Sara Sprague

Sara is a certified Yoga Teacher and certified Childbirth Educator. She has a BA in Creative Writing from Rhode Island College, and is pursuing a Graduate Degree in Holistic Counseling as Salve Regina University in Newport, RI. Her education is further enhanced by her eleven years? experience as a mother of three children. As a full-time mom, Sara has augmented her existence through working (at various times) as a seamstress, upholsterer, baker, teacher, tutor, housekeeper, editor, oil-spill responder, florist, gardener, musician, and retail shop owner. Frequently, she experiments and practices energy work and healing touch, as well as astral projection. She lives with her three children and her very dedicated partner and fellow yogi, Adam.

Exploring Healing Touch

Find your inner healer! Inside each of us is the power to deliver healing, energetic touch to those around us. Explore and discuss the concepts behind Reiki, laying on of the hands and quantum physics. We will engage in a series of brief meditations followed by some energy work. Bring a friend or partner, or just yourself! NOTE: if you don?t enjoy being touched, you can still participate. Personal space is respected! Bring a blanket or mat to sit on.

Morning Yoga

Come and wake your body and mind! Set your intention! We will gently stretch and awaken the body, work the breath, Salute the Sun several times, and enliven the body with some standing, strengthening and balancing poses. We will close with a brief meditation to set your intentions for the day! Skip your morning coffee, or at least post-pone it, and wake up with your body and mind connected. Please bring a blanket and/or yoga mat if you have one. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!


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