Joseph Rothenberg

Joseph Rothenberg BA, RN Holds degrees in Psychology, Political Science, and Nursing. A founding member of ACE and an original organizer of the Starwood Festival and the Winterstar Symposium, he has practiced as a counselor and a registered nurse for over 25 years. He has been working with light/sound meditation enhancement and Biofeedback since 1979. A member of the steering committee for Heights Families for Equality, he has worked on the successful campaign to create a domestic partnersí registry in Cleveland Heights, and continues to work to preserve it.

Interface Gone Wild

A hands on experience with Light/Sound machines and Biofeedback. Using a variety of currently available Light/Sound mind machines, we will explore states of consciousness induced by different light and sound patterns. Participants will also have the opportunity to observe and/or demonstrate biofeedback based video games. Older GSR sensitive task games and a newer graphically intense heart rate sensitive entrainment game will be available for your instruction and amusement.
Biofeedback will be demonstrated using some hand held machines that measure galvanic skin response or muscle tension. EEG feedback and breath training will also be presented.


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