L. B. Grotte

L. B. Grotte, M.D. studied Tibetan medicine under the tutelage of Ngak-pa Rinpoche, the official weather controller for the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, as well as with two of his Holiness' senior personal physicians. Dr. Grotte is the first Western physician to be given permission to study the inner mysteries of the African Yoruba medical tradition and has also worked closely with one of the foremost authorities on Sufi medicine, Shakyh Hakim Moinuddin al-Chishti. A pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, he was the first physician in Ohio to be board certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbology and has been in practice for 24 years. We welcome ACE's first medical consultant, veteran of our earliest endeavors and great friend, to his first Starwood in 20 years! For more information, visit www.drgrotte.com.

Ifa Medicine: Traversing the Inner Mysteries

Ifa Medicine: Traversing the Inner Mysteries Using the Four Element perspective of West African Ifa to illustrate the path of human beings through the visible and invisible realms, Dr. Grotte will discuss how this model might be helpful to those entering transformational outer mystery rituals such as Jeff "Magnus" McBride's Alchemical Fire Circle. Concepts of ordeal, initiation, "gentle character", and sacrifice will also be introduced as they relate to the Ifa path, and some parallels will be drawn to the Tibetan system of inner transformation known as lo-jong (Tibetan: bLo-spyong).

The Blessed Bee: A Beginner's Guide to Apitherapy

Raw honey is a supreme medicine for all infections and tissue-destroying conditions, including pressure sores, burns and post surgical wounds. Propolis is a resinous mixture of substances collected by honeybees from trees and plants and mixed with wax and pollen, which acts as a natural barrier to bacterial and viral infections in the hive, and can be helpful for the same conditions in humans. Honeybee venom has been applied to various painful conditions and also some disorders of the nervous system. Dr. Grotte will illustrate the traditional and modern use of these medicinals from the beehive (as well as injectable and topical bee venom products), including a brief discussion of the mechanics of using live bees without harming them. He will present practical information regarding the safe use of these valuable gifts from nature by doctors and in your home first aid kit.


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