Lisa Tuit

Lisa Tuit is a crafter, artist, and explorer of Paganism through art. She follows the Faerie and Correllian Traditions. She is a Liscensed Ebay Educational Specialist, a Power seller, and founder of Briganta's Bling. She is also a Software Engineer and one of the founders of

Making eBay Work for Magickal Crafter's and Jeweler's

Do you make beautiful crafts, exquisite jewelry, and items of beauty? Do people say you should sell it on eBay, and yet discover you can't seem to make nearly earn enough to make it worthwhile. Just come to this class with and explore with Lisa Tuit how eBay and how online sales work. With tips in this class you can make money everyday with your handcrafted items. With a little help you can be making an extra $20, $50, $100 or more a day with a little extra effort.You have heard "Do what you love and the money will follow", now let Lisa guide you with her motto "Make what you love and sell it to someone who will love it even more".

Wrapping Stones and Pendants

Do you have a stone that would make a wonderful and unusual pendant? This is a class for you to learn how to create stones caged in wire. Fancy wire bails will be created for pendants and even oddly drilled beads. Make jewelry for yourself and gifts for friends and family. Bring in an assortment of pendant/rock pieces. Wire will be provided.


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