Ruthann Amarteefio

Rev. Ruthann Amarteefio, a 3rd Degree High Priestess in the Correllian nativist Tradition, lives with Screech, her black feline companion in Central Illinois. She has been Wiccan/Pagan for most of her life and initiated formally for nearly two decades. She is the Paster of the Correllian Nativist Church in Hoopeston, IL. and Archpreistess of the Tradition. She is proudly featured in Witches Across America, as she sped across the whole length of United States last fall.

Balancing the Elements: An Experience

Join Rt. Rev. Ruthann Amarteifio, HPS, and Rev. Casey Carrahar as they journey through the four sacred eleements of the Craft. Feeling a bit unbalanced? Let this "Experience" assist you in bringing harmony to your elemental existance. As you travel around the sacred circle, Revs. Amartefilio and Carreher will facilitate a cleansing and charging using each of the elements of AIR, Fire, Water, and Earth. All levels of experience welcomed, as all can receive much practical benefit from this program.

Getting Acquainted Treasure Hunt

Presented with Rev. Casey J. Carraher.

This is a chance to meet and find out about many people here in a short time. Teams will go out with a list of various kinds of people to bring back. When everyone has come back, we will all exchange information about ourselves and the winning team will receive prizes.

Walking Our Talk

Presented with Rev. Casey J. Carraher.

Circle discussion of how we as Pagans, can more appropriately 'walk our talk'. Focus will be on issues individuals have dealt with and if they would suggest the same to others or what they would do differently. A chance to learn and share from each other.


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