Selena Fox

Selena Fox is high priestess of Circle Sanctuary. She is one of America's best known Pagan elders and religious freedom activists, and is executive director of the Lady Liberty League. Founder of the Circle Craft tradition, Selena's approach to spirituality emphasizes Nature communion and blends together ancient and contemporary Pagan folkways, Wiccan traditions, multicultural shamanism, and transpersonal psychology. Selena is a clinical psychotherapist and spiritual counselor with a MS in counseling from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Selena and her work on behalf of the Craft and contemporary Pagan culture have been covered by various regional, national, and global media. She is active in efforts promoting multicultural understanding, interfaith dialogue, and global cooperation and is the first head of a Wiccan tradition to serve on the Assembly of Religious and Spiritual Leaders associated with the Parliament of the World's Religions. Selena's writings and photographs have been published in a variety of periodicals, anthologies, and other publications. She is author of Goddess Communion Rituals and Meditations and When Goddess is God: Pagans, Recovery, and Alcoholics Anonymous. She also has created several music and guided meditation tapes. She is founder of the quarterly journal, CIRCLE Magazine, and sourcebook, Circle Guide to Pagan Groups. Selena has traveled internationally in connection with her work. She has presented workshops and led rituals in many types of settings. She is founder and co-director of Pagan Spirit Gathering.

Death Passages Workshop

This workshop examines death as a spiritual transformation process and explores rituals to aid both the living and the dying. Selena shares some ways of working with guided imagery, ancestral alignments, altars, chants, rituals, and other spiritual practices to provide support for the dying, dead, and bereaved. She also will discuss ideas for custom designing crossing-over rituals, wakes, funerals, memorial services, scattering cremains, and burials.


This class will discuss selecting, adapting, creating, and using chants, affirmations, and words of power in rituals. It includes work with pace, tone, volume, and other factors to enhance magical effectiveness.


Bask in the Afterglow

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