Wendy Rover

Wendy Rover (aka Zoom) is an herbalist, witch and woodbuster who hasbeen saved by the dance! As one who has first hand been brought back from theunderworld by drums and movement, she is committed to sharing the joy and healingpotential of the traditional songs, dances and rhythms that have been passed on to her. Wendy has been involved in the Drum and Dance Community in Rochester, NY for thelast 7 years and has danced and performed with Bush Mango Drum and Dance, studyingwith Colleen Hendrick, Michael Markus, M’baye Diagne and Anisha Hassan.

Coyote Hill Homestead
At the turn of the millenium an enchanted hillside entered the dreams of a few adventurous pagan, hippie, alt, magical, polyamorous creatures. Coyote and the Old Ones and the Spirit of the Land helped the venturesome humans to manifest a little farm. The Old Ones sent tipis and songs in the night, Coyote sent song laughter, and the Spirit of the Land sent straw and apples. Great Grandmother sent children and horses. Our little community sits near other small intentional communities and retreats- our friends and family sent their support. All of them told us to make the medicine and pass it on. The Coyote family are accomplished homesteaders, as well as musicians, and over the last five years have built a number of alternative construction buildings on their land, from strawbales to domes, a roundhouse, an A-frame, conventionally framed construction and a few tipis thrown in for good measure. In addition to the spirit of song, the dance and the drum, the Coyote family wants to share their experience and vision of the homestead.

Field Guide to Plant Medicine and Magic

All the palnts on the Earth are medicine, the plants themselves can be our best teachers and guides. Sure, we know that this or that root might be good for this or that ailment, but what do the plants have to say about it? This workshop will focus on recognizing plants as food and medicine in the field, but is also includes pathworking and ceremony to help us be better students of the plants, animals and the Earth herself. Please wear shoes and pants we will be heading into the woods and through the fields for weed walks and ceremony.

Homestead 101 (with the Coyote Homestead Family)

Homestead 101 (with the Coyote Homestead Family) Ever thought about homesteading? What does it take to find and buy land, make peace with zoning and codes, court town officials and locals, and build your own home and stay sane and comfortable while you do it? The Coyote family wants to share their insight and experience. If you are or were a homesteader, or if you ve thought about it, this workshop is for you. In addition to discussion about the nitty gritty of money and building and codes, we will talk about the spiritual aspects of finding your land and figuring out what to do with it; cottage industry, retreat, farming, sugaring, livestock? Sustainable living is a change of habits and mindset that can be all encompassing and rewarding, but also a challenge. We can manifest our freedom any way we want- homesteading is not just an adventure, it is spiritual practice. You can do it too!


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