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Lauren Raine MFA is a visual artist, ritualist and choreographer. Lauren studied traditions of Temple masks in Bali, and in 1999 made 25 multi-cultural Masks of Goddesses for The Spiral Dance in San Francisco. Since then the collection of "contemporary Temple masks" have been used by communities across the US, most recently by choreographer Serene Zloof at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (2004), New York, N.Y., and "Restoring the Balance" at Nations Hall Theatre in Tucson, Arizona (2004) in conjunction with Grey Eagle, a native American ceremonial storyteller, and the Global Art Project. The Masks of the Goddess is a continuing community project devoted to the Sacred Feminine throughout all spiritual traditions.

Maskmaking and the Mythic Self

In this workshop we'll learn to cast our faces, get an overview on various ways to make leather theatrical masks, and create a mask from our own face casts. Exploring our personal mythologies, we'll also discover the unique stories our masks have to tell, and discuss the shamanic and magical use of masks in worldwide traditions.

Materials costs $25.00, this workshop will continue over two days, approximately 4 to 6 hours total. Further questions should be addressed to the presenter on-site.

The Goddess and Community Ritual Theatre: Dancing Myth into Everyone's Hearts

The Masks of the Goddess is a series created by artist Lauren Raine that have been used to create community ritual theatre throughout the US. Stories such as the Descent of Inanna or the The Tale of Sedna have been choreographed at art galleries, colleges, theatres, churches, sacred sites and demonstrations. Like traditions the artist studied in Bali, The Masks Of The Goddess are contemporary "temple masks" that celebrate the Great Mother throughout all spiritual traditions. In this presentation, Lauren shows ways masks can bring the stories of the Goddess (and the God) alive. Presentation includes slides, video, and discussion about sacred theatre.


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