Zimra has been performing and teaching dances of the Middle East for morethan 10 years. Her studies include ethnic dance styles from North and West Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Spain, India, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf. As an anthropologist, her dancing is deeply grounded in an awareness and sensitivity to the native cultures of each form and style. She resides in Columbus, Ohio, where she teaches at her private studio. She is a member of El Ritmo flamenco troupe, and occasionally performs as a guest of Firelight: Middle Eastern Images.

Guedra: Tuareg trance dance of blessing

The Guedra is a ritual dance of the Tuareg ("Blue People") of North Africa. The ritual is a combination of chanting, rhythmic clapping, and dancing, where the dancer, using gestures of the hands and arms, sends collected "good energy" out to the gathered people, the group, and the world.
This will be a modified version of a traditional Guedra. All ages and genders are welcome. Bring something to sit on, and come prepared to clap and chant.

Sticks and Stones: Hand percussion for the dancer

Around the world, dancers accompany themselves on a variety of hand percussion generally pairs of items that are clicked together. This workshop will introduce you to hand percussion from around the world: finger cymbals, spoons, castanets, and claves, rocks - even teapots! Many instruments will be available for you to try, but feel free to bring your own. We'll focus on how to accent middle eastern rhythms.


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