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"Pele Ahi" in Hawaiian - has been a student and practitioner of Hawaiian and Micronesian Spirituality for a generation. He lived on the islands of Palau in Micronesia in the Seventies where he studied native rituals. Prior to that, he lived in Nigeria and studied Hausa spirituality. He is a Priest of Spirit Weavers Church ( - a legally recognized Pagan church based in Toledo, Ohio. He has taught numerous workshops and seminars, translated rituals from other parts of the world, created new rituals by melding Micronesian and other pantheistic spiritualities into Neo-Pagan Holy-Day Celebrations, and performed as Priest in many large rituals across the nation. Ron also hosts Spirit Weavers' Beltane Festival, Samhain Festival, The Mysteries of ExtÓngelÓ (a personal spiritual initiation held each September), and several other overnight Fests at FireHeart in Toledo, Ohio.

Chocolate Ritual

Presented with Raven.

This ritual is a celebration of Chocolate in its many glorious forms. Honor the gods and goddesses of chocolate - Godiva, Dove, Nestle, Ester, Ghirardelli, Milton Snavely Hershey, Bosco, Whitman, and many others. A humorously serious ritual about one of the most loved substances ever known to mankind. Trace its history and partake in a chocolate sharing in sacred space.

Cutting the Cord: Releasing Permanency

In our everyday lives, we make contracts and commitments which we intend to be permanent in this life and sometimes into the next. When these relationships transition, they have a tendency to hold you back. Explore ways to move on, reclaim your magic and power after the breach of contract experience from the loss of a partner, parent, child, job or other life commitment.

Lusty Luxurious Loving: Polyamory and the Multi-Partner Lifestyle

Presented with Raven.

This is a special workshop for individuals, couples, triads, quads and more seeking to explore the possibilities of polyamory and love limited only by time. Topics cover the emotional, mundane, spiritual and magical aspects and include status, time management, emotional issues, group living, financial, and many others.


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