. His musical mentors include Halim El-Dahb, Jim Donovan of Rusted Root, the late Baba Olatunji, Daveed Korup, and Chas Smith. Since 1996 you'd find him drumming or dancing at the Brushwood Roundhouse fires, Pennsic Wars, or various rituals. In the last two years at WinterStar, Sirius Rising, X-Day, and Starwood he performed with Einstein's Secret Orchestra, Stardust Outlaws, Halim El- Dahb, and a solo appearance with Jim Donovan. A junior at the University of Akron (OH), he is seeking a degree in Art Education to supplement his Business degree.


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