Wynne Paris

Wynne Paris is a leading proponent of kirtan and has spent 10 years touring yoga studio's and performing kirtan all over the country. He has also recorded, produced and performed with Krishna Das, the pioneer and most popular artist of the genre. Wynne, who blends the Indian derived art with rock and other American musical traditions; sings, drums, plays guitar and sarod ( an Indian banjo-like instrument).

When Wynne is not touring yoga studios offering kirtan, he spends his time in the recording studio working on his unique east/west mix. Recently, Wynne had the experience of working with Mark Karan (guitar Ratdog) and Jim Donovan (drums Rusted Root), both of whom appear on his recently released and first nationally distributed CD : Emptiness and Ecstacy. Look for him as the lead of the band Groovananda.


Kirtan, a devotional practice from India, is the chanting of the divine name in a participatory fashion. This form of music is popular in ashrams, spiritual centers and yoga studios. Wynne Paris, a touring kirtan musician, will introduce the Mantras, melodies and rhythms of this practice, and share stories from his background, which includes devotion to Kali, Yogananda, and Neem Karoli Baba. Drums and musical instruments welcomed and encouraged.


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