Jim Barleycorn Brewster

Jim Barleycorn Brewster is a multi-instrumental musician and teacher, dreamer, scientist, and shamanic discordian. A founding member of the Bardo Brothers and former member of Green Crown, Jim currently plays and sings with KIVA. He has appeared on stage with many of the finest musicians in the Pagan festival scene.

Collaborative Improvization: Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm

This will be an experiential workshop, so be prepared to sing and/or play. Together we will weave an aural tapestry from simple musical elements, and see where this "magic carpet" will take us. We'll also take a little time to discuss the scales, modes, and chords that are the building blocks of melody and harmony. All voices and melodic instruments are welcome.

Funk Shui: The Theory and Practice of Effective Rhythm

Getting into the groove, jumping on the train, riding the bus. These are just a few of the metaphors for bringing individuals into synchrony with a greater cosmic energy flow through the vehicle of music. "Funk Shui" is my term for the manipulation of energy flow through sonic space for specific goals. We'll look at what those goals might be and how to reach them in the context of musical performance, specifically fire circle and ritual drumming. Bring drums and other percussion instruments.


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