Mark Mansfield

In addition to holding a Masters in Counseling, Mark is also a certified Heart Awakener and Reconnective Healer, as yet unpublished writer, teacher, and all around good guy.He has personally been on a conscious evolutionary path for the better part of the past decade and have been exposed to and practiced a wide range of teachings and tools during this time. Having been a practicing energy healer for the past five years, it has only been in the past year that he has discovered the pleasure of assisting others in their journey through teaching.

Channeling Earth Energy for Dancers

Have you ever wanted to dance all night long but lacked the energy to keep going? Why expend your own energy when you can use the energy of the earth and the drums to keep you in the bliss of trance dance for as long as you d like. Using Qi Gong principles, this workshop will teach you how to connect your energy center, the dantien, with the energy center of the earth for maximum use of earth energy and minimum use of personal energy. Though the focus will be on dancing, once learned, this technique can be applied to anything that would normally require a high expenditure of physical energy. Mark studied with a Qi Gong Master for 3 years and has had more than 8 years of practice in channeling earth energy, particularly in regards to dancing. This workshop requires several drummers...

So You Want To Mutate Your Pineal Gland?

The pineal gland, our third eye, is said to be the seat of enlightenment. Normally the size of a pea in its dormant state, it is able to be awakened and enlarged to the size of a walnut with breath and meditation exercises. When active, the pineal serves as a sensory super-processor of sorts. Part guided meditation, part lecture on the pineal gland itself, this workshop is sure to enlighten and entertain (Note: Actual Enlightenment is not guaranteed). Mark has been on the path of enlightenment for the better part of the past decade and has studied numerous techniques for the attainment of enlightenment in this lifetime.


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