Kelly McBride

Ms. McBride is a past Associate Archivist for the Kinsey Institute for Sex, Gender and Reproduction, and current Sexuality Educator/Trainer & Institute on Sexual Health program manager for Planned Parenthood of Indiana. She received her Masters Degree in Library Science from Indiana University, chairs a local Community AIDS Action Network, moderates Interaction Theater for "What If." and runs her own business offering pleasure based workshops and erotic events. Ms. McBride, a member of AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists), specializes in sexual diversity, gender, and sexual orientation and has worked with a wide variety of audiences including: prisoners, homeless, domestic violence survivors, parents, police officers, college students, judges, social service providers, escorts, and youth.

BDSM Meet and Greet

Your Workshop Description: This event will offer those new to BDSM a brief outline of basic safety techniques, negotiation skills and reliable resources. Veteran players are encouraged to attend as well to brainstorm other potential topics for discussion later in the week. This workshop is adult focused.

Let's Talk: Family Sexuality Communication

You Workshop Description: This is real life kids need real talk. This interactive workshop will help adults clarify what messages they want youth to receive about sexuality. Tips and tricks on how to get the conversation started as well as reliable sexuality resources will leave participants ready to answer kids' and teens' tough questions and impart specific family sexual morals.

You want me to do WHAT?: Communicating about Pleasure

Someone probably taught you how to drive, cook, or use a computer. But most people have never learned how to talk about pleasure. We are all unique sexual beings and have very ersonal sexuality preferences, and when we expect our partners to be mind/body readers it is not always successful. Festi-goers who attend will learn to clarify matters of degree, position themselves on understandable continuums of desire and gain skills on how to talk to a partner about sexual needs and desires. This workshop is adult focused.


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