Erika Bardot

Erika Bardot: Singer, healer, Reiki teacher, life coach.

Erika, a compulsive daydreamer, lives to witness personal growth. That's why she she coaches, teaches Reiki, and gazes at trees when she's not singing jazz or writing songs. She recently escaped from the nation's capital where she lived in a collaborative group house that functioned as a community-based art and performance gallery. Trained in Transformational Leadership at Georgetown University, Erika co-founded the on-line feminist creative forum and e-zine Girl's Ink, developed and taught a creative writing workshop series Enticing the Muse, and wrote and performed as half of the trance-Americana duo Isinglas.
For the foreseeable future, Erika is roaming the country teaching through Two Geese School of Accessible Reiki (, which she founded in 2005 with her love, Kerem. The two plan to settle in Seattle when the time is right. In her intuitive healing practice, she guides emotional self-healing anchored in Spirit. The work she loves best is showing people how to find their own divinity.

Living from the 5 Reiki Principles: An interactive workshop on the Five Principles of Reiki

An interactive workshop on the Five Principles of Reiki. Participate in exercises with your playshop-mates and engage in guided meditations for deeper understanding. You'll internalize these simple yet endlessly mysterious guidelines to a full and peaceful life. No previous Reiki experience neccesary. Individual Level I attunements as well as private healing sessions can be arranged for a fee with the instructors, sign up at the Incus camp merchant area.


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