Sheri Winston

Sheri is a Teacher & Counselor of Wholistic Sexuality & WomanCraft, retired Certified Nurse-Midwife, Womancare Practitioner, Blood Witch, Pelvic Priestess, Registered Nurse and Massage Therapist. She delights in teaching her varied curriculum of classes and playshops for men and women, spreading her paradigm of Wholistic Sexuality and inspiring folks to have a lot more fun! She also offers wholistic sexuality and gynecological health consultations, facilitates a variety of Sacred Sexuality retreats and leads a variety of related rituals.

Awakening the Pelvis and Discovering the Pelvic Floor

Revitalize your sexual and vital energies in this unique program of specially designed movements and exercises. I start with a short and simple explanation of the muscles and structures of the pelvis, with an emphasis on the pelvic floor. It is followed by a session of movements and exercises that integrate visualization, breathing and energy work to improve flexibility in the pelvic region, increase awareness of the wonderful potential of the pubococcygeus and associated muscles, and awaken pelvic energy.

Sacred Boundaries

Learn to have healthy, clear, flexible appropriate boundaries by cultivating a 4-step process for identifying, marking, gate-keeping and defending one’s personal limits and borders. Manifest the archetypes and energies of the self-knowing Divine Goddess/God, the Teacher, the Guardian/Gatekeeper and the Warrior. Learn to experience infinite freedom within your sacred boundaries.


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