Michael Breitbach

Michael Breitbach, 50, father of five, and married to one Cowgirl Pearl, resides in the hilly farm lands north of Dubuque, Iowa. He rebuilds his old house, manages his family's organic food store, sets up tipis, and likes to make music. See Michael perform with his family as the One Hat Band.

The Food Guy

Imagine standing behind the counter in an organic food store for 22 years. People buy organic food because they want to stay or get healthy ... and that's the rap coming over the counter. Doctors, Nature Healers, books, anecdotes, revelations, confessions... ideas, questions, laments, and in the end it's, "Where's the stuff?" ...the food, the herbs, the supplements. And who knows more about getting you the "stuff' than the food guy, the guy with the stuff. And! You can say anything you want to the food guy ... there's no fee, he's not a cop, and he has to listen because he's taking your money. Come to The Food Guy Workshop if you have a health food question, a health food problem, or if you want to watch my face while you tell me a health food idea!

The Plight Of The Mississippi

Fish cannot migrate up the second largest river watershed in the world. The Mississippi is the conduit for all the ingredients that make the "Dead Zone" in the Gulf of Mexico. Much of the farmland in this watershed has eroded at an alarming rate in the past 50 years, filling the tributaries and the main stem of the Mississippi with silt. Locks and Dams that have been in place for over 50 years have caused backwater habitat to disappear. This workshop is a discussion of the current environmental issues in The Mississippi Flyway led by Michael Breitbach, twenty year member of The Mississippi River Revival.


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